Joey Bada$$ – Summer Knights (Mixtape Tracklist)

blame it on Illy June 28, 2013

Shortly after premiering the video for “’95 ‘Til Infinity” earlier today, Joey unveils the tracklist to his forthcoming Summer Knights mixtape, courtesy of Pitchfork. Hit the jump to see the complete 16-song tracklist.

01. Alowha (prod. Kirk Knight)
02. Hilary $wank (prod. Lee Bannon)
03. My Youth (f. Collie Buddz) (prod. Chuck Strangers)
04. Afterlife (f. Kirk Knight (prod. Chuck Strangers & Patrick Eulmi)
05. Right on Time (T’nah Apex) (prod. Kirk Knight)
06. Sweet Dreams (prod. Navie D)
07. 47goonz f. Dirty Sanchez, Nyck Caution & Rokamouth (prod. Lee Bannon)
08. Sit N’ Prey f. Dessy Hinds & T’nah Apex (prod. Navie D)
09. Word Is Bond (prod. Statik Selektah)
10. Trap Dour (prod. Alchemist)
11. Satellite f. Chuck Strangers, Kirk Knight & Dessy Hinds (prod. Lee Bannon)
12. 95 Til Infinity (prod. Lee Bannon)
13. Amethyst Rockstar f. Kirk Knight (prod. DOOM)
14. Reign (prod. Chuck Strangers)
15. Sorry Bonita f. Dyemond Lewis, Chuck Strangers, Dirty Sanchez, A La Sole, Kirk Knight, Dessy Hinds & CJ Fly [prod. Oddisee)
16. #LongLiveSteelo (Bonus track) (prod. Kirk Knight)

  • callin this a mixtape is wrong, people will perceive it as less a credible piece of work, Joey already clarified this on Combat Jack

  • brite

    It’s a mixtape. He hasn’t released an album.

  • Lookin forward for this to drop. The singles have all been pretty dope.

  • Where the hell did he find Collie Buds?!? lol

  • realtalk™

    lol a collie buddz feature.. could be dope

    looking forward to track 15.. oddisee >>>

  • HELL YEAH, he brought the homegirl T’nah Apex back.

  • Excited to see Lee Bannon all over this

  • AyYyyy

    Based on the first couple tracks he put out, idk why he’s doing that raspy voice/yelling shit. It dont sound good to me. hopefully this’ll be ight tho.

  • J


  • Damn I really be wanting to like PRO ERA/Bada$$ but there mixtapes always jump around musically and are normally sprinkled with Wack MC’s.. It’s really ashame because I know him (bada$$)and Steelo would’ve made a sick two man team.. At this point I guess you gotta just roll with the punches, hope this mixtape is crazy so I can be wrong

  • i personally aren’t too fond of him because he’s trying to sound like he’s from the 90’s era.

    • Jeremiah

      U r a fag. Fuck you, you probably
      Listen to fucking radio trash. 90s music is where any bullshit that you listen to was posted, it’s all about jay, nas, outkast, biggy, tupac and smif-n-wesson. Shut yo little bitch ass up and go listen to some real music faggot.

  • hilary swank…

  • GRyder

    im definitely looking forward to this project. I dont understand the dislike for his nostalgic sound. Hypocrites if you ask me. Most of these young kids today are dressing like theyre from the 80’s and 90’s but as soon as someone actually raps like he from that era its a problem?!?!? Dude is dope, salute him and his team.

  • Brian

    That’s dope that he’s a Saul Williams fan

  • AndOneill

    Now this is gonna be dope!! Can’t fuckin wait! Long live steelo gonna be a great track. Joey never really spoke on this tragedy. Only one statik produced track aswell! Surprised by that. Lee bannon makes some nice shit tho.

  • beyenesausage

    TWO NEW T’nah Apex Tracks! WOOOO!

    • Jeremiah

      I know right fam?

  • Collie Buddz was on the Snoop Lion album, he been doin shit.

  • nc0310

    I hope he doesn’t scream the whole time

  • Handsome Ransom

    He hasn’t been screaming on every track. He spit hungrily on 95 till Infinity…word is bond and amethyst rockstar were spit at normal levels. Respect a kid for playing with his sound and becoming more versatile as a result; his lyrics have gotten more complex and robust. He’s growing, experimenting with his sound the way you probably experiment with your dress code. I’m a fan of the music because it’s untouched by commercial influence, he’s kept it in house, and he really cares about what he is saying. There’s always Wiz Khalifa and company for you fools that wanna listen to basic ass shit.

  • T

    when does it drop?