Ace Hood – We Outchea f. Lil Wayne (Video)

blame it on JES7 June 29, 2013

Visuals for “We Outchea” off Ace’s upcoming Trials & Tribulations due in stores July 16th. Unfortunately, due to budgetary issues, Ace & Weezy could not shoot their video in HD.

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  • Really?… if they needed an HD camera, they could’ve used my phone, LOL!! As much money as their companies make, I’m sure they could afford an HD quality camcorder OR SOMETHING!! LOL

  • Seriously

    Wayne is so fucking wack these days damn this dude is terrible.

    “I fucked the bitch with a broom stick, the same broom that I didnt clean my room with”
    “Stay on my toes, no ballet”

    just fucking retire.

    • Realrap

      Who do you recommend then mr. Seriously? Only dude I know who’s more creative right now is Joey badass

      • Dee


  • Your lyrics don’t match your trials and tribulations you speak of in your interviews hood.

  • alexander

    More creative: The Underachievers, Flatbush Zombies, El-P, Danny Brown, Mr MFN eXquire, pretty much anyone is more creative than Lil Wayne at the moment.

  • what?

    Did you really just call lil wayne creative? Dude says the same shit in every fucking song just in a different variation.

    Then you said there’s only one person more creative than Wayne lol wtf there’s a ton of niggas more creative than wayne, and no diss but Joey Badass isn’t creative, he just a wanna be 90’s rapper.

    You should change your name cause you don’t know shit about rap nigga.

  • Man y’all critize wayne in such a negative manner as if the man has no potential anymore lol Wayne’s bars these days are just substandard …… What a shame…. Wayne’s word play use to be what I would look forward to hearing in his raps that no ceilings mixtape was so great that mixtape was just incredible but after he came back from prison is were Wayne’s raing at the top (sitting on top of the billboards) (his rap career) (spotlight) sort of started taking a self destructive path but not up to we’re he is not relevant any because obviously he is and he still manages to struck the charts at number one every once in a while but not only did his career sufer from this disintegration sadly so did his lyrics that’s the part that I hate the most he had me at high hope with 2 songs on the dedication 4 mixtape which were “so dedicated” and “no lie” joints other than that it was just substandard same damn tune was the other track that helps fit the shoe but not really

  • He might have potential. To my way of thinking is that rap is just not his main priority anymore now it’s skating he even said it himself back in th carter III days he would say in interviews and I quote “rap is not a job to me, it’s my life” so he would partically be in the studio as a much as he could so imagine putting a distantance between rap which was his lifestyle and his life that’s of big part of his life changing so of course his lyrics are going to be substandard cause now he has ANOTHER lifestyle now he has another number priority so now he’s approaching life in another aspect now his lifestyle is skating ….. He doesn’t see careers as being a job he sees them as lifestyles plain and simple

  • Dee

    Wayne doesn’t give af anymore.

    • His main attraction is skateboarding now. He should give us one more great piece of work before his retirement.