Saturday Night Sexy: Susie

blame it on Illy June 29, 2013

Twitter: @Susie224/Instagram: Susie224

We don’t know much about Susie other than she’s from Miami, she’s crazy good looking, and photographer Van Styles snapped a ton of sexy photos of the 305 girl. See ’em all under the cut.

  • Roman Da Rooler

    She’s like a cool ranch Doritos type broad. At first you’re like “oh snap I got me some cool ranch Doritos”, but then you’re like “these cool ranch Doritos was mad average. Fuck Doritos”. But she’s cool I suppose.

  • kinglito

    ^^Cool ranch doritos type broad lmao that was my reaction scrolling down, shes still sexy tho idk what else i was expecting

  • mineisbigger

    i’d wear it out

  • beyenesausage
  • TheCoolGuy

    I’m Definatly going to purchase some wooden blinds now. those are some neat looking blinds.


    thank you guys for bringing back the old “scroll down to view pics” format fuck that clicking arrow shit

  • juicy- g

    fuck yes

  • Billy

    Thanks for putting it all on one page. This chick is bad but why the fuck is she wearing a sweater?

  • Demonhunter

    Feeling the interior design for sure.

  • Troy

    Cool ranch Doritos type lmao

  • matownz

    Thank you for just having it in this format so I can scroll and view. I hated finding those little arrows…

  • Jus10

    I hate these threads. It just reminds me of how much my life sucks. I get off work every Saturday night and have nothing else to do but get some dinner, surf the ‘net for an hour, then call it quits. Oh well. lol

  • T-Luv

    these niggas more interested in the blinds lmao

  • DG

    That cool ranch Doritos reference was funny as fuck, but that’s exactly how I felt about her

  • Like.A

    Those are some nice ass blinds tho. And the book shelf would be better without the wheels imo

  • who cares

    Wow, nice choice this week.

  • CABNumber

    I don’t like that open mouth look she’s got going on, and those buck teeth. She’s got a nice body tho I’d definitely smash. Not girlfriend material but still Cool Ranch Doritos.

  • Cloud 9

    I think we can all agree that the “cool ranch Doritos” reference will be a new way of saying “average” for the SNS posts. She can get it not wifey material though more like that fine ass chick on the side

  • thatDude

    She is clearly hiding a early pregnancy. This shit is rated PG

  • crackadon

    Cool Ranch Dorito bitch for sure

  • Josh

    The second set dude posted above is much better

    • CABNumber

      No doubt. But I stand firm with my opinion…..CRD.

  • malcyvelli

    CRD fuh sho

  • Prince

    She needs to take off that big ass sweater shes wearing. Is she hiding something?

  • Ya’ll go ‘head and front….in the words of Ill Al Scratch, “I’ll Take Her”. And Cool Ranch Doritos are still a top seller for the Doritos brand…lol. If I wasn’t married I’d seriously consider a move to the Miami area cause most of these firecrackers are hailing from there.

  • DatDude

    dis bish bad, yall niccas need to kill ya selves…..i thought van styles only shot porno bitches tho lol

  • RoshaneRonan

    That first picture alone. Love when girls do that shirt and panties thing. She’s pretty as fck too, pics barely even look photoshopped and all. Ya beautiful Susie!

  • twinsking

    the 1st pic alone,i’d fuck her until every book on that shelf was on the floor