2 Chainz – Feds Watching f. Pharrell (Video)

blame it on JES7 June 30, 2013

B.O.A.T.S. 2 Me Time. Sept. 10th.

  • I give my real opinion . This two chainz song sucks .This would have been awesome if it was just an instrumental .

  • jk

    i kinda felt bad for him gettin robbed, but this video helped me with that

  • runt

    Pharrell reclaiming his title of one of the GOAT producers. Dude is on a roll lately.

  • Neppetunes

    hahahaha you probally the funniest person on the world. but serious, pharrell and making good beats? you must be from another planet. if you said that shit 10 years ago i would have agreed. but now, in my opinion he is one of the wackest dude’s out. That gay ass shit with robin thicke is going to far, and every time i see a new song and its prod. by pharrell / neptunes i already now its going be a lame ass beat that my grandma can make. i really dont understand how people can like his simple ass beats. maybe he so confident that he thinks that anything he makes or touch will be good, but you suck!! he’s not even in a 20 producer list in my eyes.

  • flip-flop

    and the same goes for 2 chainz. he’s just a hype. believe me, his career will be over within 2 years. maybe im wrong, but i just hope people realize that yeah 2 chainz is a funny dude, but as rapper, he inst that good. Take a look at freddie gibbs and compare that dude to anyone ho is hot right now. thats right, there is no one to compare him with, cause all you stupid people rather here some stupid club shitt than real life rap how hip-hop supposed to be. just like the new kanye. its not even worthy to talk about it on hip-hop sites cause it aint even coming close to a hip-hop album. people dont know a thing about hip-hop, and call lil wayne hip-hop just like 2 chainz. those are just 2 clowns that are performing so the people can laugh and are happy. they are good entertainers. but no way that i will call them good rappers. they both suck! gangsta gibbs all day!! Hip-Hop is still dead – Nas (next album?)

  • Blue Armor

    SMh this shit is dope, one of his best joints. Not saying it real Hip Hop shit. But its just something to party 2. Niggas should forget about the radio, you got Bada$$,Kendrick,Cole, the vets still going 2. Pharrell is ill as hell, still relevant I dont know what the hell u dudes talking bout.Mike Will makes basic shit, Zaytoven makes basic shit, DJ Mustard makes basic shit….And you can tell who made the beat even if you take away the name shout at the beginning. What makes Pharrell/Neptunes dope is the fact that they moved from one sound to another. 10 years you could tell when the Neptunes produced something, the beats where structured the same. Now you can’t tell unless Pharrell is on the record or you see him in the video. Niggas be on some fan bullshit, I cant be like these dudes not Hip Hop. What is Hip Hop to you ? Im a old school nigga who fuck with it all from KRS One to 2Chainz, I cant take these cats serious man and compare catalogs. Youve got MC’s and rappers, rappers & MC’s Freddie Gibbs is nice but it’s a bunch of other muthafuckas who can flow too. Gibbs isnt mainstream, 2Chainz is and that’s just how it is now.

  • DaSilva

    Someone feed dem hoes…

  • marty mcfly

    DOPE !!!

  • Da Gawd

    I could definitely tell this was a Pharrell beat

  • Cameron

    @Nepptunes you sound like an idiot coming at Pharrell’s music. You probably prefer lex lugar beats because you don’t know anything about music.

  • QZA

    Pharrell knows nothing about taking an L.

  • whateveriguess

    I hate the fucking term real “insert type of music hear”. All those real niggas that put out those real hip hop songs? they make club songs too. comparing fucking freddie gibbs to 2 chainz is fucking stupid. and you wanna talk about making shitty music? tell me the last GOOOOOOOD Nas album. That still people have bumping tracks like illmatic. He is a good rapper dont get me wrong but everyone makes shitty music and for you to say your taste in music is the right taste in music means youre a spoiled ass bitch who always got what they wanted. and hip hop isnt about living in the fucking hood. ITS MUSIC. Theres more to it than that. different types of interpretations. so get the stick out of your ass.


    either Pharrell had one very busy day, OR he hasnt taken that damn hat off in about a week…. this has got to be the fourth straight video i’ve seen him in with that same camo cap w/ flowers on it.