• rdd08

    Erica Badu's Butt is Big

  • ear2ear

    Erykah Badu's ass is the reason I believe there is a Lord above us.

  • riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

    nice ass but its still idiotic to believe theres a god.

    • j1

      I'd rather not live like there isn't a God Than die and find out there really is Think about it

  • DonDraper

    lots of buffoonery being showcased tonight. we need less tap dancing and a little more of Meagan Good and Nicki's outfits from tonight. Hot Damn!!!

  • frank

    "I’d rather not live like there isn’t a God Than die and find out there really is Think about it" - kdot

  • dEt0X2010

    they all suck, even kendricks was wack, had a lot of potential but failed lol

  • Jq

    Wen Ciara gunna perform

  • Blex

    Mariah Carey lip-synced the hell out of her song. Geesh.

  • wRap it up, B!

    Kendrick better watch out! Everyone knows that Erykah is trying to create a Rapper Voltron aka new Wu-Tang with all those youngin's.

    9 months from now, Fertile Myrtle will have a Lil Kendrick to complete the clique, if he's not careful.

  • See What I Did There?

    @wRap it up, B! -- IKR? He better use his Common Sense.

  • Jq

    Ciara Kilt IT

  • JWill

    K.Dot performance was DOPE!

  • ayybruh

    Andre 3k, Common, The D.O.C, Jay Elec and now she gunnin for KDot. The boonkie is magical...

  • Ashley Mayfield

    where is Ciara and Tamela Mann performances???

  • Jungz

    Im lookin for the dancehall performances... look like BET comin for yall head though lol

  • Dberry

    Where da Dancehall vids doe? :/

  • jundamane24

    god damn ciara kilt that joint.