Kendrick Lamar Receives Platinum Plaque For good kid, m.A.A.d city

blame it on Illy June 30, 2013

K. Dot took over the BET Experience Music Festival last night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Top Dawg Entertainment and Interscope Records also hosted an after party following the show in which Kendrick Lamar was presented with a platinum plaque for his debut album good kid, m.A.A.d city shipping over a million in the U.S. Kendrick has sold 938,389 copies of good kid, m.A.A.d city so far. K. Dot and Jay Rock perform “Money Trees” during BET Experience weekend after the jump.

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  • HipHop

    Billboard only recognizes whats SOLD. (you can ship whatever you want).

    But good to see Kendrick getting closer.

  • Congratulations Kendrick, you earned it bro. You deserve everything that’s coming your way.

  • mollyg

    Amazing album. When I listen to it, it was more than music, it was a story of a person just like me with dreams, fear, dangers, trouble, happiness, adolescence and maturity. He stayed true to his roots he kept it original but different. God bless Kendrick Lamar and hip hop.

  • JHP

    As a fan, I’m proud of Kendrick for making it as far as he has. When I first heard Good Kid M.A.A.D. City I was amazed. It’s rare nowadays to find an album so consistent and coherent with it’s storytelling and lyricism. Swimming Pools, Poetic Justice, and Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe aren’t big giant top 5 hits on the hot 100, but they were still hits, and they did their job. Even without charting extremely high, almost everyone I know has heard those songs. I thought Kendrick would go gold without a doubt, but even I underestimated him selling this much. Even though, he hasn’t quite sold one million copies, he’s pretty close. I think his performance at the BET Awards will spike up his sales a little. As long as he continues to promote the album and maybe drop another single (I say Money Trees), he should definitely sell a million. That’s a big deal too, the only rappers that go platinum nowadays are Jay, Ye, Em, Wayne, Drake, and Nicki. The best part is there ain’t nowhere to go but up from here. Now bring on that Kendrick/Cole album next year.

  • J. Rob

    This is the turning point we’ve been waiting for

  • Maquise

    Congratulations Kendrick Lamar!

  • Billboard should take into account piracy as well, if there are 940K purchases so far, I’d estimate 200-300K downloads for free.

    Signs of the times and that.

    Congrats to Kendrick, well-deserved!

  • Jay Rock Aint Eating

    Well done Kendrick & The Top Dawg ENT Family know time to drop the Oxymoron album, Heard About through a friend of mind then heard him on a track with Tech N9ne and the rest was History Section 80 still in heavy Rotation especially Keisha Song.

  • Real Talk

    This dude is way overhyped, can’t get past his voice it just doesn’t sound good.

    It’s mostly tha voice, that gets you up
    It’s mostly tha voice, that makes you buck
    A lot of rappers got flavor, and some got skills
    But if your voice ain’t dope then you need to (chill… chill…)

  • marty mcfly

    Applaud this kid right here cause if its one thing hip hop needs in this era, its artists that can put up platinum plaques. No it’s not the most important thing that a artist should strive for but it is a goal worth aiming for so congrats to Kendrick.

  • mazoomy

    I’m not his biggest fan as I do find him a touch boring from time to time, but this is nothing but great for hip-hop as a whole. He’s come so far from the first time I heard him on Game’s mixtape.

  • Billy

    I’m really happy for this nigga. He deserves all of the shine he’s getting.

  • Cool Larry

    I bet all yall jacking off to this moment right now aren’t you smh

    I like Kendrick but GKMC was a average album

  • Lp

    I never understood why they kept saying the album was platnuim in Febutary, when it was in the 700,000 range. Maybe a method to sell more copies, idk.

    But this is a big change for Hip Hop. It proves that an artist can stay true to their identity and doesn’t need a direct audience. His music is for everyone. Congrats

  • .

    It took this dude basically 8 MONTHS to go platinum and you all think thats a good thing??? LMFAO!

    MNIMN will definitely win a GRAMMY over GKMC

  • marty mcfly

    @. If you talking about My Name Is My Name winning a grammy? You can forget about that ever happing unless Pusha takes all the drug references out his music. @CLICK HERE, go listen to white folks music and stay out my culture hater.

  • marty mcfly

    happENing unless…

  • marty mcfly

    I would suck Kendrick and Jay z dick at the same time no problem

  • MusicHead


  • congrats to homie LAMAR. classic album.

  • Real Talk

    It’s mostly tha voice, that gets you up
    It’s mostly tha voice, that makes you buck
    A lot of rappers got flavor, and some got skills
    But if your voice ain’t dope then you need to (chill… chill…)

  • Mitch

    Shut up with the Gang Starr reference please, thanks :)

  • Brainwave

    An album worth the price of admission congrats to young K.Dot

  • Trey

    Bought my copy the day it released. Glad to see him get this plaque.

  • congrats Kendrick!!!! amazing to see an artist like this doing numbers

    i also bought this album cause i gotta show love to my dude K. Dot

  • WORD

    MNIMN >

  • arandompost

    congratulations to Kendrick Lamar, as a fan and follower of his career this is well earned, Truthfully probably the best new artist to step forward in the game to remind people about the passion towards music in to enlighten the fact that hip hop is still waking.
    traveling back to his first EP, Kendrick Lamar EP, you get a whole glimpse of what he has to offer and a build up to his album release “GKMC” he reflects off his trials and tribulations and reasons for why he’s givin it his best in this music with tracks like “Wanna Be Heard” “is it Love” the determination in the tracks in background is dope, then he shows the fun with tracks like “Celebration” “I Do This” and a couple more..
    in all probably a nice introduction tape towards his start.

    he releases the “OD” tape
    in regards of saying thanks, for the volume of the people who downloaded his first major effort in the game,
    he upped more with this tape with his flow, showing he could stack up with your favorite artist… if you heard the tape yull understand me
    the same plot as his introduction tape, displaying his passion and a breathe taking track was dropped in there most can say is there favorite with “Opposites Attract” listen to it and its the dopest joint ever haha along with a track i forgot to mention off his EP “She Needs Me” ….
    but eection.80 Comes and…. probably this generations “illmatic”
    and takes the world by storm… its not explainable he just demolished everything… lol u can beg to differ but my god that drop….. smh even u kendrick haters gotta admit what he done on that tape is remarkable……….

    Good kid mAAd city …..
    goood kid mA city best album released
    so far, story telling the description and its crazy to find out its just based on one day…………

    sherrane aka master splinters daughter.. opens up the album main concept, where u find young obsessed with this female who later on has his ass jumped by the girls brother…
    opens up the plot… the rest falls through….. idk how to explain it but its the best thing to happen..

    kendick thebest to do it in awhile.
    im cool dawg

  • runt

    kendrick is the future of rap

    wish he would drop the KLEP, OD and Section80 in hard copy cause I want to buy em

  • gregory kruxx.

    not only did this album sell it will stand the test of time and will be mentioned amongst true classics.. Kendrick Salute!!!

  • Carlos B.

    Fuck Pusha T. Aiight I’m out.

  • Future H

    What y’all need to realize this is Kendricks first album. How many rappers can say their first album went platinum? Especially in times like these when everyone is to cheap to go out and support artist. They all would rather download it for free. Congratulations Kendrick I’m so proud of you for staying true to yourself and dropping a classic album and of course Section 80 will always be a classic mix tape. You can only go up from here. Please continue to give us great real hip hop music. You’re the reason I fell in love with Hip Hop all over again.