Robin Thicke – Give It 2 U f. Kendrick Lamar

blame it on the intern June 30, 2013
Robin Thicke - Give It 2 U

Robin Thicke links up with Kendrick Lamar for his single “Give It 2 U” produced by Dr. Luke. This is off his Blurred Lines album which hits stores on July 30th.

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  • hh_addict

    Really disappointed to hear Kendrick lamar on some electro shit…

  • themanwhoknowsmanythings

    hate it or love it its gonna be a big hit

  • PaperKut

    More like some Pussycat Dolls shit

  • vuohn

    he took 2chainz out :(

  • JHP

    I don’t like techno or whatever you call this, but I guess the song is decent compared to some of the other terrible shit I’ve heard on the radio. And here come the people saying “Kendrick disappointed me, I lost all respect for him, he sold out”. Oh STFU, it’s ONE collaboration he did on a Pop/R&B singer’s album, it’s not like Good Kid M.A.A.D. City sounds anything like the shit. K-Dot is just trying to get his name out to a broader audience, which is what he should be doing. If we ever see the day K-Dot sells like Kanye or Hov, and makes top 10 hits like them, that would be great IMO, and he’s closer than a lot in the past have been to that. I hope this song’s a big hit just because Kendrick’s on it. The more fans he has, the better. I’m not one of those retarded fake ass fans who only fucks with a rapper when he’s virtually unknown, and then bashes him once he’s popular.

  • dun

    this is horrible.

  • dominicmsb

    man what a let down after blurred lines..

  • Germ

    I have no idea what this album is going to sound like, having only heard this and Blurred Lines. Kendrick went in, but he could only do so much…

  • Turtle

    I mean, regardless, Kendrick’s verse is actually really good.

  • ear2ear

    whether you’re here for Kendrick or Robin, this sucks. Haha. Hope the rest of the album doesn’t sound like this.

  • idfwy

    None of yall will be hating on this when this comes on in the club and all the bitches go crazy. It’s not selling out if everyone recognizes talent and wants you on their track, if you wanna get murked on your own track be my guest… K. Dot gettin the recognition he deserves.

  • skiler714

    Kdot’s goona sells him self out of a career. Stop being a feature bitch. You dont need the money anymore!

  • Cameron

    Supply and demand Kendrick. If you flood the market your money will go down eventually. I’m honestly not even hype about kendrick verses anymore.

  • FredRico

    ^^^^ What JHP said!
    All the whining bitches are just, you know, being bitter bitches.

  • UK Man

    This shit’s horrible.

  • rdd08

    He’s the Hottest Rapper out …. of course he’s gonna hop on Features like this …. We can’t put this guy (or any other Rapper) into the Box we want him in

    it’s a smart move to broaden his audience and appeal while he has he chance to …. and No Doubt He’ll still be making the same High Quality tracks he’s been making all of his Career

    You Can’t Do the Same Shit Forever … you gotta take some chances and take advantages when good opportunities are presented to you