Jay-Z Unveils “Tom Ford” & “Beach Is Better” Lyrics

blame it on Illy July 1, 2013

Today we get lyrics to two new tracks from Jay-Z’s upcoming album, “Tom Ford” and “Beach Is Better” off Mr. Carter’s Magna Carta Holy Grail out on the Samsung Android App on July 4.


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  • marty mcfly

    Best songs ever. Keep fucking me in my mouth Jay!

  • marty mcfly

    ^ having fun impersonating me? Let me break down my inflation with Jay-Z with you. When I was a kid, I got my first erection when I heard big pimpin. From that moment on, it has been my personal mission to get access to Jay-Z’s cock. I was distraught when he married Beyonce. She took the spot I deserved. My constant cocksucking is my way of maintaining hope that Jay-Z’s dick will be in my ass one day.

  • yeezus

    i cant wait til he dedicates a week to failed album artwork guised as some masonic/illuminati bullshit #lovesosa

  • jorgey

    all these lyrics HAVE to be only portions of the song

  • Ear2ear


    That’s what I’m starting to think now too.

  • 1dopeboy

    What a hook

    Tom Ford Tom Ford Tom Ford Tom Ford Tom Ford

  • marty mcfly

    You can already tell what the Tom Ford track sounds like cause in one of the promo videos Jay is doing the hook while the beat is playing. Its the club song and its Timbaland on the beat. DOPE @Homotroll, I must’ve destroyed your feelings before LOL. Troll on bitch troll on….

  • marty flyass

    Just ate Jay-Z’ poops, too yummy.

  • Frank

    What song next? Damn

  • ear2ear

    Marty…like come on man…reading these lyrics makes you excited for this shit?

  • bananaman

    marty, you keep getting trolled because everyone hates you, you giant cocksucker.

    ever wonder why no one else gets trolled on here? just you?

    ya bish

  • Billy

    HAHAAHA these marty comments are killing me.