KiD CuDi – Going To The Ceremony (prod. WZRD)

blame it on the intern July 1, 2013
Kid Cudi Going to the Ceremony

The Cleveland native decides to give fans some new music today with “Going To The Ceremony” produced by WZRD.

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  • polo boxers



    I would like to see Kid Cudi do a dub (not dub-step) album…I’m talking bout that real deep and funky reggae shit…He style would fit perfectly doin that. His music is hella tribal…



  • SMH

    Another photo of a artist covering his eye smh OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE

  • rerew

    ^your deductive reasoning skills are like those of a fully grown 12 year old

  • @smh and why do you care? i like his music. how does his personal life effect me and how i perceive his music? Grow the fuck up. you mother probably plays with dildo’s all night, does that make her cooking less enjoyable? no, shut the fuck up then

  • jack

    i like his mothers cooking

  • 2fackindope

    Cudi is one of the best ARTISTS of our generation. Originality, emotion, melody, and not to mention sounds friggin amazing when you’re blazed up. This guy never let’s me down I swear. Keep doin what ya doin Kid!

  • 2ebron

    can i get his mom number tho

  • real SOFt them soft niggas will be bumping this heavy. hes been trying to go Pop for years now, hes going to his own funeral ceremony. its all happening. rofl wack!

  • adi Pre

    Cudi is a fucking great artist no two ways about that. Lmao @ Tewet.

  • XI

    This guy has built a cult of drug users.
    This is not original, deep, etc.
    He just likes humming on errrrrrything.
    It is soothing.
    It is also lazy.
    He’s found a niche that doesn’t require much effort. Don’t try to write me off as a hater either, I own a good chunk of his music.
    He just relies on supporters to gobble everything. It’s fucked up.

  • dafuq

    “Don’t try to write me off as a hater either, I own a good chunk of his music.”
    no, you’ll be written off as somebody with an opinion. an opinion you’re trying to push on people who like him. why you do that, who knows?

  • justsayin

    DON’T TRY TO WRITE ME OFF AS A HATER WAH WAH WAH!!!! stfu hater. nobody cares about your shitty itunes library

  • xv

    i actually find this quite enjoyable