Omarion - Bumpin' & Grindin'


While Maybach O preps the release of his upcoming MMG debut album, Love & Other Drugs, he's decided to throw out his latest leak, "Bumpin' & Grindin'."

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  • doc rovers

    third straight "heart in an ice cube" artwork. first wale/rihanna, then melanie fiona, now O.

  • Mt

    I'm pretty sure he had to change the title because of the movie. No homo.

  • Greg

    ^^^ mortified of ppl thinking hes gay

  • bahl

    ice box where my heart use to be

    that goes back like 7 years - old omarion song - "ice box"
    thats what i think of the artwork

  • .

    That was whack! hope he has a god RnB album tho

  • Yawk

    This is so obviously written by TeeFLii.