• jimmie

    why the fuck aren't chino xl and canibus on the same track? That wouldve been golden

  • bananaman

    ^^^ because both of them niggas suck a bag of dicks

  • Joe Ridah

    Where is C-Rayz Walz?!?!?! Or Killah Priest?? They were the dopest on the first one. Fuck M-eighty that clown is the worst.

  • triPAUD

    whoa, when the fuck did this happen?

  • Todd Ridah aka Joe’s Big Brother

    I think M-Eighty is the best and really your Mom is the worst. This album is going to be bananas!!!!

  • Joe Ridah

    Yo Todd AKA M-Eighty. You a clown and could have at least answered the question. Almighty is Killah Priest and C-Rayz Walz. They should be on this project.