• Rip

    Fuck Spotify and anyone paying for it and subsidizing the whole music industry like Obama bailed out the Banks!

  • who cares

    Kind of reminds me of something off "To All My Friends, Blood Makes the Blade Holy". Beat is insane.

  • anon

    this dude sucks

  • f12

    r.i.p. nekst.

  • d.

    god loves ugly feels like so long ago...

  • bananaman


    i hope you're trolling fuckboi because if you think it's one dude, kill yourself

  • who cares

    I doubt he's trolling. A lot of people don't know Atmosphere is a group. It's pretty sad actually.

  • The Real TC

    Best Atmosphere song in awhile!

  • youcanthandlethetruth

    only corny ass white kids fuck wit slug lol jus playin (but not really) dude legend in that ughh scene i can dig that. always got respect for real emcees.

  • http://Philosophicalswag.com bstew

    awesome song

  • http://www.thelocallyfamous.com Bossmania