Thoughts On Mac Miller’s ‘Watching Movies With The Sound Off’?

blame it on Shake July 2, 2013

Now that the #June18th releases have had a chance to fully simmer, I figured it’s time to ask y’all what you think. Starting with Mac Miller, who held down the #3 spot on Billboard with the release of his Sophomore album, WMWTSO. Lead by the singles “Watching Movies,” the Flying Lotus produced “S.D.S.,” and the Diplo-produced “Goosebumpz,” the Pittsburgh emcee/producer went a completely different route than his debut Blue Slide Park. A direction that actually made me a real fan…

What about y’all though? Did Mac Miller impress you with his darker, more introspective effort? Do you have any favorite tracks? Cuts you hate? Let us know!

  • Gee Watts – Watts Up


  • Jake

    Albums dope. I’ve always liked Mac but since Macadelic he’s been a much better rapper. this album definitely made me a bigger fan

  • idfwy

    He definitely stepped it up, was always a mediocre Mac fan but this brought my interest level up for sure

  • znig

    just flat out good music…behind macadelic this is his best work yet

  • efal

    couldnt stand mac until he started finding his footing on macadelic. this album was a major step in the right direction imo

  • MusicHead

    Kids = his own classic then afterwards he tried to fall off huge ..then finally came strong with Macadelic & been right ever since.. This album right behind KIDS & Macadelic. DOPE ALBUM.

  • marty mcfly

    yeezus took a giant shit on top of this awful album. a rich white kid talking about the struggles he went through in life. no thanks.

  • Willis

    Definitely overlooked this album due to the other releases. Looking forward to get back to this though later this summer. In my few first listens, nothing really resonates with me. Hoping this will grow on me.

  • Just My Opinion

    Dope ass album. I agree with all you guys, he’s evolved so much since KIDS, Best Day Ever & Macadelic. Those were his best projects to me. This is yet another one in his catalog.

  • “Hellllloooooo Mcfly?” -Marty what the fuck are you talking about?! You always comment like you listen to everything and know all about everything 2DPBZ posts. The only struggles this kid is rapping about is which chicks to fuck and on what drugs. No struggle raps. You obviously didn’t listen to the album. Jus making blanket statements about artists you don’t like based on previous work. Just like everyone clicks dope whenever Cole or Kendrick get posted without even listening to it. Same dumb shit. And Yeezus was trash minus Bound 2. My opinon of course, but I’m not declaring that no one wants to hear a rich black man and his struggles through life. FOH!

  • stateTheFacts

    I was very impressed with Mac on this project, he’s got legit features…action bronson, ab-soul, schoolboy Q, tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt and of course JAY ELECTRONICA. Macs got this ‘i don’t give a fuck what you think’ persona going on and i think its helping him expand as an artist. not to mention to even be held in the top 3 when macs album is INDEPENDENT and (born sinner/yeezus) are not speaks for itself that he is a awesome artist. my favorite tracks on the project are,the star room, I’m not real, Objects in the mirror, Red dot music,Suplexes inside of complexes and duplexes,and O.K.
    overall id give it a 8/10

  • Chi guy

    As a whole it was better than Yeezus. That’s crazy to say, but it’s true.

  • MuT

    Was good album. Rather impressed.

  • cam

    I was a fan after Best Day Ever, but everything after that just wasn’t good. This album really made me a fan again! I hope he can keep up the good work! This album is RIDICULOUS!!

  • Ber

    Listened to this more than Yeezus and Born Sinner, surprisingly. Solid album.

  • Truth

    I just cant take mac miller seriously with his goofy stoner frat kid persona. Maybe i have to be a fellow frat boy or a 16 year old girl to feel his music.

  • rdd08

    this is definitely a DOPE Album just Smooth and Consistent all the way through. Good Verses, Great Production, and Great Features.

    I’ve listened to him here and there and respected his Beat Selection just mellow style, but I started to take dude more seriously this year with all the Features and Production work he’s been putting in.

    He’s never gonna be a Master Lyricist or a Highly Political/Socially Conscious Rapper, but if I just feel like relaxing and just vibing out this is a good Album to do it too.

  • bananaman

    marty mcfly comments, no thanks

  • Chris Blount

    The album was a pleasant surprise to me. The whole album is well crafted and the features I thought elevated him as an artist…That Loaded Lux interlude is CRAZY! This album is MUCH better than Born Sinner and Yeezus. He definitely gained a fan.

  • marty mcfly

    This was a dope album. The Star Room, Avian, S.D.S, Matches, I Am Who Am, Red Dot (super dope) Watching Movies, Suplexes, etc… Mac just had alot of dope material on this album bottom line. Excuse my troll, he mite not be homotrolling in this section but he’s still a bitch ass faggot. I OWN SOULS FOR A LIVING #mcflyminati

  • Kareo

    honestly.. downloaded the album for the features, but was quite impressed by the album as a whole. but matches, red dot and goosebumpz were the stand outs in my mind. dope production and a step up from the “donald trump” styles lyrically. keep it up mac, you’ve gained a fan.

  • trump

    I dont appreciate a man getting naked on an album cover. we are forced to look at that shit. this stoner white kid is basically saying. “look at my balls” and yall eat it up.

  • Mike Tomlin

    Most replay value of any of the 3.

  • Frenchie

    Deff listened to this more than the other two. Could be a matter of its far better than what i expected versus the other two being underwhelming. Or that Red Dot is my fav song from all 3, but this is dope nonetheless.

  • cb

    I tried listening to KIDS in 2010. I thought that shit was terrible and wouldn’t give another listen to Mac Miller…until he started working with OF and TDE. I was impressed with WMWTSO to say the least. I think any hiphop fan could find something to nod their head to.

  • and 1

    The only album I purchased last week was ‘Born Sinner’ but I wish I’d purchased just ‘Watching Movies with the Sound Off’ instead.

    I got Yessir Whatever a while ago because I pre-ordered it, that’s probably the best album released last week.

    Yeezus is poop and Born Sinner is ‘meh’. J.Cole is a hybrid of Drake and The Game. MEH.

  • Danny

    Prior to Macadelic, I basically just thought Mac could go fuck himself. But a few songs on Macadelic, namely “America” and “Fight the Feeling” got me interested. Then, when I heard his features with Ab-Soul (“The End is Near”) and Earl Sweatshirt (“Guild”), I was definitely drawn in. I think I had higher expectations for this album solely based on those two features, but good lord does this album not disappoint. I’ve been bumping it since it leaked and I don’t see it stopping any time soon. Great, great album that absolutely washed ‘Ye and J. Cole. Good for Mac. Kid’s got a really keen business mind or some really good Jewish lawyers. Either way, kid’s not only making more money than I’ll ever see in my life, he’s making the music he WANTS to. Props.

  • row

    I’ve been a mac fan for 2 or so years. even went to his concert and bought both his albums. I loved blue slide park, i think watching movies is gonna grow on me though

  • Marriooo

    @row IMO if you like blue slide park, this album is not for you. maybe try Beibers’ new material

  • Nelmatic

    i got this getting more plays than the other two..

  • Yes, I started listening for the features (Jay Elec, Action Bronson foremost) but ended up running through the whole album on Spotify and actually really enjoyed it. I’ve liked a few of his projects, the Macadelic mixtape for sure but I never heard BSP entirely – he definitely continues to elevate and impress. Dope album.

  • Mac Miller was born in Pittsburgh, on January 19, 1992 United States. previous albums were selling one of them is the album Blue Slide Park, in 2013 issued a new album, entitled Watching Movies With The Sound Off with Style / Genre: Hip hop and issued 19 best