Uncle Murda – New York City f. Fozzie Bear & Vado

blame it on the intern July 3, 2013
Uncle Murda - New York City

Uncle Murda states how he feels about the state of New York Hip Hop with some assistance from Fozzie Bear & Vado.

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  • Someguy817

    WTF I could once understand, what the heck flacka was saying? And it was decent? someone had to have wrote it.

  • .

    ^^^ Dude STFU

  • Yo Waka got dissed on this track lol

  • Cool Larry

    If this song had more energy, it would be a HIT!

  • Yarte

    “We need a new DMX not a new waka flocka” hahaha waka just got dissed 10 seconds before his verse started

  • marty mcfly


    waka > nas

  • Yaki

    This was missing a little something.

  • jetsfool

    WTF this is dope!!!

  • Yall still doing this “Fozzie Bear” shit. Stop calling me that. WAKA! WAKA!

  • PastaNoose

    instead of making better music, niggas get offended. We need a new dmx not waka flocka. Hip hop fans are so stupid, you see his name and assume its a diss. we need a new dmx because he was the hardest wildest dopes rapper but he barely makes music any more. Why would we need a new waka flocka when he is in the scene and making music consistently?