Wale’s ‘The Gifted’ Debuts #1 On Billboard, J. Cole Beats Out Kanye

blame it on Shake July 3, 2013

As expected, Wale nabs his first #1 album with his third studio effort The Gifted. Selling just North of 158k, beating out J. Cole (84k) and Kanye West (65k). After the jump, the DMV native breaks down the album to Billboard.

  • Smh

    Congrats to him. Good album IMO, dude gets a lotta unessasary hate even tho he’s one of the few making good hip hop

  • aye

    shocked he even in the 100k’s. somthin a lil fishy here

  • Thats Bullshit

    Don’t say beat Kanye and Cole like they all came out the same day, those are his first week sells of course he out did them!

  • veesky

    ^^^ I think they were trying to point out the fact that Cole’s second week numbers are better than Yeezy’s. Proud of the homie Wale tho, I definitely think he’s still underrated

  • whale

    jay z about to put WHALE to SHAME!

  • base coat

    Out of the 3 top spots last week Kanye did the worst percentage wise. Kanye did 327k last week and 66k this week. That’s a 80% drop from last week. J. Cole came in 1st percentage wise, he did 297k last week and 84k this week. That’s a 72% drop and Mac Miller did 102k last week and 23k this week with a 77% drop. Coming in second percentage wise. Kanye could have killed it but he dropped a garbage album. Kanye total tally in 2 weeks is 393k and J. Cole’s is 381k. That’s only a 12k difference.

    Wale’s may have got the #1 spot but he did lower than his last release more than likely due to competition from Kanye and Cole. I didn’t even know his album dropped last week. Damn, none of them MMG artists went platinum any single album. Not moving numbers.

  • marty mcfly

    wale dropped a classic with this album. probably the second best album of the year behind magna carta holy grail. wale is one of the most skilled MCs doing it.

    and for the record, the gifted > good kid maad city

    • JWill

      You neglect the fact that Kanye managed to be #1 with no single, video and no artwork. #newrules

      • What

        Yea singles sales albums…..right!

    • Rasan82

      Aye how gonna say that “The Gifted” is better than “Good Kid City”? Kendrick told a story while just put bunch of good songs together.

  • niggasizdumb

    marty be smokin on the finest dope aye yah yah yah….and bein really stupid right nowwwowwwwwwwwwwwww….

    good kid=classic so recolonize a masterpiece..dude put a movie into music..the tarrentino of rap

  • Obi Juan

    @marty “probably the second best album of the year behind Magna Carta holy grail.” wooo there, calm there. Can you at least wait til it drops tomorrow.

  • Frank Ocean

    DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN, J Cole beat out Kanye…. why won’t he do that to me?

  • Btys

    This album is hot ass trash … Wale is a mixtape/Feature kind of artist, the only good project he made was “Attention Defficit” and @Marty Mcfly you’re a dumb ass GKMC shits all over this… Not even a comparison

  • kl

    that aint marty mcfly
    he didnt write atleast 10 lines of bullshit


    I feel the same way about Wale as I do about D.C. itself… don’t understand how anyone could like it.

  • j1

    Everyone hates on MMG so why the hell would they go platinum? The fact that nobody likes them but they still get number 1’s and still shit on niggas makes y’all even more upset. why not go listen to yall favorites, cole and kendrick instead of coming in the comments just to put these niggas down. I really don’t understand it.

  • adollfmayne

    that was obviously not the real marty mcfly smh and even if it was why the fuck couldnt he say the gifted is better thhan gkmc?? fuck ppl on here called gkmc a classic before it even dropped bias much??

  • MusicHead

    Marty gotta be trippin if that was really him.. Like damn Jay hasn’t even came out yet & plus I’m the biggest Wale fan & yea he’s a elite lyricists but his album is DEF not better than Kendrick’s hold up there.

  • 23

    Kendrick and his album are extremely overhyped, while others are underrated. FACT.

  • Flight club is the solid supporter!

    That’s what’s up wale well deserved album was decent but all those “150k” were by flight club don’t front haha nah but this is dope now bring on that ‘the album about nothing’ I think cause that ‘more about nothing’ tape still gets rotation!

  • dagel

    THE REASON J COLE BEAT KANYE ON THE 2ND WEEK, and why it is significant, is that the steady sales, THE RATE of j cole sales, even if he sold lower numbers, was a lot more stable than kanye. this is because it only took less than a week for word to get around that kanye album is “different”. seriously go ask ur friends of what their friends said about it. “yea new kanye album is classic go buy it” SAID NO ONE EVER. i’m not shitting on kanye, but the fact is, the RATE of k cole album a lot better than kanyes. more people recommend j cole album than kanye. end of story.

  • 2

    who cares about sales

  • Flip

    Wale has the best album of the year until 2 marrow

  • jhock420

    Fuck Marty Mcfly for even saying that! typical hater gonna compare best album to come out in years to ANYTHING that drops

  • marty mcfly

    I think the album is ok, thats about it. I like The Curse Of The Gifted, LoveHate Thing, Golden Salvation, and 88. And no this albumis not no damn classic, smh.

  • rdd08

    i only gave it bout 2 or 3 listens this is a Solid Album 8/10

    Wale did a great job balancing his trademark Worldplay/Lyricism with some Down2Earth consciousness with some Decent Songs for the Club and the Ladies

    obviously Wale has changed up his style and content since he started getting Hype but he’s done it in a Natural Way

    this Album is like a Mix between Attention Deficit and Ambition

    my only real complaint is that while both of those albums had bout 3-5 songs that i constantly kept in Rotation … there’s only bout 2-3songs that i know im a keep up with TheGifted

  • dEt0X2010

    hhahaha you got the number one album cause no one elses came out that day haha

  • OG DC

    Wale did his thing on this Album……it’s a classic……if you go into something with hate on your mind then it’s more than likely going to be a negative experience. I agree with rss08 ……..Fuck sales most niggas hatin downloaded it for free!!!!!!!!!

    Fuck text talk…..ya niggas is cowards!!!!!

  • marty mcfly

    they gonna be talking about this album for a long time, it’s groundbreaking music. wale is a top 5 MC for sure.

    the gifted > illmatic, 36 chambers, MMLP etc.

  • Josh

    Wales gifted album is good but wouldn’t say classic need stop using that word so loosely just because you’re feeling an album artists make some hits but classic albums don’t happen as often nowadays really there are people that respect MMG not hate talking bout Mello Music Group sales don’t mean nothing staying creative, relevant, true to yourself, and longevity matter

  • OG DC

    Loosely these nuts nigga

  • MirrorsFolding

    Look on Ross’ Instagram & twitter. He went to every best buy store he can find and bought every copy they had and gave them away for free. I already seen this coming

  • BenDoughVA

    Not expecting much of Magna Carta Holy Grail… When was the last time Jay dropped a good song? He should focus completely on business as that’s all he cares about nowadays obviously! Better listen to Acid Rap or Run the Jewels – those are some killer albums! F*ck sales!

  • Chereth Cutestory

    good, wales the most underappreciated and underrated rappers in the game.

    the gifted>>>>yeezus and born sinner

  • OB4CL

    Lol! Yes there is a huge disparity in how each generation judges albums. I’m a supporter of Wale and Stalley on MMG, so no MMG hate here. But there is NO way in hell I would say The Gifted is a better album than iLLmatic. The Hell??? Chance the Rapper has a dope project with Acid Rap, but I’m not going to deem it a classic. I think Hip Hop has been so starved for consistent good music they are rushing to proclaim decent sounding stuff classic. Drive slow homies.

  • Jet Life

    My opinion probably wont count this far in the game but let me go out on the whim and say that I personally like the project Mac put together and I think it was better then the Gifted personally. I def think It was Cole,Mac,Wale than Kanye. And I only put Kanye last because I cant relate to it but that’s not to say down the road some where I wont appreciate it for what It is. Kind Of reminds me of Cudis WZRD album. I didn’t fully appreciate it till this past year. Back to Wale I think he dosent get the appropriate credit for his albums. Attention deficit was no Nearly as bad as people said it was for a first album or an album period. Wale did a lot of promo for this album and It just didn’t come off as cohesive as he said it would be but that’s not taking anything away from the work. I would strong suggest people to give that Mac album another listen the kid can rap and really is tryna put on.

  • allan

    wale is the best take it or leave it….fuck all haterz

  • PoeBalls


    IMO Mac out did “Blue Slide Park”, and sold less. I don’t get it.

    Still a good album from Wale

  • richie

    i haven’t even listened to this niggas album. im sure im probably not missing anything though. wale is king of track fillers