Jay-Z – Holy Grail f. Justin Timberlake (prod. The-Dream & Timbaland)

blame it on Illy July 4, 2013

With Magna Carta Holy Grail finally here on all Samsung Galaxys (and elsewhere), Jay-Z’s Life + Times gives us an exclusive listen of the album’s opening number, the Justin Timberlake-featured “Holy Grail” helmed by The-Dream and Timbaland.

  • Yep.

  • NYdreamz

    JT killed it … jay did his thing.. song goes…

  • ewr

    I thought the opening number is picasso baby. yall are confusing the shit out of us on this site.

    • iTunes provided the final tracklist with the preorder. Holy grail shows up as track one now.

  • yep

    This album is incredible

  • MusicHead


  • rew

    lol jay still going at hammer damn lmao

  • TDE

    Dope song!Ok album nothin out of the ordinary tho..NTWS on its way!

  • TDE

    Dope song!Ok album nothin out of the ordinary tho..NWS on its way!

  • Chavous

    Lu told me remind ya’ll niggas!!!

  • marty mcfly

    jay just released the most revolutionary song of all time. jay-z is the greatest man to ever live. i love this man.

  • You guys must if heard a different version…this record is pretty mediocre! Jay-Z is the king but c’mon really?

  • Naw

    Album leaked OVER at rapgodfathers and your favorite torrent sites. Beats are dope but his flow leaves something to be desired.

  • Kd


  • fqw

    im on track 7. just ok so far. hope it picks up

  • 2 based

    What the fuck is jay talking about?! Damn lyrically he fell off. He ain’t got shit to say. Other than the hook which sounds sick this song is trash.

  • chill

    ^^^I wouldn’t talk like that if I were you homie, this marty guy mite throw a temper tantrum at you lol

  • alex

    this will clearly be the radio joint.

    The beats on this thing is FUCKING CRAZYYY

    JAY Might have a NEW CLASSIC with this one

  • Drake fans are gonna hate on this cause they know what this album is capable of. There has been too many GOOD “HIP HOP” albums to come out this year. Drake might not live up to his expectation this time around. He can’t come with that soft pillow talk on NWTS. It will not work this time round. He’ll get over shadowed by this real shit

    • Just watch nigga when Drakes album drops he’s gonna have you eating your words. Drake is fire

  • randy

    what does drake have to do with anything? who said anything about drake? no one but you. lol. youre obviousy=ly shook by drake.

  • MusicHead

    Real talk.. Jay just MIGHT have a classic on his hands… I’m not gon say it yet tho.. Imma sit & let this shit marinate .. 1st then judge… This album is SOME SERIOUS SHIT tho. THE BEATS ON HERE ARE INCREDIBLE.

  • damn

    He samples biggie on Jay-z blue. Still can’t stop doing that can you jay-z?

  • Nahh not really. I feel like i’m not gonna get surprised by drake with NWTS even though I wanna be. I just think it’s gonna be the sam Bullshit that was on take care. I wanna hear a rap album from a rapper. Is that too much to ask for?

  • XI

    Drake fans are gonna hate on this cause they know what this album is capable of. There has been too many GOOD “HIP HOP” albums to come out this year. Drake might not live up to his expectation this time around. He can’t come with that soft pillow talk on NWTS. It will not work this time round. He’ll get over shadowed by this real shit

    Hip Hop said this on July 4th, 2013 at 2:55 am
    I am a day one drake fan, literally first mixtape. You’re full of shit.

  • Debating with drakes man groupies <<<<<
    No thanks, I'm good.
    Go listen to take care and regret breaking up with your ex girlfriend. Get drunk, call her, and tell her you can do better.

  • Nico Hernandez

    Where do y find the album?

  • marty mcfly

    Im just gonna say this real quick so I can get back to listening to this album. Im not really talking to the casual hip hop fan or the more relaxed hip hop listener that just likes music for what it is cause I know ya’ll enjoy this album already. I gotta talk to the hip hop heads just briefly. As a hardcore hip hop head and underground purist myself I gotta say, ITS TIME TO ALLOW JAYZ TO BECOME ICONIC. Now I know you know Jayz is a legend and you already think of him as an icon and yes many of us consider him the Goat and the king of hip hop music but its time to let him go after the crown of just music period. Not trying to sound too dramatic but in hip hop who is our Michael Jackson? Who is our Mick Jagger? Our Stevie Wonder, our Bon Jovi etc… Its time to not be mad and just be proud as hip hop heads and allow Jayz to reach higher. I know the purists wanna hear soul samples and I know you wanna hear lyrics about politics, drone attacks, global warming, nuclear physics, why the government still not admitting to the existence of aliens etc… but its time to watch this nigga compete on a new stage musically. You saw this coming already, COMEONSON, Empire State Of Mind, Young Forever, A Star Is Born, Run This Town, Thank You… I mean musically after an album like American Gangster Jay was basically telling you with BP3, ok niggas its time for me to reach higher. Magna Carta is not the same as BP3 but it does pick up where that album left off in sound almost just with a futuristic 2023 type vibe (MCs and producers, get focused immediately or get left behind musically). In Hip Hop we got Jayz, P Diddy and Dr Dre as our legendary and potentially iconic artists and not to leave out Em but him and the other three are whats it for us as far as icons that are still active and poppin in the mainstream. Lyrics are something thats very dear to the hearts of hip hop fans and Jay obviously can continue that tradition and he aint forgot where he came from. Still we have to accept that he aint that 26 year old kid fresh off the block pulling up in that off white lexus anymore. Thats basically all I got to say for now. If you like the album then great if not then cool and if your a homotrolling faggot still getting off on saying my name then do us all a favor and kill yourself but the point I just wanted to make is its time to watch Jay become ICONIC, not just in hip hop but in music period. Thee end

    Magna Carta Holy Grail = ICON music from THE GREATEST MC OF ALL TIME…. Out

  • Master Lee has the leak.

  • damn

    Picasso Baby is just him talking about famous artist. Tom Ford is him talking about fasion designers. Crown sounds like a Schoolboy Q joint sounds like a TDE beat. Quoting a R.E.M. song “Losing My Religion” with the line, “that’s me in the corner/in the spotlight/losing my religion” on Heaven. La Familia might be a loop of his daughter speaking. Corny. Oceans has a reference to Biggie. On the Run has to be one of the worse songs I heard. After listening to this album it is VERY tiring. You are going to want Jay-Z to stop talking. Beats are crazy dope so shout out to the producers on this album but from a lyrical stand point this is album is by far the worse album in jay-z’s career I thought Kingdom Come was his worst but this falls below. Just self indulgent stunting talk. We already know he’s rich so making an album bragging does nothing. He should’ve called this album lyrics about nothing. My rating: Lyrics = 0, Beats, Production = 9.5, Album = 4. The beats saves this album from being a huge let down like Yeezus was but it is still a let down. Damn shame Jay-Z.

  • MusicHead

    @marty mcfly you really trippin & suckin dick saying Jay-Z the GOAT.. NAS IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME.

  • marty mcfly

    Album is FIRE and is not comparable in sound to any Jayz album he’s every made and the subject matter is diverse, concept driven and topic based and balanced more so then some of his other albums. This is a GREAT album, ok now done.

  • marty mcfly

    @Musichead, this really aint the time for a hip hop debate or a musical argument as if you people honestly have givin this album a few good listens already. Why dont you just enjoy the music, if you dont like the album then its very simple, go listen to other shit.

  • wha?

    It’s time to allow Jay-z to become iconic? Isn’t he a legend already? Who’s trying to deny that? We already know BUT and this is a big BUT he is not immune to putting out trash and mediocre songs and has already done so. Now in terms of GOAT that is personal opinion. Some say Nas, some say BIG, some say PAC and some say Jay-z and some would even bypass those and mention someone else but needless to say Jay-Z can ONLY be GOAT in the eyes of those who are his biggest fans. Music is like art it is very subjective. And hip hop has plenty of iconic artist BEFORE jay-z’s time and after.

  • marty mcfly

    Picasso alone destroys any other songs I’ve heard this year period.

  • sweatpea

    Jay-Z can’t be the GOAT when he has Biggie all in his music and throughout his career.

  • XI

    Debating with drakes man groupies <<<<<
    No thanks, I'm good.
    Go listen to take care and regret breaking up with your ex girlfriend. Get drunk, call her, and tell her you can do better.

    Hip Hop said this on July 4th, 2013 at 3:08 am
    I debunk your retarded logic, and I am somehow a groupie?!?
    Strangely enough we are both on a Jay-Z post, and it was you that brought up Drake in the first place. Lose an argument and throw insults. Female logic.

  • jusAsking


  • Qz

    This year of Hip Hop has been amazing. More to come..!

  • MusicHead

    @marty mcfly this album is INCREDIBLY DOPE TO ME! WHAT ARE U SAYIN LOL? ik just stating other shit.

  • marty mcfly

    @wha? yeah and its really time to stop comparing Jayz to Biggie and other rappers period. We’re been comparing him to other people since 1997 and people been saying Pac and BIG are the best for Jayz whole career now. Its time to let them rest in peace at this point and allow somebody else that has earned his respect to respected on that level (not saying your stopping him) If by now you dont like Jayz music then its time to just stop listening to it because its been almost 20 years dog if you dont fuck with it then its not for you. Just cause I think Jay is the Goat im not telling you what to think, im saying what I think so its no need to argue over an opinion that I have myself. If you think Nas and Biggie are greater the Jay then good thats your opinion and if you dont like this album then cool cause I mean damn you got Wale’s new album, Mac Millers, Cole, French Montana etc… You got options dude so take your pick. Until I see somebody make about an album almost every year for 18 years and each one has dope lyricism and each one had impact on the culture then my opinion remains the same.

  • marty mcfly

    i worship a nigga

  • sweatpea

    @marty mcfly, ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY!!! That song Picasso Baby samples Adrian Younge’s “Sirens” and just speeds up the track. Listen to both songs and now listen to Jay-Z lyrics which are talking about nothing. Give credit to where credit deserves to go not to jay-z or timberland for that beat but to Adrian Younge who they sampled heavily for. It is a circa 1990’s song and he uses a line from Nas with “It ain’t hard to tell”. Now everybody likes 90’s music. He is trying to recreate a Black album sound nothing futuristic. Picasso I don’t think so. Now everybody in hiphop is obsessing about famous artists.

  • marty mcfly

    niggas better realize that i can write more essays than them so my opinion matters more

  • RED-bWs

    The album is dope as fuck. Fuck what anyone thinks. BUT Jay isn’t the GOAT, neither is Nas, or BIG. ‘Pac is, and always will be.

  • er

    Marty i usually defend you but you gotta learn to use paragraphs man im not reading that shit. and i dont think anyone else is neither.

  • ear2ear

    the production is amazing.


    Im just gonna say this real quick so I can get back to listening to this album. Im not really talking to the casual hip hop fan or the more relaxed hip hop listener that just likes music for what it is cause I know ya’ll enjoy this album already. I gotta talk to the hip hop heads just briefly. As a hardcore hip hop head and underground purist myself I gotta say, ITS TIME TO ALLOW JAYZ TO BECOME ICONIC. Now I know you know Jayz is a legend and you already think of him as an icon and yes many of us consider him the Goat and the king of hip hop music but its time to let him go after the crown of just music period. Not trying to sound too dramatic but in hip hop who is our Michael Jackson? Who is our Mick Jagger? Our Stevie Wonder, our Bon Jovi etc… Its time to not be mad and just be proud as hip hop heads and allow Jayz to reach higher. I know the purists wanna hear soul samples and I know you wanna hear lyrics about politics, drone attacks, global warming, nuclear physics, why the government still not admitting to the existence of aliens etc… but its time to watch this nigga compete on a new stage musically. You saw this coming already, COMEONSON, Empire State Of Mind, Young Forever, A Star Is Born, Run This Town, Thank You… I mean musically after an album like American Gangster Jay was basically telling you with BP3, ok niggas its time for me to reach higher. Magna Carta is not the same as BP3 but it does pick up where that album left off in sound almost just with a futuristic 2023 type vibe (MCs and producers, get focused immediately or get left behind musically). In Hip Hop we got Jayz, P Diddy and Dr Dre as our legendary and potentially iconic artists and not to leave out Em but him and the other three are whats it for us as far as icons that are still active and poppin in the mainstream. Lyrics are something thats very dear to the hearts of hip hop fans and Jay obviously can continue that tradition and he aint forgot where he came from. Still we have to accept that he aint that 26 year old kid fresh off the block pulling up in that off white lexus anymore. Thats basically all I got to say for now. If you like the album then great if not then cool and if your a homotrolling faggot still getting off on saying my name then do us all a favor and kill yourself but the point I just wanted to make is its time to watch Jay become ICONIC, not just in hip hop but in music period. Thee end
    Magna Carta Holy Grail = ICON music from THE GREATEST MC OF ALL TIME…. Out

  • The production is so on point on this. Hov did justice to this album.

  • Easily better than BluePrint 3! .. Might be his best since the black

  • Phenomenon

    I noticed Justin’s vocals seem to be getting kinda hoarse, this shit still goes HARD tho!

  • ear2ear

    I thought the world play on the album was really good. this is after a couple of listens. sure he’s talking about millionaire stuff in a lot of songs, but that is accurate to the lifestyle he lives. You guys want him to talk about being broke on the streets cooking coke? Hahaha, this nigga is signing Kevin Durant to his sports agency. He’s far removed from that.

    With that said, the promo videos are still hella gay and staged hahaha, but the album is good so it’s forgiven. Exceeded expectations. Early impression is I put it next to WTT. Jay’s flow is a lot sharper on this to me than that.

    If you throwing the word classic out there already, you’re a groupie.

    The real star is Timbaland in my opinion. He has 9 beats on this joint.


  • HiiiLife

    Generic beats + flow


  • HiiiLife

    why does everybody in Hawaii gotta listen to fucking wayne and jay-Z

  • Bradster

    This album is dope and jay z is in my top 5 but eminem is the GOAT.

  • This album is what WATCH THE THRONE should have sounded like!!

  • wha?

    @marty mcfly, Biggie and Pac music still bang today. RIP to them both but what does letting them Rest have anything to do with Jay-Z? You want to wipe away the past but that is when jay-z did his best work. “Ambitionz As A Ridah” kills anything jay-z put out on Biggie’s side it’s “Who Shot Ya?”. Comparisons has always gone on because Jay-Z claims to be the greatest so if he wants to make that claim he needs to be compared to other artist who cemented their greatness already. Plus he tried to take the crown and was smacked down by Nas. He’s an icon yes but GOAT no unless you are his biggest fans. Jay-z’s first album did not have cultural impact neither did a lot of his albums. They impacted you but not everybody. 18 years? So you are saying if you have longevity in hip hop you are GOAT? Least I remind you it’s quality over quantity. There are plenty of great artist in hip hop but jay-z does not sit at the top like Mick Jagger doesn’t sit atop his genre. You want us to wipe away the contribution to hip hop every hip hop artist has made. They’re a lot of great hip hop artists. Who sits atop hip hop in terms of sales? Michael Jackson is consider the King of Pop because of his album sales. #1 albums is jay-z but his first album did like 50k in the first week. It’s took 6 years to go platinum. Jay-z had to grow on everybody so he had to come out every year to stay relevant. 20 albums, 12 went #1 in the US, his first 2 albums did not go number 1. How are you calculating his GOAT status because like I said it is subjective and comes from a fans opinion. Jay-Z has sold 50 million albums. Pac beats him with 75 million albums sold. All Eyez On Me is 9x Platinum. Biggie’s Life after Death is Diamond. None of Jay-z’s albums comes close to those numbers. Numbers don’t lie.

    • Ben Arguit

      Its all within the realm of Hip Hop..why would Jay make the same shit as Pac or BIG its about variety. Why would Big L make the same shit as Sean Price or Planet Asia ? REC SALES DONT MATTER NELLY SOLD 10…Andddddddddd


    “if you dont like the album then its very simple, go listen to other shit.”
    damn…its like you read comments on posts that you hate on and then plaster them on to your weak ass Jay-Z defenses. do you realize how contradictive and predictable you are?
    and I almost thought it was a troll that wrote that whole paragraph on the flavor of Hov’s scrotum. but it was you. holy shit.

  • basic niggas in gold

    as a hip hop artist he doesn’t have to talk about his lifestyle alone he could discuss many other topics. This is what lacks in hip hop. It’s material is all about material gains and money not about poverty, about the world, and stuff of importance. It is just money, money, money. Say something timeless. Pac had changes which spoke on the war on drugs. With jay-z we get I got a Picasso ,smell the aroma of turkey bacon. Huh?

  • runt


    i hope you realise that All Eyes On Me and Life After Death are double albums, so 9x Platinum is actually only 4.5 million sold, and Diamond is actually only 5 million sold… Vol. 2 Hard Knock Life is 5x Platinum for a single album, which means 5 million sold.

    Jay has reached the sales of Pac and BIG for an album homie

  • you dumb mothaphucka you

    marty i agree with you that jay is a goat of hip-hop

    but don’t evvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvver compare him and Stevie Wonder evvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvver again. that’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read in my life. are you fucking retarded?

    Stevie Wonder wrote music, sang the lyrics he wrote, produced the song, played all the instruments in the production, played all the instruments live as he sang live, had a debut album at the age of 12, and came out with great great albums well into his 50s. all while blind. and that’s not even including a lot of the songs he wrote and produced for other greats in music. He’s sold over 100 million albums.

    i know this is a hip-hop site but please stfu and never say anything that stupid ever again in your life. all rappers do for the most part is i’m not hating on jay-z i’m hating on your dumbass for saying something so stupid.

  • hungryman

    I heard that turkey bacon line I thought he was auditioning for a McDonald’s commercial. Got me hungry. Kanye talking about croissants and Jay-Z talking about turkey bacon. Where’s the foie gras and escargot?

  • wha?

    @runt, how stupid do you sound? A double album so each CD sells half? So, Both CDs on a double album sales as 1 album but sells 2 CDs so he sold 5 million records but sold 10 million CDs as a result. even at that it was cerified Diamond in 2000 and is more than likely has sold a lot more since then. Do your research on the RIAA. I swear some of you guys. Diamond sells are in excess of 10 million sold not half of platinum. Let me educate you, Gold is 500,000 CDs sold, Platinum is 1 million sold and goes multi-Platinum when it breaks 2 million or more sold and Diamond is 10 million CD’s sold. Jay-z’s Blueprint 2 sold 2 million so he really sold 1 million albums but sold 2 million CDs because 2 CDs were packaged on one album.

  • the realest

    This nigga jay-z always and forever talking about money lol. By its just gotta be self esteem issues I’m sorry. Even Rick rubin said in them clips that no natter how many material things you have it still can’t bring you happiness. Jay ain’t tryna hear that tho. Nigga you’re almost 50. Find something else to talk about.

  • Frost

    That BBC track was sooooo underwhelming…

    That’s really the only track I was looking forward to hearing…

    What a shit beat, too…..smh

  • WE$T$IDE

    MNIMN >>>>>>>>

  • runt


    no you dumb fuck. the RIAA counts every sale of a double album as 2 sales you bitch you. you’re the one who hasn’t done their research.

    that means a double album’s certification is double what its sales are. do you know math or didn’t you graduate from school?

  • naw

    Tupac still sold more WAY MORE albums than jay-z. Pac = GOAT.

  • marty mcfly

    you fools read all that shit and pick apart what you dont like but miss the bigger picture and the larger point. You can bring up Pac but bottom line is Magna Carter is not a Pac album, its a Jayz album so jay doesn’t have to compete with Pac nor Big anymore. I think if Pac and Big could talk they would say its ridiculous for Jayz to have to compete with ghosts and the sounds of the mid 90s in 2013. I didnt say wipe away the past but im not gonna act like Pac and Big is the greatest in 2013 cause imo if thats the case then its time to let the whole artform of hip hop music die so it can rest with Pac and Big. When I mention other iconic people there is a larger point and reason I mentioned them. Use some common sense and see the bigger picture here. Hip Hop has to stop trying to kill its own legends before they become icons. YOU already consider Jay an icon but you probably grew up in hip hop culture, there are always higher levels that can be reached and Jayz is not an icon to everybody just yet. Jayz is one of our last MCs on a legendary level that still breathing in 2013 and we have no artists thats been this consistent almost every year in terms of lyricism MAINSTREAM APPEAL and impact (something Nas has not done better then Jay) and been this popping as far as adding excitement and energy to the game STILL in 2013. If you dont agree with some of the details of what im saying thats fine. USE YOUR BRAIN AND FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU THINK IM SAYING. HIP HOP needs a JAYZ in 2013 to be able to KEEP CLIMBING UP THE LADDER OF HIP HOP ARTIST SUCCESS. Pac and Biggie are not gonna come back and put out new music and I believe they would say to stop comparing the dead to the living before the living is even finished yet. Again we can argue over opinions and details but still there is a very easily understood logic to what im saying. Stop being crabs in a barrel (metaphorically) and tearing down your own people worst then those who actually hate us for reason other then just music and stop looking for evey reason you can to not give an artist his credit especially if the pros of Jays career far out weigh anthing negative you have to say and especially artist like Jayz who has given most of his adult life to represent this culture at the highest level of artistic black excellence. If you can do it better then Jayz then do it but other then that lets support those that are STILL ALIVE and at this level of greatness.

    Jay – F.U.T.W

    Just let me be great, just let me be great
    I feel like mothafuckin’ Cassius Clay right now, Genius!

    Don’t be good my nigga, be great
    After that government cheese, we eating steak
    After the projects, now we on estates
    I’m from the bottom, I know you can’t relate

    Let’s fuck up this world
    Fuck up the world
    Me and destiny got a date

    [Verse 1]
    Martin had a dream, Hov gotta team
    My chain already heavy, don’t let me get a ring
    Parades down Flatbush, Confetti on my fur
    Turn right on Red Hook, niggas heavy on the curve
    See most of my niggas died early twenties or late teens
    I’m just trying to come from under the thumb of this regime
    1% of a billion is more then niggas even seen
    Still they wanna act like it’s an everyday thing, clean…

    America tried to emasculate the greats
    Murder Malcolm, gave Cassius the shakes
    Wait, tell them rumble young man rumble
    Try to dim your lights tell you be humble
    You know I’m gon shine like a trillion watts
    You know I’m as trill as Michael Jackson socks…

  • Frost

    ^^^ no way that phony is the GOAT…

    so fukn overrated…

  • marty mcfly

    And Most Kings

    Inspired by Basquiat, my chariot’s on fire
    Everybody took shots, hit my body up, I’m tired
    Build me up, break me down to build me up again
    They like “Hov we need you back so we can kill your ass again”
    Hov got flow though he’s no Big and Pac, but he’s close
    How I’m ‘posed to win? They got me fighting ghosts
    Most kings get their heads cut off
    With the same sword they knight you they gon’ good night you with
    Shit, that’s only half if they like you
    That ain’t even the half what they might do
    Don’t believe me, ask Michael
    See Martin, see Malcolm
    See Biggie, see Pac
    See success and its outcome
    See Jesus, see Judas
    See Caesar, see Brutus
    See success is like suicide
    Suicide, it’s a suicide
    When you succeed, prepare to be crucified

  • wha?

    @runt, You do know what a double album is right? In case you don’t know it is 2 CDs. The RIAA counts a double CD over 100 minutes as 2 sales. One album can have 2 CDs so you can buy one album but you do realize you have 2 CDs? And it is counted as such. Biggie sold 10 million CDs. 5 million albums but 2 CDs so if you know how to count it is 2 CDs which equals 10 million sold or shipped really. God, how stupid do you sound. Double Cds cost more than single disc CDs as well so it is like paying for two CDs anyway.

  • runt


    remember when Eminem went diamond twice, and news articles were reporting that the highest selling rap albums in the US are MMLP, Eminem Show and Country Grammer by Nelly?

    Ever wonder why All Eyez On Me, Life After Death and Love Below/Speakerboxxx weren’t mentioned? It’s because they’re double albums so they have only sold around 5 mill despite being diamond or 9x platinum

  • runt

    you just proved my point fuckboi

    you were claiming that jay hasn’t sold anywhere near Pac and BIG for an album, but you just admitted that Hard Knock Life has sold about the same as those double albums you mentioned – 5 MILLION ALBUMS

  • bay bay

    @marty mcfly, you brought up Biggie and Pac. Now you are trying to shit on them by calling them ghost and quoting lines from jay-z. Who still at this point in his career is talking about them. What a shame. A lover of hip hop would never do that. So you think one artist is greater than another doesn’t diminish the impact they made.

  • Full album working stream:

  • Three Billy Goats Gruff

    Soulless, pop, radio rerun bullshit!

  • wha?


    Hard Knock Life = 5 million single albums = 5 million Albums
    All Eyez on Me = 4.5 million double albums = 9 million Albums
    Life After Death = 5 million double albums = 10 million Albums

    RIAA counts All Eyez on Me as 2 albums because it sold 2 CDs. What don’t you get from that. And besides both All Eyez on Me and Life after death sold more than Hard Knock Life. All Eyez On Me cerified 5x platinum in 2 months and 9x in 2 years in 1998. Trying hard to twist my words won’t help you. Looks like these stans are going crazy.


    it’s a double album so? It still sold more than 10 million albums. 2 albums packaged as 1 album but take apart Life after death or all eyez on Me and both of those double CD albums can sell individually but people brought and paid more for those two albums packaged as 1 product. What are you going hard trying to prove?

  • pILLpusha

    Magna Carta Holy Fail!!

  • I’m not saying Drake is gonna flop or nothing. Me personally I just want drake to RAP on his next album. I’m done hearing that singin shit we got singers for that. Your a rapper drake. Just Rap. Prove that you can hold an album without singin. I don’t wanna hear that take care shit. Save that shit for acts like the weeknd

  • Why is it so bad that I want a rap album from a rapper?
    Fuck it. I’m out.


    album is on point

  • adi Pre


  • Mattyrb

    JT ft Jay Z on this one. Dope though

  • adi Pre

    Marty for President.

  • Beele

    Jay has moved into a position where he doesn’t have to be super lyrical and put out a classic or whatever the average 2013 bitchy Hip Hop fan wants. He’s moved beyond music, he did his job it’s no more work to do. Hip Hop is in a different place now. The Golden Years are over….Jay, Nas, Run DMC, KRS One, Mobb Deep, Too Short, Ice Cube, Kool G. Rap….just to name a few, but these are some of the guys who helped push Hip Hop to the levels its at right now. The Drakes, the J Coles, the 2Chainz, Wales (cliches) don’t have to work as hard to push the boundaries of Hip Hop becuz it’s there already. Jay’s albums dont matter at this point; his subject matter, his production he has nothing to prove, so he works within the confines of the world he helped shape. Subject matter is limited these days ne way, its about rappin & beats. Not MCing I mean Drake doesn’t rap about anything special, does he ? Hes on records like Pop That, Fuckin Problem….. it’s cool but its not super lyrical, you cant play that shit at a party then throw on Public Enemy. He speaks to his generation, same goes for Waka Flocka or 2Chainz. Niggas don’t listen to Hip Hop the same way, niggas don’t care about lyrical content they just want to hear some shit they can “turn up” to. Jay isn’t in that lane, hes 43 & super rich. He comes from a different era, I didn’t expect nothing this type of rhymin it’s not 96 who the fuck is he gone compete with ?

  • justenjoythisshit

    Mediocre as fuck. THIS is what’s to expect from the GOAT?? Nah.

  • Suk Iyt

    A bunch of niggas acting like bitches wit big mouths…Good fucking music in my opinion…Girlie ass niggas man, share ur opinion stop crying damn…

  • adi Pre

    No rapper in history has accomplished what Jay has over his career. Longevity is key and he’s been consistent since RD, just appreciate the damn music, I’m looking forward to buying this next week.

  • Cam_Newton

    Album of the year..haters gonna hate

  • marty mcfly

    @bay bay, im not shitting on Biggie and Pac and honestly I dont know what they have to do with Magna Carta. You fools listen to this album one time and already you talking about Pac’s sales and Bigs and Ems sales? First of all nobody is gonna out sell Pac and Em, 2nd you not even counting Jays sells correctly and 3rd what does they sells have to do with this album? Nothing. If the only weight you put on being the greatest is the sells then you need to consider other things because if thats the case then MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice are the kings of hip hop or at least top 5. COMEONSON. How can a hip hop artist in this era honestly compete with Pac and Biggie? Like what ground or level can they meet up on and compete? Beats? Are we all supposed to go get beats that sound like the Makavelli album? No, are we all supposed rhyme like its 1993 or 1997 again in order to somehow compete with Biggie? Fuck no. You know what always trying to compete with the 90s does? It slows down progress because what people should be doing is figuring out what hip hop should sound like in 2013-2023. Thats prolly why Jay got most of his beats for this album from Timbaland cause whether you like his beats or not, Timbaland has always brought whats ahead of its time to the table as far as production and as for lyrics please tell me what new songs have you heard from Pac and Biggie in 2013? Are MCs supposed to constantly listen to old Pac and Big songs trying to out rhyme them? Fuck no. Its 2013 and as far as right now, July 4th 2013, Jayz is the Goat. Now if you wanna bring up other MCs sales then do that but in the hearts of most poor kids still coming up in the streets and gotta hustle to eat, and just the hearts and minds of most hip hop fans TODAY they looking at HOV as the greatest. They dont give a fuck how many records other people have sold and NO nobody is shitting on the Pac and Big because they dead but it makes sense to look at the now which is 2013 and let the dead rest in peace already. It is not disrespectful to the dead to be a fan of someone thats still alive. And correction on the F.U.T.W lyrics, the line said “can” not can’t

    Just let me great, just let me great
    I feel like mothafuckin’ Cassius Clay right now, Genius!

    Don’t be good my nigga, be great
    After that government cheese, we eating steak
    After the projects, now we on estates
    I’m from the bottom, I know you CAN relate…

  • marty mcfly

    And its always the same no matter what with the Jay only talks about money shit but you guys need to listen closer cause he does talk about other things on the album and honestly if we’re gonna keep it a 100, of course Jayz talks about money because having money is his reality. Thats a part of who he is but still he does drop jewels all over this album that have to do with life and just being intelligent. Pay attention already. Out

  • adi Pre

    ^ Straight up. Just enjoy the album.

  • Check !?

    This could possibly be his best work since reasonable doubt in my honest opinion… Reasonable doubt quality minus the classic overtone. Better than Black Album

  • dflow

    love the album.
    but what happened to the songs during mastering???

    this song “holy grail” sound weak as f….like a raw-mix.

    • mdj

      Tom Ford, sounded better in the video

  • gregory kruxx.

    HOVIS HOME!!! Fuckwithmeyouknowigotit!!!….. Let me make sure you hear my muthaphukin jewlery!!!….Whoooo… Cuban Link 5 Kilo…

  • Don Cornelius: King of The Apes

    marty mcfly, you seem like you are your own worst enemy. You’re zealous objectification of an individual that you clearly respect is so favoured that it seems to detract from the argument and repel those whom you would seek to convince. It also is problematic in that whilst you don’t want Jay-Z to be placed in direct competition with other artists your argumentation for naming him the be all and end all of hip hop music necessitates comparison. As does mentioning mainstream lyrical impact. Unfortunately the truth is not measured in mass appeal.
    Now, don’t get it twisted, I think that Jay-Z when he’s on point lyrically and with his flow is incredible. Yet I can’t help but find it problematic that he has allowed the audience to somewhat dictate content, and once one creates art by comity the end product cannot help but be compromised. Jay-Z and Nas are separated by the fact that Jay-Z is observant in terms of the external world and can recognise and exploit trends early whereas Nas is observant in terms of his inner workings and psychology and has a knack for expressing this. This is obvious in both their choice of producers and features. What you prefer in terms of observation is up to you.
    At this point maybe just recognise that Jay-Z is a great artist, and most people respect him. They also do not have the same adoration for him that you do. You are not wrong and they are not right, it’s art and not subject to the dichotomy implied by those words. However try to understand that comparisons to Pac and Biggie are complementary even if Jay-Z comes out the lesser. How many basketball players would love to even just be compared to a Jordan in his prime? To have reached that level of competition is amazing. They were also great artists lost in their prime. They are perfectly preserved in time and can never make a divisive decision that will alienate anyone again. They are like Cobain and Dean in this way. Anyway, enough is enough. You get the point.

  • Don Cornelius: King of The Apes

    Your* zealous

  • thacarter2

    This is a good album. And like Marty said he definitely talks about more than just money on the album if you really listening.And idk about it being better than The Black Album but its a good album.

  • wiLL dent

    another game changer….
    Magna Carta… Holy Grail

  • wiLL dent

    oh and its not better or not as good as the black album…its in the same category..
    reasonable doubt, the blueprint, the black album, magna carter holy grail…

  • thacarter2

    I still put American Gangster over Magna Carta. I have to listen more and my opinion could change. This is up there with his best albums tho. IMO 1. Reasonable Doubt 2. Blue Print 3. Black Album 4. Vol. 2 3. American Gangster and this could move into that list.

  • wiLL dent

    werd you right American gangster is def in that category but I still personally cant put anything over the blueprint. And I am a day 1 fan…shit since that in my lifetime remix was pumpin back on kiss in 95…
    In no particular order..
    Reasonable Doubt, Blueprint, Black Album, American Gangster, Magna Carta Holy Grail

  • flo

    song is pretty wack

  • thacarter2

    @wiLL dent i feel you Blue Print changed music in the early 90s with that Just Blaze & Kanye production. And Hov lyrics and flow was on 100. Reasonable Doubt just takes me back when I listen to it. Both of them are classics.

  • Check mate in 4

    BP 1 is overrated… I always overlook American gangster when I recall Hov’s discography. Haven’t listened to it in years (lost it). Nas’ verse on success is superb.

  • wiLL dent

    @thacarter2 yeah mann.. blueprint redefined the 2000s period…and reasonable doubt puts me in 96.. polo, popped colors, sum baggy blues, as amatter of fact Fat Beats in Manhattan (RIP) House of Nubian..8th st haaa!!! For all my fellow New Yorkers

    But I feel like this Magna Carta gona have me zonnin back in ten…The marketing plan alone is just a game shifter…

    If Nas drop another record next year now so I can keep my back and forth with myself on whos Hip Hops GOAT..Cause its still Jay or Nas

  • Ben Arguit

    American Gangster is a fucking classic ! The concept is soooooo over looked, he went from a nothing nigga to a rich drug dealer then it all crashed. Jay’s rhymes were deep & real 20 years you will go bk n say wow again. Reasonable Doubt, Blueprint, American Gangster, Black Album, Hard Knock Life, Magna Carta….no particular order after RD…I been fucking with Hova since 96 on casette tape had it in High School niccas…

  • wiLL dent

    @checkmate your crazy Blueprint was overrated!!! Whut!!! Your buggin!!!
    Go put on that album and listen to it from front to back…The Rulers Back(MC Ricky D Remake) Classic. Heart of the City, Never Change, My Momma Luv’s Me…Not to mention the bonus tracks…Man the vinyl itself was a piece of art…All Blue records…
    Man I guess it was just the time period for me. Evisus, Jordan 3s n 4s, Supreme, before everything was totally Exploited…
    And while the music was changing so was the world…Circa 911…


  • Ben Arguit

    cassette tape

  • Cee

    You can all say what you want about who is the GOAT, but even those who didnt like the album will agree that Jay-Z has made a huge mark in this industry. Look at it from this standpoint, if Jay-Z was to die right now, he goes down in history as an amazing artist comparable with Biggie and Pac. He would become a martyr of Hip-Hop regardless of what your personal opinions on him are. Can you say the same for the 98% of other rappers out right now?

    Magna Carta Holy Grail gets an 10/10 from me. Its not just about the music (which is amazing by the way) its the marketing strategy, the production, the hype, and many other things.

    Yall really debating over an album this nigga been paid 5 million for already? C’mon son.

  • Stale mate

    I was listening to it last night actually… There are definitely standout tracks… But I can’t fuck with it from start to finish like I do with reasonable doubt and Black album. Just me

  • wiLL dent

    @Cee Well Put. You summed it up perfectly

  • q

    good album (his best in years) but much overhyped

  • SMF

    who caught that jab at lil wayne on La Familia tho?

  • jerry j raph

    this is a hustler from Marcy talkin his ish as he is roundin up to a billion… appreciate it.

  • runt


    i think you truly are retarded. according to you putting out a double album means that you double your sales? fuck is wrong with you? it’s still only 5 MILLION PEOPLE buying the double album as it is 5 MILLION PEOPLE buying the single album.

    the point is hard knock life was JUST AS COMMERCIALLY SUCCESSFUL as those Pac and BIG albums because the same amount of people bought the albums. how is that so hard to understand?

    so your claim that jay “never came close” is completely wrong because you do not understand simple facts that the same amount of people bought the albums in both cases.

  • SK2123

    I hate to say it, but marty just shit on all of you. Made plenty of valid points with the first speech.

  • obama

    MCHG >>>>> BP3

  • RoshaneRonan

    Fucking amazing album.

  • RoshaneRonan

    Again…fucking amazing album.

  • alex

    Remember when The Black Album was going to be his “last studio album”? Lol he snaked us all on that one. Glad that he did tho. MCHG is nice.

    Also MARTY MCFLY is the biggest troll ever its hilarious.

  • Big L

    this album is gunna sound great until drake drops his shit. Then everyone will get amnesia. Drake will win the grammy for best album again. mark. my. words. Shit is good though. Way better than BP3. Great job Jay-z.

  • Cee

    @Big L so you’re saying if Drake had dropped his album today completed it would actually pose a threat to this masterpiece? No offense, I enjoy Drake but you need to rethink that bro.

  • lmfao

    drake? what a joke

  • nuff

    TIMBO produciton is pure FIRE!!!

  • Big L

    I mean its no diss to jay-Z, and drake is waiting to drop his album for a reason. No one wants to compete with jay-z as far as sales go, but he’s gunna win the grammy over it. I’m not saying that drake’s album will be all around better, but it’ll win the grammy over this. If take care won the grammy over nas’ life is good, which is definately better than this, and jay-z wins the grammy over drake that shit willl prove that its all politics.



  • real shit

    Album weak,Jay-Z weak,feautures made the album worth listening to. Retire old nigga.

  • real shit

    Frank Ocean feature >

  • rdd08

    If I’m gonna Rank JayZ Albums then it would Go

    1. ReasonableDoubt 2. Blueprint but those are interchangeable .

    3. The Black Album 4. American Gangster 5. Blueprint 3

    6. Magna Carta Holy Grail 7. Volume 3

    but again the Order for 4-7 can be switched around based on which one I’m feeling more at the moment

    All in All on add Magna Carta to the List of Jayz’s GREATS

  • Grimzz

    Hov on his dumb it down shit and it’s still flyin’ over ppl heads lol…this is the best hip hop album so far this year no questions

  • Lawless_1

    I’m not a Jay-Z fan as of late but the album is fire.

    If you don’t like it go listen to that wack ass Yeezus bullshit.

  • ex gf of marty who keeps fucking his dad

    @marty mcfly

    the album is fire hes right

  • NYdreamz

    on my first listen of the album… i must say its better than i expected.. i thought this was gonna b weaker than blueprint 3… but i was shocked… while it doesnt have the hits blueprint 3 has… the flow, lyrical content, and the production has greatly improved…

  • thacarter2

    I wish Open Letter was never released and was on this album tho. Everybody would be goin crazy.

  • Ear2ear

    Everyone talking about legacies needs to calm down and get ____’s dick out of their mouth and listen to the music. Maybe in a month you can come back and put this album in context of careers and legacy.

    If you guys do want to put this in any sort of context, I would put it in context of 2013. The real loser here is J Cole. This album will do better commercially, the critics will like it, and it’s become an event. So Cole kinda just looks like the opening act to Jay’s concert. Everyone on here mentioned Drake and waiting on his album to see if it’ll compete but not one mention of Cole. He had two weeks of shine. And this whole thing blew that away.

  • NYdreamz

    ummmm….. if anybodys album was to come out before HOV’s their shit wouldnt even be relevant anymore…. not just J.Cole but drake as well.. i guess kanye must be completely irrelevant because ive not seen his name on here once… but than again his album was ass… so whats to argue about…

  • ear2ear

    ^yeah but Kanye isn’t signed to Jay-Z nor is he trying to prove he’s at the top of hip-hop…he’s 7 albums deep. Cole is trying to establish himself as a generational rapper and yeah he had the rug swept out from under him. Imagine if Kendrick released Good Kid and Dr. Dre chose to release Detox two weeks later?

  • the realest

    ^ got a point there. But let’s be real, we all know jay is just about himself.

  • XI

    ^Don’t lie to yourself, Drake is not J Cole. It is to the point it shouldn’t even be questioned anymore.
    Take Care sold 631,000 its first week in the US, While Watch The Throne sold 436,000 even with a 10 day sales week (3 day early iTunes release).
    He is definitely competition.

  • XI

    Also, this album dropping shouldn’t be viewed as some sort of snake move at j cole. Jay-Z is going on tour.

  • NYdreamz

    well… thinking about it…. drake does kill cole mainstream wise… so i guess i gotta agree with yall…

  • ear2ear

    @XI Oh no, I’m not a J Cole fan. I think you missed my point. I’m saying that Cole’s moment with Born Sinner was brief and the album was average and that people aren’t putting Born Sinner in the conversation with MCHG. They’re talking about Yeezus in comparison to it. They’re talking about Drake’s upcoming album. I could care less if it’s a snake move or not for Jay to drop the album two weeks later. Jay can do whatever. And I agree, Drake is more of a force within music than Cole. Don’t know why you’re telling me don’t lie to myself when you’re agreeing with what I said. Hahaha.

  • marty mcfly

    @Don Corny, mothafucka this aint rocket science so stop with all the Pac and Biggie comparisons, stop with the Jordan comparisons to cause Jay aint playing no fucking basketball and cut it at with the notion that I like Magna Carta because of the author and not the rhymes and beats. Bottomline bitch is Picasso a dope song? YES or NO? Yes, the nigga went off on that shit. Is Crown a dope song? YES, that shit hard as titanium. Is Fuckwithmeyouknowigotit a dope song? YES, straight gangsta shit. Is Heaven dope? YES – message. Is F.U.T.W dope? YES, another message. Is Nickels And Dimes dope? YES – more substance, Is Jayz Blue dope? YES – more substance here as well. Is Part2 dope? Yes – I just think thats a great song musically period. Is Oceans dope? YES -Hello, more substance. Is Holy Grail dope? Yes, is Somewhereinamerica dope? YES, fire there too. Is Tom Ford dope? YES, club killer right here. I think the album didnt need Verses or Beach is Better, I think BBC was cool but thats about it and I kinda like La Familia but its more of a anthem type record based on Jay cadence and delivery through out the song but OVERLL the good far outweighs the bad or the meh on this album. You dont have to be a fucking genius to hear this album and think its DOPE.

  • marty mcfly

    Now I still think the classics from Jay (R.D, In My Lifetime, BP1, Black Album and A.G) are a little iller then Magna Carta BUT thats doesn’t mean this album aint dope. Magna Carta is partly about just having a good time just like a traditional Snoop album. Where its more about the vibe and enjoying life more so then Jay drilling you with hustle bars and rhymes about the struggle but Magna Carta still has substance. Hard Knock Life had substance but it was also about enjoying life, same with The Dynasty album, BP2, Life And Time vol 3, WTT but again within all the having fun Jay still is saying things that have substance within it but still this album is for people to just put on and ENJOY FIRST and then go back and comb through it to feed their inner hater. In totality Magna Carta Holy Grail is a great album for 2013 cause not everybody wants to keep trying to recreate the 90s all over again musically. For those thats trying to do that like Joey Bada$$, Action Bronson, Troy Ave etc… Thats fine but Jay is not a new artists anymore, he’s told his story and now he’s look toward the future musically not the past. Futuristic Picasso music my niggas…

  • jk

    jay electronica ghostwrote JT’s verse

  • XI

    Miscommunication bro, I understood you in full.
    Drake sales comment were in response to the dude before you (NYdreamz).
    Cole snake comment was directed at the dude after you (the realest).

    I’ll use @’s properly from this point on. I know you were probably thinking WTF is wrong with dude lol.

  • XI


  • the realest

    Lol we all know jay is a snake. Lol like I thought we all knew that?

    And I was agreeing with ear2ear on the Kendrick/detox analogy. Niggaz would have been dumb hot if dre did that.

  • rootsunda

    Why dudes talking bout Drake ? He got 2 records…..young nigga bullshit !! Why do niggas criticize Jay for rapping about rich shit ? When every fucking rapper does the same shit ??

  • MusicHead

    @marty mcfly u did not just call “In My Lifetime Vol. 1” his 2nd album a CLASSIC !? MARTY YOU REALLY TRIPPIN BATH SALTS YO. Like the others ARE classics except for AG that’s just a dope album.. But In My Lifetime !!!!? THAT IS WHAT INVENTED THE SOPHOMORE SLUMP & WAS TRASH AS FUCK. Once again the very 1st track is dope the rest is ASSS. FUCKOUTTAHERE. You honestly do DICKRIDE just cuz u said one statement smh.

  • marty mcfly

    @MusicHead, yeah In My Lifetime is a classic you dumbass, ask any hip hop head on earth if these songs are considered classic and 99.9 percent will say fuck yeah are YOU crazy…

    A Million & One Questions/Rhyme No More – both these songs are certifies hip hop classics.

    Imaginary Player – Classic hip hop record
    Streets Is Watching – Classic hip hop record
    Friend Or Foe – Classic hip hop record
    Rap Game/Crack Game – Classic hip hop record
    Where Im From – Classic hip hop record
    You Must Love Me – Classic hip hop record

    Thats 8 certified without any shadow of doubt, again 8 classic hip hop records on one fucking album. Please MusicHead STFU and never speak to me again.

  • brna

    this shit is mediocre at best. After all the fcking hype I thought Jay would have the decency to atleast drop a solid.

    Can’t speak about the other songs on the album though, but this shit is mediocre.

  • marty mcfly

    And the songs that weren’t that good on that album dont erase the songs that were dope. Next time your around some real hip hop heads play anyone of these 8 songs now in 2013 and watch they head start nodding and watch them quote every single bar as if they wrote it sixteen years ago. And A.G is not just a dope album, it will forever be connected with the film American Gangster and musically and lyrically its one of the best albums in the last ten years from top to bottom so again never speak to me with such denial and stupidity ever in your life you mothafucker you.

  • marty mcfly

    Magna Carta Holy Grail

    Holy Grail – DOPE
    Picasso – FIRE
    Tom Ford – DOPE
    Oceans – DOPE
    F.U.T.W – CRAZY
    Somewhere In America – FIRE
    Crown – YOGE FLAMES
    Heaven – DOPE
    Part 2 – GREAT MUSIC
    JayZ Blue – DOPE
    Nickels And Dimes – DOPE


    La Familia – thats meh I guess
    BBC – its aiiight I guess but again OVERALL the DOPE outweighs the Not so dope.

  • Dr drew

    It woulda made sense to use the nickels and dimes beat for jay z blue. The album is solid but the lyrics r lacking

  • MusicHead

    @marty mcfly you are the most ridiculous dickriding dumb fuck on this planet..I know Jay-Z stans who can’t even listen to In My Lifetime fully..the shit so off.. You fucking piece of shit you, bitch ass dumb fucking shit, stop dickriding all the damn fuckin time & go shut the fuck up & sit down somewhere .. RD, HARD KNOCK LIFE, BP, BLACKALBUM are his classics you dumb shit. AG isn’t a classic but it’s very well dope..MCGH is in the same boat. YOU FUCKIN BITCH ASS CUM GUZZLING CUNT. EAT A SACK OF STD PIMPLED COVERED BABY DICKS & CLITS. DUMB BITCH!

  • marty mcfly

    @MusicHead, I didnt say listen to the album fully you retarded faggot child. I commented on those 8 songs that can be listened to fully and have been every year by hip hop heads since that albums release. So fuck you and kill yourself immediately you anal sucking AIDS virus carrying neanderthal crack baby ignorant, lost and simple minded pussy ass fukboy. Put a pistol in you mouth immediately and pull the trigger.

  • Dr drew

    Somewhere in America reminds me of thrift shop

  • adi Pre

    @ MusicHead, go fuck yourself, cunt.

  • XI

    THIS SHIT IS BONKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nas’ verse made the album.

  • XI


  • ac

    Whats the piano sample in somewhere in america I heard it before

  • acer

    Whats the piano sample in somewhere in america I heard it before

  • acer rsce

    Whats the piano sample in somewhere in america I heard it before

  • acer rsce

    Whats the piano sample in somewhere in america

  • There’s more dopes than NOPES on this. Which mean all you nay SAYERS are SOOOO FUCKING irrelevant.


  • *DOPES

  • Don Cornelius: King of The Apes

    Wow… You mad bro? Was trying to defend you, but you know what I’m going to take Jay’s advice and not argue with a fool…

  • marty mcfly

    @Don Corny, I dont need your defense you teenage mutant fecal rodent cause you talking as if I just like the album because its Jayz, like I didnt listen to the album. Any idiot thats still stuck in the mid 90s or acts as if Pac and Biggie have been putting out music for the last 17 years cause they cant accept that thats what Jayz has been doing consistently better then any hip hop artist since their death is an even bigger idiot then you are. Its likely that he drops another album next year and you dumbass fools will still be stuck in the past. GREATEST OF ALL TIME UNTIL SOMEONE HAS A BETTER RUN FOR ALMOST 20 YEARS. End of fucking story.

  • get ghost

    @runt, Tupac has sold close to 100 million albums. Jay-z around 50 million. What don’t you get. Incomparable dumbass.

  • get ghost

    @marty mcfly, bitchin’ won’t get your argument anywhere.

  • Magna Carta Holy Fail

    Someone said it best Magna Carta Holy FAIL!

  • Don Cornelius: King of The Apes

    I did not once say that you prejudged the album because it had Jay’s name attached. Unfortunately you can’t understand what I’m saying about Pac, Biggie, Dean and Cobain. Your resorting to personal insults only proves that your argument can’t stand on its own. In your mind he is the greatest of all time, no one is trying to take that away. Arguing the way you do, and in the manner that you do will not convince anyone that your opinion is worth sharing. In fact it achieves the opposite.

  • Pauly D

    Only three tracks in but this is really mediocre so far. Love Justin on Holy Grail and love the production so far, but Jay hasn’t been very impressive lyrically so far.

  • Pauly D

    Spoke too soon

    Fuckwithmeyouknowigotit is some DON shit

  • This shit already platinum. So fuck yall negative opionions.
    This album is dope as fuck and if you don’t think so it’s because you didn’t get what you expected or your indenial OR you never Liked
    Jay in the first place. If you want that Black album, Blue print Jay, Or reasonable doubt Hov your not gonna get it. Give it up. This is the new Hov. And it ain’t like he wack, he’s still givin yall bars.
    Most people saying this is a fail are PURE haters. The shit bangs and it paints the perfect picture of where hov is at right now, Who he is, and how the money ain’t change him. He still a hood nigga.

  • I don’t understand how people are saying this is MEDIOCRE!
    That’s soooo DISRESPECTFUL. He’s worked with your favorite producers so when you say that your talking about PHARRELL WILLAMS, TIMBERLAND, AND SWIZZ BEATS. Yall niggas are disrespectful man. Commin at them like they haven’t been doing this shit for decades. Show some fucking respect

  • There will always be a 70% 30% .. 70% congradulators 30% Haters ..
    ALWAYS. Drake J. Cole. Kendrick. It don’t matter. Your always gonna have those people saying. “Nah…This ain’t it”.

  • Read a book

    Damn marty. No self respecting human being should be this obsessed about a person they don’t even know in real life.

  • get ghost

    @jaydtheprince, no one’s taking away from the fact that the album will be a commercial success but lyrically it is not. I don’t know why people keep saying we hating because we don’t like the album. How is that hate or disrespectful. I don’t like Jay-Z’s flow or lyrical content on this album others will but that doesn’t make me a hater. Not everybody is going to like everything an artist puts out. Hate is a strong word and nobody said they hated this album they said it is bad and they didn’t like it. Overhyped explains this album.

  • Big Moments

    I’m a huge Jay fan and a huuugeee fan of Hip Hop. Man I listened to this shit over + over this shit is dope as fuck, Jay goes in…(PAUSE) Magna Carta done put niggas fire out J. Cole, Wale, Kanye wow smh wow…amazing moment in Hip Hop…..

  • Suk Iyt

    @getghost Give me an album that has come out in the last year or 2 that is on point LYRICALLY and Sonically….

  • Pauly D

    Okay, fully listened to the album and it is a BIT mediocre in full. Some tracks really shine, but some tracks just reek of average imho.

    About a high 6 to a low 7/10. Alot better than Yeezus and a few more exciting beats than Born Sinner

  • marty mcfly

    @Don Corny, your opinion is so stupid its unbelievable, there’s so much bullshit involved in your view point that for me to point out how many times you’ve assumed things that you have no proof of being true and how you look for things to bitch about while ignoring whats obvious its ridiculous. Im gonna make this simple for you fucks, Jay been rapping from 1996 to now. Ok count up everything dope that Jayz has brought to this culture and then count look at all the dumb shit you wanna bitch about. The positive outweighs any negative by so much its obvious your a hater. Some of you talk about Jayz has if he’s a new MC that has horrible lyrics and has never sold not on record in his life. Wake the fuck up already you fools, this guys has lapped your favorite rapper a bunch of times. As for Tupac? If Jay would’ve been killed say right after Hard Knock Life blew up he probably would’ve sold 100 million to. Pac and Big sold more records being dead then they did alive and thats no disrespect to them but obviously they weren’t still recording and promoting and function as an artist to sell those records anymore. Jay mite have only sold half of what Pac did but Jay had to do the work, he hasn’t been dead for almost 20 years while his records sold. No diss to Pac but if he were still alive nobody knows if he would’ve sold 100 million and been a major pop star like he is in death. Now you can argue that point but its no need because neither Pac or Big were alive during the years Jay was really poppin. Lets get off Pac and Big now. Again add up all the pros of Jayz in regards to hip hop and then count up all your hates toward him. At some point you gotta just give it up. Whatever you gotta say about this guy, your favorite living MC has not done what Jay has period. I said dead the comparisons to Jordan but i’ll make one last comparison just to make my point. Think of all the negative shit you can say about Jordan, now guess what? Bitch he’s still Jordan.

  • Marty Mcfly

    By the way Jay-Z’s dick is longer and thicker than your favourite rappers. So eat his dick haters.

  • marty mcfly

    If Jayz is so wack and mediocre or so wack as an MC then how the fuck he make it this far and how the fuck does he have fans and how the fuck he put out some many albums that people love? Obviously he must have done something right almost every year of his career since 1996. HELLO

  • marty mcfly

    You clowns homtroll and hate because seeing someone have so much success hurts your feelings. You cant give anybody else credit for nothing because you feel some kinda way. Your mad because you wish it was somebody else still making this kinda impact on the culture. Your mad that Jay raps about money and you cant, your mad Jayz is poppin and whoever your think should be is not. Your fucking weak, get over it or stfu, that simple.

  • marty mcfly

    Get that hate out your system fool, its like at some point you gotta stop hating. If this was any other doing this same shit and having this level of success you give it up and be happy about the shit. If Nas made this same record and got this same kinda attention from hip hop culture you’d be calling this nigga the greatest. Dont be mad at me because him like the majority of his fans, Im just saying dude is dope period. Im not saying you gotta agree with me but what you need to do is get that fucking hate out your system.

  • Don Cornelius: King of The Apes

    What did I say that was hate? Be specific. I never stated an opinion on Jay-Z one way or the other, except to say that when he is at the top of his game he is an incedible artist. If Biggie isn’t relevant anymore why was he sampled in Jay-Z blue. If I’m stuck in the 90s then it’s ironic that you reference TMNT in your first insult. Your vitriol is incredible. You say I made assumptions, point them out. You say I’m bitching, when did I once complain? Who said Jay-Z was mediocre. You assumed that I was saying you prejudged the album. You assumed that I was saying that Pac and Biggie are the be all and end all of rap. I bring up Pac and Biggie not to say they are better or worse than Jay-Z, but for a different reason. If Jay and Nas had died in the 90s and the other two had lived the situation would be reversed. Those who are dead cannot create albums that will disappoint some fans and thrill others. You’re like a abused dog, so sure that you’re being attacked that you just bite.

  • XI


  • marty mcfly

    @Don Corny, you wrote your own comments correct? You want me to point out things that were assumptions? Homie you gotta point that out for yourself cause thats not my job to break down all your paragraphs and show you that you dont really know how I feel about certain things, you dont know what the purpose or intentions of my comments are and you dont know what Jays fans did to “dictate his content” and you dont know how other people feel about his music etc… There are a number of assumptions used to make a comment that at the end of the day really aint that important. Im not forcing you to agree with me so case fucking closed. You keep talking about Pac and Big, my point is what does Pac or Big have to do with Magna Carta in 2013? They still have something to do with a album from another artist like 17 years after their death. If you think so then fine but you dont need me to entertain that way of thinking for you. Think whatever you want to think.

  • marty mcfly

    and you did give an opinion about Jayz even going so far as to say how he views the external world. Fool nobody knows the inner workings of Jays mind first of all so that also is an assumption. I for one think Jay has touched on emotional subject matter so many times that it should be obvious to anybody with ears that he sees things many different ways. At the end of the day you aint gotta run your opinion by me because did I start out talking to you? No. Whatever you think about Jayz, take that up with somebody who wants to have that convo with you. I dont talk to people that assume shit they dont know about their opinions.

  • the realest

    Come fuck me in the ass boy.

  • Don Cornelius: King of The Apes

    Jay-Z Blue, Biggie Sample. Clear correlation? “I dumbed down for my audience to double my dollars”, fans dictating content. Purpose of your comments,”As a hardcore hip hop head and underground purist myself I gotta say, ITS TIME TO ALLOW JAYZ TO BECOME ICONIC.” If you are trying to convince others you are failing in that regard, not because what you say doesn’t have merit, but because of the level of aggresion that you place behind the message. Given the amount of backlash in this comment section alone it seems clear that this is not an assumption, but something based on quantifiable evidence. Also, the whole ‘corny’ thing, c’mon son…

  • Don Cornelius: King of The Apes

    Jay-Z himself, in the advertising for this very album states that the world has evolved and that he wishes to write the new rules. This in itself is evidence of an external focus. I think that you are confused about the word assumption. I can only go off what the man himself professes.

  • @ Get Ghost Yall act like Jay is suppose to be spittin shit that tech nine be spittin. This album is not bad. It’s pretty damn good comparing this to watch the throne and BP3 this shit is nice. His lyrics are painting super vivid pics. Idk what to tell you man this shit is hot. Some of it may be flying over your head. Maybe you gotta listen to it a month right now so that way when the hype is gone you can just enjoy the music

  • Don Cornelius: King of The Apes

    “I dont talk to people that assume shit they dont know about their opinions.” That sentence makes no sense, grammatically, syntactically or linguistically. Do you mean to say that you don’t talk to people who hold opinions that are not based in fact but rather in an assumption? Then you must have very few conversations that require imagination or leaps of faith.

  • Blue bloods they trying to clown on me
    You can turn up your nose high society
    Never gone turn down the homie
    Knock knock I’m at your neighbor house
    Straight cash I bought ya neighbor out
    You should come to the housewarming
    Come and see what your new neighbor ’bout

    Owwweeeeeeee The RAIN MAN IS BACK!

  • marty mcfly

    Ok Big used a Big sample. So what? He also says several of Bigs lines throughout all his music a few times on every album so him using a BIG sample is not that outside the box for Jay. Then you use the same ol Moment Of Clarity line (this is the Jayz haters favorite thing to do right here). ok thats one song, well Jayz has hundreds so I dont think he meant he would dumb down his music on every single song he’s ever done. Plus why does that even matter, you people are familiar with singles right? If Jay dumbed down his lyrics why do you give a fuck. The music still came out good right? An album like American Gangster, you still follow the content right? Empire State sounded good right? so really let the ONE line go, its not that serious. It would be different if after he said that all is music sounded Gucci Mane simple but thats just not the case. And again I highly doubt the fans made Jayz change his content, I think he was trying to give people perspective. Look at the song Moment Of Clarity itself, does that sound dumbed down to you? Ok then and plus are you really gonna argue over the inner thoughts of somebody else’s mind? Especially someone like Jayz who is most likely smarter then you? No diss but its probably true. Just stop cause Jay has a million lyrics so pointing out one line is not enough to sum up his whole mentality or intention. Then you say im trying to “convince” people? NO, im trying to make comment. I cant “convince” people of shit but what I can do is comment and that was the purpose. Then you talk about the aggression in which I say something but comeonson if your sensitive thats not my problem. Then you talk about Jays mentality on the external world. Fool that way of thinking you cant just sum up with your opinion. Jayz obviously has a brain thats been functioning well enough to make it this far and you cant fully understand the inner workings of his mind by watching a promo video about this album. Before you talk again stop making assumptions. Talk about some shit that is FACT.

  • marty mcfly

    Ok Jay used a BIG sample…

  • Don Cornelius: King of The Apes

    I admire his ability to observe the outside world so accutely. What’s wrong with that? He is clearly a man who over the years has spotted and exploited trends in a way that few others could. Look, I thought your comment about icon status was rather insightful, and yet it was met with nothing but hate and I was suggesting a possible reason for that. If you don’t care about making what you say more palatable that’s on you. Your last comment was an example of what it would be like to have a reasoned debate with you, and that much I can appreciate.

  • marty mcfly

    I mean your saying all this about BIG because of a sample? FOH and furthermore why do you even care about what I said? I give zero fucks about anything you said but im responding to you because you talking to me. Why the fuck are you even talking to me? This conversation is going absolutely no where specific. Is there a specific question you want to as or a point you want to make that can be settled in one comment with a sentence or two because this conversation is extremely pointless at this point.

  • marty mcfly

    No I dont care about making my comments more “palatable”, those that get it and understand it. Shout out to ya’ll, those that dont can eat a fucking dick, I dont give a fuck. Of course people hate on my comments. Its me mothafucka, they gotta hate and thats why I dont give a shit how people take what im saying. Most of the people that hate on my comments actually agree with me and they understand everything im saying but its always gonna be suckas who just wanna argue to argue. FUCK EM

  • Don Cornelius: King of The Apes

    Nope what I said about Big and Pac was actually kind of going to your point about how people use them as a point of comparison. I was saying that by dying at their prime, in the eyes of most, there was no possible way that they could have tarnished their own reputation in some theoretical future. That’s why I compared them to James Dean and Kurt Cobain. Thus it’s an unfair, but complemtary comparrison whenever they are all mentioned together. If you truly gave zero fucks then I doubt you would have written quite so much in response. Anyway, no specific questions. So we can leave it at that. Good to hear you enjoyed the album, I’m sure Jay-Z will put a lot more before his time is up.

  • marty mcfly

    19 year old and I gotta act up
    Cause I’m so so fly, yeah I’m so fly
    And I don’t know why, really know I, go so wow, till the bass goes oh my
    Oh I, I gotta slow it down
    Yeah I’m on the loose, and I won’t stop now
    Cause I go so loud, and I go so wow
    So you better watch out cause I’m oh so ahh
    I’m on some risky business
    I like women and French kisses
    Mama told do the dishes but I’m here catching fishes
    Cause I’m still young and acting up
    Girls on my mind, so I still mack up
    They see the money, see the money, rack up, till the walls dark green, cause I’m stacking up
    Bass loud, hands up, I don’t really give a fuck
    They say I ain’t old enough but I be young and acting up
    Acting, acting up
    Acting, acting up
    They say I ain’t old enough but I be young and acting up

    Jay’s the GOAT no doubt, but lets talk about 2nd for a minute. If we talking bar for bar, metaphor for metaphor, double entendres, etc. I’m rocking with my boy Bieber. Boy spits hot fire.

  • Koaf

    This album was horrible… i spent and hour downloading it and 1 min deleting it… i feel like the world is upside down… lyricism went out the door. production value tricks you into believing its tight scale to 1-10 this album get a 5. I give j cole an 8, yeezus an 3… and im a jay z fan!!!!! but im not a brainwashed or biased one and i dont care about old or new jay z just great music.

  • marty mcfly

    What song on the album did Jayz let the “lyricism go out the door”? For all those saying the lyrics are wack or lacking or not dope, list the songs with weak lyrics then. @troll, Off yourself.

  • Koaf

    My opinions are honest and genuine… Since i actully dont have the album anymore… i wouldnt be able to do that bro. i just wanna express honesty from a kind heart cause I hate when im around people who dont tell me the truth and jay has alot of those who arent honest with him… Pharrells boost on the sea sick line is edvident… 1st four bars on picasso, that halle berry beyonce let get married line/ the awkward reference to kurt cobain.. and losing my religion forced… features are horrible choices jt, rick ross, travis scott, nas mediocre verse and im a nas fan too.. He killed that j cole remix though… but it wasnt cohesive like a k dot album… not comparing but that is how an album should correlate. Heaven was the only song had my attention until he said im in that yellow shit same color as jello shit… wack… and im not a troll. goodnight ladies and gentleman!lol

  • marty mcfly

    Albums dont have to be like Kendrick Lamars to be dope. Jay already has albums that are cohesive in sound but he has no albums that sound the same. Kendrick has a few projects and one major debut album, Magna Carta is Jays 16th full body of work at this point and its COMPLETELY different from the type of album you view as “how an album should be”. If albums were only meant to sound one way it be extremely boring and very predictable. You also picked out ONE bar of Picasso, ONE bar of Oceans, One bar here and there from other songs so thats also being extremely over critical. Every single line of Kendrick’s music isnt some super lyrical shit either. Basically Magna Carta is dope lyrically but you had to nitpick a line here and there in order to say “the lyricism went out the door” Actually this is probably the best album in lyrical ability we’ve heard thus far this year. Now people will of course say im stanning but if they actually listened to how many dope lines are on this album, its full of dope lyricism and skills are present somewhere within each verse on this album. Jay says something slick on each and every song.

  • marty mcfly

    More then a few things on every song actually.

  • marty mcfly

    Oh my bad, you said the first four bars of Picasso. Well you should probably listen to the rest of the song cause Jay might have actually stepped his skills up this year with that one. Jus sayin and when someone can point out another mainstream album this year with better lyricism bar for bar then let me know. Out

  • real son

    This shits trash. Ya wanna call it hate then call it hate. I don’t give a fuck. I don’t rock with this garbage. Hip hop has been trash this year.

  • MewLover34

    @Marty, That album ain’t out yet bro, it’s called Doris and it will be soothing your ear pieces in a matter of weeks. Magna Carta is dope as fuck though for the record…

  • Shit ain’t that great. Lyricslly, it’s Hov’s worst. And “Crown” is some shit scraps that didn’t make Yeezus. And why did Hov think it was a good idea to have Justin open and close the opening track on his album? Yeah, let somebody introduce your album -and- have the outro on your opening track. Just incase you ain’t know who’s album you were listenin’ to. Oh wait..

    And fuck Justin for even sucking so much time up on this track. Justin, ya album that dropped this year is bout to go damn 3 times platinum; you can tone it down. You ain’t gotta slather the beat with them notes on par with Ke$ha’s backside, goddamn.

    And nobody readin’ all that shit Marty;learn to indent and get your point actoss that doesn’t make it look like a dissertation in why you gets no pussy.

    Fuckin dweeb.

    Album gets a 6/10. Dead and buried in [email protected] Miller still havin the best major rap release of 2013 when Hov and Kanye dropped shit in the same year.

  • MewLover34

    @Fuckyoupayme, Wolf is better than all of them…

  • marty mcfly

    I fools still talking about lyrically this and lyrically that then its simple. Name the songs thats not lyrical. @Fuckboy, you talking about lyrically its Jays worse? Well all of Jayz albums have dope lyrics so its no “worse” involved. Jay is still out rapping everybody else and if that aint the truth then again, list the songs that are not lyrical or STFU. Hate Hate Hate…

  • marty mcfly

    And get the fuck outta here with that Earl Sweatshirt bullshit. Magna Carta aint just a bunch of loose nonsense lyrically, the lyrics actually have meaning and furthermore most of you dont know what Jay is talking about in some of these songs. Go Rapgenius some of this shit before you talk about the lyrics you dumb fucks.

  • MewLover34

    “Magna Carta aint just a bunch of loose nonsense lyrically, the lyrics actually have meaning and furthermore most of you dont know what Jay is talking about”
    Heed your own advise young Padawon, don’t say Sweatshirt isn’t making sense just cause YOU don’t understand what he’s talking about. RapGenius some of HIS shit before you start talking that bullshit.
    And again, I like the album, so no need to get all butt hurt if I say something critical, which I didn’t…

  • jgbph

    how can you people like this shit?

  • marty mcfly

    @MewLover34, so you wanna talk to me about why some nigga named Earl fucking Sweatshirt has a album thats not even out yet thats lyrically better then Magna Carta? FOH

  • MewLover34

    It was a joke, but yes it will be better “lyrically”, he’s already performed half the album live, so we already know how amazing it’s going to be. Production, lyrics & Flow, Doris > MCHG. When that statement is true, man it’s gonna hurt. Just for the record, how can an album that was thrown together in a couple weeks, be better than one someone has been perfecting for a year? Not telling these dudes how to do their thing, cause it’s working, but come on, take some time with this shit. If Kanye spent more time with his record, he would have made more dope shit and replaced the couple lesser tracks on the album. #JusSayin

  • marty mcfly

    Jayz did BP1 in a few days and its now considered a hip hop classic. If your opinion is that fucking Earl Sweatshirt is better lyrically then Jayz well then thats just your opinion. I dont listen to his music cause im not interested. Now you can hold that against me but there’s so many rappers out that obviously im not listening to every single person that makes music. I dont know how his alleged better lyricism is gonna hurt me because making one album with dope lyrics doesn’t necessarily mean your a better lyricist then Jayz. Jay Electronica is also probably a better lyricist then Jayz but is he better conceptually or consistently? NO. Making one album thats better then Jayz lyrically isn’t enough to mean somebody is a better MC. Can they meet that lyrical bar consistently for the next 18 to 20 years? THAT would mean one is up to par lyrically with Jayz imo. So no a nigga name Earl fucking Sweatshirt is not hurting anybody lyrically. Now obviously most people are not gonna have as many albums in them as Jayz but I think before we can even have the conversation about somebody being lyrically better then jayz (overall), one would have AT LEAST go ten years strong and drop an album a year with all incredible lyricism. One album is just not enough cause your comparing one project to a catalogue thats almost two eras long in dope lyrical material.

  • marty mcfly

    Jay might’ve done these songs in just a short time period but songs like F.U.T.W, Heaven, Nickels And Dimes, Jayz Blue, Oceans and a few others (in the mist of just making a fun record for the summer), are not songs that are lacking in lyricism. As a matter a fact they’re complex in lyricism. You cant just throw together some clever punchlines and then say hey im a better MC then Jayz, NO. You have to be a great song writer and that goes beyond someone you just has clever rhymes.

  • MewLover34

    For the record, your making fun of Earl’s name while jocking a dude named “Jay-Z”? Yeah cause that’s an awesome name. and why are you cool with not listening to the dude that’s gotten about as much hype and praise for his ability as a MC as anyone besides Kendrick in recent memory? I assume when the album drops, your gonna listen to it right? Seems like a good time to get into the boy. It’s not “cool” to sleep on someone as good as him…

  • marty mcfly

    I dont care about the hype because almost everybody is supposedly that next “fill in the blank with some legendary name” or the MC thats so lyrical and yada yada yada… I dont care about what people think is cool either. If Earl is as dope as you say he is then his music will reach me eventually anyway. If im not interested at this time then im just not. I heard a few of his songs and it didnt catch my attention enough to make me wanna hear more.

  • MewLover34

    He had the verse of the year last year, hope you heard it…

  • marty mcfly

    What verse would that be and who makes those kinda decisions for the culture? Id say Exhibit C was probably the best verse i’ve heard in about three or four years but even with him making one long and very clever verse he still aint turn out to be mr superlyricalman cause its niggas out here putting up whole bodies of work fam. Magna Carta still hasn’t been broken up in pieces yet for people to easily digest it commercially. Its one whole body of work so if this Earl nigga is as dope as you say then you wont have to tell me cause i’ll already know.

  • MewLover34

    On Oldies, his first verse back from Samoa, and no one makes those decisions, it’s a matter of opinion. It’s just one of the verses people bring up if your talking about that sort of thing.

  • Obi Juan

    Please stop feeding the Marty troll. He knows everything about Hip Hop and has the ultimate opinion. He just hasn’t grasp the concept that not everybody has different opinions. He just like to argue with people over nothing.

  • SamD

    Overall I think it’s a good album, maybe even his best work since The Black Album.

    But I can’t listen to the song Holy Grail. Justin Timberlake’s chorus is terrible and the Smells Like Teen Spirit part was embarissing too. And the song Part II is even more horrible – it’s a real nightmare of a song, one of the worst rap songs i ever heard.

  • Bryant

    Marty needs to chill. Sound like a lean boi grom toronto

  • gRaceland

    “If skills sold, truth be told…
    I’d probly be… lyrically, Talib Kweli,