Franc Grams – Connecticut (prod. Apathy)

blame it on Shake July 5, 2013

The self-proclaimed “King of Connecticut” provides the soundscape to fellow native Franc Grams for a record dedicated to their home-state. Are there any CT reps checking 2DBZ? Soundoff in the c-section below.

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  • Justin

    CT 860 – Dudes hella underrated doe

  • Casey

    Checking 2DBZ from Fairfield,CT

  • Sir Camacho

    King of Connecticut?? First time I’m hearing from him… Checking in from Stratford, CT 203

  • dmfa

    checkin in from DBCT

  • Gangsta Joe

    203 All Day. CT Stand Up

  • gt

    HardHittin NewBritain and be out in Hartford South/North End



    • Never said he was the King of Connecticut. Make sure you slow down when you’re reading next time.

  • matt

    for the “king of Connecticut” reference, its APATHY. not this guy. learn some reading comprehension.

  • steve

    reppin the avalon hood. d town 203

  • kGb

    hartford in here…
    i know shake didn’t call for all of this but seeing some CT niggas here makes me wanna bounce back w/ y’all if you’re still reading…

    even though apathy self-proclaimed it, honestly, the general sentiment is that there is no real ‘king of connecticut’, it’s up for taking. the first person to undeniably blow up gets the ‘crown’… yeah people like OnCue + Chris Webby + Apathy are easily the most successful out of the state so far from my knowledge, but there is no one career-wise on par with Curren$y from CT… he is easily more successful than all 3 of those CT rappers combined and career-wise spitta isn’t even fucking with artists like drake, a legitimate nationwide artist at this point [im talking billboard hits, radio spins, size of venues that artist performs at/sold out shows… not comparing talent so chill in advance]

    there are some people who have serious potential but they haven’t blown up. my theory?

    1) struggle to build a local fan base – Almost every CT artist wants to be the first to ‘blow’ so there’s a crab-in-a-bucket mentality since people don’t like to work with each other outside of their cliques. Artists can pool their talents and form a collective music movement (i.e. A$AP or OFGWKTA) but don’t because of they wanna ‘put the state on their back’. From what I have HEARD, oncue + chris webby built their fan bases through college and apathy has been grinding since the mid-90s… not much luck/great success fan base

    2) many artists (talented or not) try to follow trends so they make unoriginal music

  • kGb

    not much luck/great success in building a strong fan base outside of those guys*

  • fred

    Im from CT shake, Jiggz The Flyers is very dope, he raps/produces and he produced that Ross x Nipsey Hustle record and he produces for Nipsey frequently

  • DJ Kev G

    sounds good been in CT all my life never heard of dude he need to get @ me

    instagram/facebook/twitter: @DJKEVG

  • Keep the hate pouring in along with the love! As long as they’re talking!

  • Neo

    Checkin in from Storrs, CT, right next to UConn

  • kGb

    @Lord Beasley [Franc Grams? URL is to your website]
    unsure if your last comment was directed towards me… “Never said he was the King of Connecticut. Make sure you slow down when you’re reading next time”

    but if it was then realize I was commenting based on what Shake said in the write-up… nothing more, nothing less.

  • Hartford

    Hartford, CT we def check 2dbz!

    • I am his manager. I was actually replying to GT. later found out how to reply and did so correctly.

  • Steez

    Ehhh.. Hot beat but not an anthem. And the “King Of Connecticut” title is definitely still up for grabs. If Chris Webby, Apathy, or this dude is the “king”, then we as a state really need to step our shit up.

  • TheFireman

    Checkin in From New Haven,CT STAND UP !!! First time hearin from dude. Dope tho

  • HovDaGod

    I guess I’m like the bitch he was talking bout never heard his music but I did see the billboard tho… I liked the beat rhymes ehh.. Check M.A.R. out for young CT talent.

  • runs CT Hip Hop. Check the 860 Anthem!

  • Flip

    Homicide Hartford, That nigga aint no king…First time hearing anything about this dude…Only rappers I know that get love out here is french and max b

  • Surprised to see an artist from CT on here, Danbury, CT.

  • Flip

    @Kgb mook and fair are the ones who actual got “deals”…other than that I heard some from unified blocks and head crack logic

  • red


    Curren$y is from New Orleans my dude…

  • RoshaneRonan

    CT baby!

  • dave

    CT reppin…..fairfield county…one of the richest places in the fucking world u dig?

  • papa razzi miller

    Ct in full effect been showing 2dopeboyz love for atleast 5 years now came out to one of the first partys ya threw in NyC. But getting back to ct artist if you wanna hear bout the king of Ct check out jitta on the track and also Alfatir this dude does good work hea in with the Dj Bi Mike crew #Hatcity and the dude Jaynez is making him some firr beats check out this dude hes nicr

  • menace

    oh my god…this site is full of retards!!! you guys should learn how to read properly before you comment – “the king of ct” is providing the soundscape or in other words for all you idiots – PRODUCING! and that’s APATHY – and if you haven’t heard of him then you’re just plain ignorant ! ! !

  • kGb

    @Lord Beasley – respect

    @red – i’m aware, I was just drawing comparisons on levels of success… as in no one in CT has seen a level of success equivalent to [insert rapper name here]. you didn’t really think I thought curren$y was from CT… did you…? lol

    @flip – oooh yeah mook and fair, forgot about them, but they’ve been doing their thing for a minute too

  • Allegreenery

    Waterbury in here!

  • jeah

    203 son

  • jeah

    this is real quality CT shit, way better than most stuff comin out of here

  • seth

    he’s not that bad, CT 860

  • Dem Azzez

    203 Stratcity, shits okay, the king of the connecticut title is dumb though