Mike Dean Confirms Watch the Throne Sequel

blame it on Shake July 5, 2013

While we approach the two year mark since Jay-Z and Kanye West first released Watch the Throne, folks have been wondering if Ye and his Big Brother will ever team up again. Last year Mike Dean (click here if you’re unaware of who he is) revealed there were plans of a sequel, but no work had been started yet. Now, with both artists dropping solo albums (and having babies), it looks like they are ready. During a back-and-forth with G.O.O.D. Music’s Hudson Mohawke about Hov’s new album, Mike Dean confirmed that Watch the Throne 2 is officially happening. Check the updates below.

  • adi Pre

    Damn, here we go. I’m fucking hyped for MCHG, and now this, WTT was good but not amazing, I’m hoping WTT2 will be a solid sequel.

  • andOneill

    timbo needs to control the production on this,, Crazy work on MCHG, lets all hope its a step up from the first which only has a few decent joints.. Good news tho,

  • If by January or February the album drops, they could tour on Yeezus, Magna Carta HG, WWT, WTT2, and the classics. I’d buy another ticket.

    Plus, I don’t see Yeezus as being a stadium filling album. Kayne’s catalog is deep, but Yeezus isn’t that kind of album to sell out arenas. MCHG though! That bitch can sell out any arena you want. Excluding North Korean ones obviously.

    The point, Kanye could see WTT 2 as an opportunity to have a pseudo tour off Yeezus as he said he waned to, and nobody in their right mine would say no to a Jay/Kanye concert based just off Yeezus, because their others albums are quality.

    I haven’t even brought up money, but the album would go platinum in three months, and the tour, 30-40 cities, 45-55 shows, at least a million a pop, they’d be idiots not to go back to that well.

    And Mike Dean would be getting paid quite handsomely… again.

  • mdj

    Still trolling with that Jay Z shit

  • I’m still not understanding ppl. Watch The Throne, wasn’t great? I mean, we all have our opinions but you have to admit NOTHING, not ONE Hip-Hop album was touching WTT in ’11. That album was great frm production to content. Of course, to each their own. But, you can’t deny it wasn’t the best GROUP album in abt, what 5yrs?

  • The year before that, Distant Relatives was a GREAT body of work. Yet, ppl trashed it as if it didn’t have any substance behind it or different. I love both albums. It shows progression in Hip-Hop, experimentation meaning. If ppl dnt challenge the norm or go against the machine then it’s labeled only; cool, or decent. WTT2 will be more than amazing, I can only hope. Shiiit, MCHG is dope af. It’s a solid album, but it’s the best album Jay-Z has put together, honestly. I just hope with all these releases something meshes together to be something bigger than before, meaning the 1st WTT.

  • AndOneill

    Sorry I’d have to disagree about no albums touched WTT in 2011.. Section 80 was a mile ahead of WTT and I would even say greatest story never told by Saigon was a much better album! I’d even go as far as to say take care was a better album, but like u said its an opinion, everybody has different tastes.

  • Take Care, was a female’s album. Ha. Section80 wasn’t a “mainstream” release. As well as it wasn’t something ppl or the world knew abt until they heard “Swimming Pools”. For that, we do knw how long it takes for records to reach the mainstream. But, too. I spoke on it being a group album as it is. And Drake is a solo artist. Section 80 was a great album, on the underground radar, as like Drake’s Take Care album was a good album for a mainstream solo artist. But, again you spoke on artists that aren’t a group who released anything. I can’t compare solo artists to groups, which it wasn’t one in the year of 2011 to compare them to who did anything remotely surprising as they did.

  • Facts

    “Plus, I don’t see Yeezus as being a stadium filling album. Kayne’s catalog is deep, but Yeezus isn’t that kind of album to sell out arenas.”

    LOL. You lose sir. The whole album sounds like the EXACT type of rock star stadium music stuff missing from rap shows. His SNL shit sounded better than the studio versions. Half of the hip hop shows today feature 20 weed carriers on stage rapping along to every other word while they rap over the studio version of the song; the good ones actually get the instrumental, and then there’s Kanye in his own tier, doing shit no one else in rap is doing.

  • real TALK

    Corny shit.
    Yeezus = trash, worse lyricism ever!
    Magna Carta Holy Grail = trash, worse lyricism ever on par with Soulja Boy.

    • Bryant

      They have to dumb it down for these nuggas. The msg is clear and thats what they are pushing. Its like what rakim and africa bambadda was about black ppl stand up! God body!

  • JHP

    I really really really hope Mike Dean isn’t bullshitting us because that album wouldn’t be anything below an event. I don’t understand how anyone could not think the first was a great album. You can’t listen to “New Day” and “Murder To Excellence” and then say there was no substance on that album. “Niggas In Paris” was the biggest banger of the year, and the production on the rest of the album was astounding. I really love when Ye and Hov get on that grandiose operatic shit, it’s dope as hell. It’ll definitely be great to hear Ye back on his Hip-Hop shit, cause “Yeezus” was disappointing to say the least.

  • @Facts

    I meant that if YOU want to pay money get yelled at for 40 minutes of a two hour show, be my guest. I’m sure that there are many in that boat along with you, but the album doesn’t sound like Graduation, shit that you know can get ANY crowd up. Yeezus is for a select listen audience. Watch the Throne did a week at Staples in LA and a week at the O2 in London, Yeezus alone (in my humble opinion) can’t do that.

    This music has its place, but I don’t everyone can get behind it the way you could for like “Niggas in Paris” or “Stronger.” “New Slaves” and “Blood on the Leaves” would be epic live, and Kanye adds his own enigma-like quality, everybody loves a KanyeRant, but based on the music alone, even if you like Yeezus (which I happen to), I still wouldn’t be thrilled listening to the whole album at my nearest coliseum.

    The bigger point, I could tolerate it, if I knew or even thought Jay and “Holy Grail” could come behind “Send it Up” for instance.

  • tmtkchris

    As long as it doesn’t sound like Yeezus it’ll be alright

  • randomguy

    2 years already. wow

  • mayberight?

    maybe that nas picture with ye and j is for this…

  • jay

    Im starting to think magna carta holy grail were left over tracks jay-z recorded for watch the throne, plus the fact that it was a free album, which is not typical of jay-z.

  • Ellis Alston

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  • Watch the Throne was a classic. Im sorry, you can still slap that album till this day. And it’s been what? 2 years?. It’ll be bangin 10 years from now too.

  • These two will not let Drake be king lol it’s funny. Or actually they will because they’re saying “Oh you wanna be the king of this shit? Iight homie, Cool. We GODS of this shit anyway” Lool.. Sounds like something Hov would say.





  • gregory kruxx.

    @jay Thats not correct Timbo and Jay didn’t plan an album. Timb was working with B he had one track for Jay he wanted to give him and it started from there.
    MCHG is the shit.

    @MARTY you are buggin. Jay was super lyrical in a simplified sense. And Jay sound just as good now as he did on The Black Album..
    Hov dont got no dementia holmes. He got that flow and I quote the man from his own mouth

    Even my old fans like old man just stop
    I could if I would but I can’t
    I’m hot, and you blow
    I’m still the man to watch, Hublot
    On my left hand or not
    Soon I step out the booth
    The cameras pop niggas is cool with it
    Till the canons pop

    Regardless WTT was a 10/10. That record was Brilliant…
    Come on Who Gon Stop Me, Murder to Excellence…WHUT!

    Both these dudes just dropped new bangers.. Yeezus is the shit. People lovin it or hating it.
    Magna Carta Holy Grail, Jays Best work since American Gangster, shit maybe even go back further and say the Black Album.

    WTT2 will be fire. Point Blank.
    Im out

  • the realest

    Im starting to think magna carta holy grail were left over tracks jay-z recorded for watch the throne, plus the fact that it was a free album, which is not typical of jay-z.

    jay said this on July 6th, 2013 at 12:12 am

    ^ for real tho. MCHG had no standout tracks. At least Yeezus had bound 2. You can call this a jay-z mixtape.

  • Jus10

    Wait… so these guys just fooled you twice, and everybody’s lining up again? You know the ol’ saying, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three time, God strike me down!” lol

  • hova scotia

    georgia o’keeffe baby (lyrics)
    i never put my bawls in foxs pussy//(ungh)
    but i put in her in poo hole/(urngh)
    at the bat like pujols,?,//(ssss)
    im so tom cruise cool at the pool hall/////(rahhhh)

  • marty mcfly

    @gregory kruxx, Alot of you probably wont believe this but I do hear what some of my troll is saying and I do kinda understand what some of @The realest saying. I still think Jay is the Goat but i’ll just say one thing that makes MCHG sound so awesome is the fact that everybody elses music fucking sucks. Jay can easily dominate hip hop now because most of everybody elses beats and rhymes are shit. Now that i’ve listened to the album three times I still think its dope as shit but I also know Jay can do better. Now if we compare Jay to other rappers then imo he’s gonna come out victorious in comparison but if we compare this album to his others I can see why some would have a negative opinion (lets also remember though if you compare someone to themselves then its not like they lost anything cause its still the same person, just saying). Lyrically Jay still shit on every MC in the game period but I think the point of this album was to push a musically agenda. I think Jay heard a beat from Timbaland and then it lead to the other songs cause Jays the kinda artist where its that simple in creation. Meaning if he hears one beat thats dope he can make a song and then put other songs around it and make it an album probably in a matter of a few days and it will sound better then most albums. There are big moments that could’ve been captured on MCHG that weren’t. For example Jay did assist with getting Barack back in the white house by doing that concert right before the election (im sure Barack would’ve won anyway because Romney still didn’t have enough states behind him), so where is that story on the album? That is not only a dope moment in hip hop but its damn near historic, especially for Jayz. I could go on but again I still think MCHG gets even more of its artistic credit due to the fact that everybody elses album so far this year really wasn’t that dope. MCHG could’ve trimmed off some fat, it should’ve just been –

    Holy Grail
    Jayz Blue
    Nickels And Dimes
    Open Letter
    and maybe for a bonus &100 Dollar Bill from the Great Gatsby sdtk.

    The other songs on the album are fire but Jay could’ve probably made something better or left those off the album. This year if MCHG is AOTY its partly because most of the game is lacking in lyricism and production. If its album of the year then its an easy win for Jay but I still think he could’ve done better.

  • Big L

    the song with rick ross was ill. you just didn’t like it cause ricky had a better verse. lol

  • marty mcfly

    @Big L, I didnt say I didnt like that song. I think that song is one of the best songs i’ve heard this year actually and the intro with Pimp C talking about how if black people knew they history they would understand more why so many of us put on all this jewelry but I also think that song could’ve been given to Ross for his album instead of finding its place on MCHG. As far as who has the better verse? Thats too petty of a mentality for Jayz. Jay is not a battle rapper or a little kid thats concerned about topping somebody verse. Jay is only concerned with making good music, whoever has the better verse really means nothing at the end of the day. In fact having a better verse on a Jayz song only makes the music that much better because we already know Jay can spit by now. Its about the overall song cause most people dont even understand what Jay is saying in his verses. They catch the ends of punchlines but have no idea about the intricacies of his verses as a whole anyway.

    • Bryant

      I agree with marty mcfly on all points however you do sound like a bawty boi from toronto. Jus saying

  • HiiiLife

    YEEZUSSS!!!!!!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MCHG LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  • the realest

    Nah. I still bump that excuse my French daily. Good music.

    • Bryant

      Hahahah and this is why jay has to decode his untadras for yall dumb asses lol goes over yall head. Try looking at life with your minds eye if you can with all that molly in ur calicfied pineal. Who you mad at tho?

    • Bryant

      Hahahah and this is why jay has to decode his untadras for yall dummies lol goes over yall head. Try looking at life with your minds eye if you can with all that molly in ur calicfied pineal. Who you mad at tho?

  • mpls612

    what happened to the song with raekwon