Skylar Grey – Back From The Dead f. Big Sean & Travis Barker

blame it on Illy July 5, 2013

Stream Skylar Grey’s “Back From The Dead” alongside Big Sean and Travis Barker off her upcoming album, Don’t Look Down (out July 9), after the jump.

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  • SMFH

    The cover is shit. She has a bloody axe on the washer/dryer and no blood anywhere on herself or clothes? Horrible concept artwork.

    Is that a jar of Moonshine on the Dryer?


  • Ear2ear

    I can never listen to Skylar Grey because of Breaking Bad.

  • ewr

    @smfh she’s obviously a ninja duuuuuh

  • CABNumber

    Ewwww she’s got old lady titles & figure.

  • TiggaTy

    @SMFH Are you an idiot? She obviously got blood on her clothes. Hence her standing at the washing machine.

  • thenumber88

    It’s said that all the comments are related to the artwork, not the music. I think the album is going to be strong, judging by what I have already heard. This song is no exception

  • LexiCon

    ^ Album leaked already. Nothing original at all. Something we’ve already heard 10 years ago from Dido, Pink, Jem and other alternative pop chicks.

  • thatDude

    The artwork is nice, but these leaks are off the chain. I got this the same day I got jayz average ass album.