Skylar Grey - Back From The Dead f. Big Sean & Travis Barker

Stream Skylar Grey's "Back From The Dead" alongside Big Sean and Travis Barker off her upcoming album, Don't Look Down (out July 9), after the jump.

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  • Sazanonui

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  • SMFH

    The cover is shit. She has a bloody axe on the washer/dryer and no blood anywhere on herself or clothes? Horrible concept artwork.

    Is that a jar of Moonshine on the Dryer?


  • Ear2ear

    I can never listen to Skylar Grey because of Breaking Bad.

  • ewr

    @smfh she's obviously a ninja duuuuuh

  • CABNumber

    Ewwww she's got old lady titles & figure.

  • TiggaTy

    @SMFH Are you an idiot? She obviously got blood on her clothes. Hence her standing at the washing machine.

  • thenumber88

    It's said that all the comments are related to the artwork, not the music. I think the album is going to be strong, judging by what I have already heard. This song is no exception

  • LexiCon

    ^ Album leaked already. Nothing original at all. Something we've already heard 10 years ago from Dido, Pink, Jem and other alternative pop chicks.

  • thatDude

    The artwork is nice, but these leaks are off the chain. I got this the same day I got jayz average ass album.


Dave East - "One Way"

Kairi Chanel can't come soon enough.

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