Thoughts On Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’?

blame it on Shake July 5, 2013

I originally wanted to get this up yesterday but felt the world was too wrapped up with Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail to even be in the right mind-frame to discuss their thoughts on Kanye West’s Yeezus. Anyways… now that we’re a couple weeks removed from the release of Ye’s sixth solo album, we’d like you to share your thoughts. Are y’all cool with the new sound and direction? Want the “old” Kanye back? Favorite tracks, moments, beats? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  • Terrible

  • xxx

    Thought it was average as far as lyrics but amazing as far as creativity and trying something new instead of putting out the same style work every album. Its all about getting better and stepping out the box and thats what ye always does.

  • wat

    It wasn’t as bad as a lot of people said and it wasn’t as good as others said. This album has been severely underrated and overrated. In reality it’s a 5/10. There’s a lot of good production. Really, its only glaring weaknesses are Kanye’s lyrics. But the songs that are good are REALLY good. The entire album should have been like Bound 2, the best track on the album.

  • adi Pre

    Been a ‘Ye fan since ’03 and I thought this album was absolutely awful. Fave track hands down was “Hold My Liquor” That’s all there is to say.

  • b ali

    This was very dissapointing. Sounds way too forced. Just sounds like incoherent sounds thrown together. It doesn’t sound focused at all. Rick Rubin summed it up when he said kanye banged out most of the lyrics in like 3 days. Thats exactly what it sounds like. I admire kanye for never settling and always pushing forward but this just wasn’t for me. His only bad album imo.

  • deezy

    I love it. The more I listen, the more I like it. Only track I don’t love is guilt trip.

  • wat

    I agree with deezy. It grows on you with each listen.

  • get right


  • quezio

    one of ye’s best works. probably his weakest album lyrically, but what he lacked in lyrics the mind blowing production more than made up for it. If you dont like this album its understandable, but you gotta respect it as one of the most progressive and original things hip hop has ever seen

  • Philly bash

    Same here. Its creatively awesome lyrically hott. Guilt trip I can’t stand. Hold my liquor is my fave next to new slaves and black skinhead

  • Miz

    What quezio said. Amazing album, took a while to fully get & appreciate it. Blood on the leaves is the best thing out so far this year.

  • J_Sleazy

    Great beats, but terrible flow..

  • deezy

    The album is loud, brash, divisive and that’s what he wanted. I can see why some people don’t like it. It’s a dirty, gritty album from a man who usually puts out very polished material. I’m in it is probably my favorite song, then a tie of Blood on the leaves and hold my liquor. I thought “liquor” was a terrible song, but with each listen it gets better.


    played out corny beats, shitty lyrics, it was garbage

  • Piff

    It was a couple solid joint on here but it just felt like son riding death grips dick to hard. Overall the shit felt rushed and the lyrics was corny.

  • toaks222

    id rather read the entire dictionary than listen to this album again fuckin blows

  • h2thaiz

    I wanna see this nigga kanye in a rap battle…that shit would be funny as fuck nigga would be clueless, or better yet hear him sing without autotune wack ass nigga

  • Camrunace

    I agree that nigga should just start making pornos with his wifey at least that would be quality work

  • marty mcfly

    I like half the album so I get when some people say they dont like it cause I only like 50% of it myself but i’ll just say its very hard to get a traditional hip hop fan to like these kinda albums. Not that their stupid or not open minded enough but its an acquired taste musically. You gotta already be into a bunch of different stuff musically to like a album like Yeezus and not only do you have to be into other sounds but you gotta have an appreciation for it and that comes with having a ear for culture, art, the influence of other genre’s etc… Its like if a person only sees in black and white then thats it and thats all they understand so trying to get them to appreciate different colors while they still only see in black and white is very difficult thing to do.

  • Astro

    I have to agree with quezio and deezy. You can’t ignore the production of this album. It’s understandable if people aren’t into this style of music, because it’s intentionally abrasive. But there is not one boring spot on this album. And the production is a consistent theme of fusing trap, dancehall, and grime. The lyrics are average, but he’s always been an average lyricist. No one complains when he consistently gets washed by Jay-Z and Pusha-T features.

  • adi Pre

    Marty making sense.

  • U Mad Bro?

    Listened to every song 3 times each and I just cant get into it.. It doesnt “Feel” like Hip-Hop or the Kanye I “WANT” to hear.. It sounds like someone who just tried TOO hard to be different and put together a bunch of weird ass sounds, slapped it together with some sub-par, average lyrics and called it a groundbreaking album.. And the FUCKIN AUTOTUNE IS BACK!! WTF HAS HAPPENED YEEZY!?? I dont expect him to make College Dropout every time he releases an album but goddamn at least keep it Hip-Hop and not turn it into a cry for help.. Some people I know like it while others cant stand this new direction he’s going and I’m one of those that doesn’t like this new direction..

    Overall.. 2/10

  • nerds

    The only good song was the last one called bound 2, I think. I think that had some old style in it

  • Just My Opinion

    Horrible. Glad Jay made up for what Kanye decided to present to the people. Even though there were some people that liked it and MOST that hated it, overall it was still a failed project/experiment. Kanye just needs to stick with what works, but figure out how to advance his skills with rapping and production each time. THAT’S ALL, HONESTLY!!!!! People need to stop giving this guys passes on the things he does during his career. Anyways, Bound 2 was dope, New Slaves had a few good lines, but overall his lyrics sucked and the album was to noisey. Just because there’s a lot of screaming, it sounds like techno-pop rap, or it’s “different” doesn’t mean it’s good…. Period!!!!!

  • Just My Opinion

    Oh and him trying so hard to be a underground “revolutionary” rapper is NOT HIM. You can tell this shit is fake and he’s just talking out of his ass. It bleeds through the music.

  • magna_carta_epic_fail

    Its was 8/10 idc what anyone says when blood on leaves’ beat drops to that cmurder sample I was ready to square up with jesus lol

  • yep

    Funny no one likes Guilt Trip, only song I enjoyed on the whole album. That and the new slaves outro he was singing on.

  • Magna carta makes this album look like shit. Hov just took Ye’s whole shine away Lol.

  • Rock

    I understand why people don’t like it. I happen to LOVE it. That said, I’m a fan of NIN era industrial and EDM also so to me, it’s a great marriage and I absolutely love it.
    Best cuts for my $:
    Bound 2
    Send it up
    On site
    I am a god
    New Slaves

  • AGE

    this album really splits the line between hip-hop purists and people who appreciate straight ‘music.’ often powerful lyricists are able to please both (wu-tang, nas, etc.) but kanye really takes it to the opposite extreme in this album. as a hip hop album, it flops, but in the bigger scheme of pushing the envelope of how popular music sounds, this is a home run. taking the bests artists from every niche in music today and combining them to create a new sound in the way kanye does is incredible. the indie fans, street fans, electro fans, trap fans, even hip hop fans are represented in this album, but not once does it sound like its trying to be something unauthentic. although its not as enjoyable as many of its kanye counterparts, its ear opening. i think it would be better if it wasn’t released under the kanye west moniker because it would shed all expectations and people would no longer be disappointed/outraged/borderline seizing.

  • wonton soup

    I always find it funny when people use this “he’s not real” argument when it comes to Kanye.

    I actually find Kanye lyrically to be as honest as anyone. He’s always contradicted himself in songs all the way back to the College Dropout. 2Pac contradicted himself a million times in the same ways but no one ever says he’s “not real.” Talking about uplifting black people and shooting fake gangsters at the same time. Talking about the struggle and then Biggie jacking his Versace style. Talking about Brenda’s Got a Baby and then “I see the same ho.” Humans contradict themselves. Flava Flav and Chuck D in of itself was a contradiction. In a lot of ways, a musician willing to show their own hypocrisy to me is more real. In a lot of ways it’s more honest that a song as materialistic as “I Am a God” exists on the same album as “New Slaves.” What I’ve always taken away from Kanye albums is that he’s a guy who wants nice things and wants success but only on his conditions. Only his way. To be a black man in America who overcame it all and wants to talk his shit now. That’s the message I got ever since “We Don’t Care,” when he said, “WE DON’T CARE WHAT PEOPLE SAY” and “I’m trying to get the cars with the chromey wheels here.” To me his actual message is still similar until this day. It’s just not over soul beats and occasionally he uses too much auto tune, which can be annoying for me as a fan.

    Also Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Common, Scarface, The Roots, Ghostface, etc. etc. the list goes on, love Kanye and what he stands for and these are our favorite “conscious” MCs.

    Now whether you sonically like the album and the auto-tune or not is a matter of opinion. BUT, this lazy argument that he’s not real because he’s materialistic, is dumb. I think this is my least favorite Kanye album but I like it still.

  • Hov took Ye’s shine away. I promise for a moment I forgot this even came out. I was lookin like “oh yeah, Ye dropped”. But now that the hype for this is gone I say there are 2 or 3 songs off of this. Only for the beats though. Because Kanye’s rapping is soo wack now. I’m really starting to think that CONSAQUENCE realllly wrote this nigga raps for the first few albums cause his lyrics and flow don’t SOUND OR FEEL the same.


  • Kanye Fan!


  • This album could have been better if he just took his time. He could have made those beats sound way more listenable and everything. I mean STRONGER was prod by Draft Punk. And look how YE flipped that beat. idk I just think he could have made a wayyy better album. But hey I guess Mr. West really doesn’t GIVE A FUCK

  • Frank

    Album is great. Pushing the pop culture bar further and further with every release this man lever lets me down. So excited for the sequal to watch the throne. Seems like the reason most people dont like this mans music has nothing to do with the music at all.

  • Music is subjective. Who can say what’s good versus what’s trash. Yeezus is a quality album from Ye, but it’s all in the eye (ear) of the beholder (listener). Marty said it best. If you can’t see color then how could you have any appreciation for a Picasso? Anyone who thinks Yeezus is garbage simply can’t appreciate the level of talent necessary to create such an album. Try to go into a studio and create a better album yourself and you will discover just how incredible Yeezus really is, random critic.

  • jules

    He went left with it. You’ve got to respect that. Hov basically made WTT 2. Black skinhead, I am a God, New Slaves, Blood On the Leaves are all smashes. Bound 2 didn’t fit the albums soundscape in my opinion. And yeah, the lyrics on some songs were weak to say the least. Word to “hurry up with my damn croissants!”. However, I see your vision.

  • david

    Kanye fans will listen and think it’s outside the box. Anyone who listens to more than hip-hop and listens to it will know that it’s a cliche attempt at being experimental. It’s just a mash-up of different genre stereotypes and anyone praising it for being more than that needs to expand their tastes. Buy some records from different genres, collect them for a few years then come back and have this conversation. Shit album

    • frillzy

      Agreed. Anyone who really listens to different genres (ie Daft Punk on homework or the classic discovery) will know that this seems rushed. Its as if a lightbulb switched on above his head and he rushed around gathering beats and tried to make them fit. Square pegs methinks

  • gregory kruxx.

    Im a kanye fan period. I dnt like every song he has ever put out but Im a fan. He always sets the bar and does something left field from everyone else…
    I luv the album BUT I will say I cant listen to it all the time as its def dark angry and I dnt wana always be in that mood all the time and electronic music is something I also have to be in the mood for.

  • Josh

    Garbage, almost like it was something just thrown together.

  • cybtmfs

    I didn’t like it after the first listen. Probably like 5/10. But after a few listens and giving it time to breathe, I love it and see it as 8.5/10. Lyrically, it’s not his strongest but sonically he continues pushing the envelope on what hip hop is capable of. To those saying Jay shits on Ye with MCHG, Jay’s album was also not his strongest lyrically. I like Jay’s shit too, but both had lazy ass verses in some songs. MCHG had a lot of lazy hooks. Versus and Beach is Better are unnecessary as fuck. Jay tries to appeal to mainstream too much, especially the younger generation (in terms of production), as a way to maintain his public image. Nothing wrong with that. But he’s at a point where he should be taking risks like Ye without worrying about image because he already has it all. Ye simply doesn’t give a fuck what people think about his music. Maybe that’s another issue itself, but it allows him to keep you guessing as to what direction he’ll take next, and that’s more exciting than Jay playing it safe imo. But hip hop fans are so fucking fickle and have all these structures as to what hip hop should be in a traditional sense. Fuck that. Hip hop is about progression and fusing multiple genres together to create new sounds. No other artist does that more than Ye mainstream wise. So though the lyricism isn’t as dope as previous efforts, the music as a whole makes up for it. The vision is there if you’re willing to see it. Favorite joints are Black Skinheads, I am a God, New Slaves, Blood on the Leaves (minus the autotune ending) and Bound 2.

  • MuT

    i just don’t get it. its not awful. not good to me. with each listen, i feel more confused at what i just listened to…

  • I’m not a God

    All I can say about this album is that I think most people (myself included) were affected by everything they read about it before it came out. If you recognize that and try to put it aside and just listen, its not a bad album. Its even a great album.

    Personally, I was far more disappointed by Born Sinner than by Yeezus. Mostly because Cole went on about how this time he had creative control and felt less pressure. All I can think is.. “he had total control and all he could come up with was this?” And thats not saying its a bad album. Just that It’s underwhelming.

    At the moment, I’m going Yeezus>MCHG>Born Sinner

  • Michael Scott

    I Am A God is an unfocused, bad track. Everything else is at least entertaining, most of it is good and it has enough moments of greatness to get repeated spins for the summer. Anything other analysis is dumb, I have spoken.

  • JHP

    I actually don’t think Yeezus is as terrible as many people that I know and see on twitter and blogs say it is, but I do think it is the worst album Kanye has ever released. He made it no secret that he rushed to release the album and spent less than half the time on it that he did on MBDTF. Selling under 400k and getting outsold by Cole the second and third weeks show that the strange promotion and negative word of mouth have hurt the albums sales. I digress though, as for the music itself, for the most part ranges from mediocre to garbage with occasional moments of genius. “On Site” is average as hell. “Black Skinhead” is one of the few songs on the album I like, that record is pretty dope to me actually. “I Am A God” was average as hell too, the first verse was lowkey dope though, the “hurry up with my damn croissants” line made me cringe however. “New Slaves” is another record I really like, there’s not much to hate on that record, it’s the second closest song to even somewhat resembling old Ye, the beat goes, and he’s flowing on that shit. “Hold My Liqour” is okay, I like the record, but it’s no Kanye classic song and ultimately forgettable. The opening verse on “I’m In It” was horrendous and digusting, that shit sucked, and the Jamaican guy on it singing was so random. When the beat dropped the song was pretty dope though, but it’s also a pretty forgettable song. “Blood On The Leaves” is pretty dope, it’s more 808s Kanye, which I don’t mind now, it had to grow on me however, but it’s nice. “Guilt Trip” is awful, the only good part about that song is Kid Cudi’s bridge. I always skip that song now. “Send It Up” is possibly the most lyrically weak song on the album and forgettable. “Bound 2” sounds like classic Kanye, and is by far the best song on the album, if the whole album was as great as this song, Yeezus wouldn’t be so polarizing.

  • Bound 2, send it up, blood on the Leaves and New Slaves the rest is kinda random but to each is own. On sight is decent but still album just sounded unfinished IMO

  • The more you listen the better it gets



  • mazoomy

    It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks because it’s too uncool and unintelligent to dislike something different these days, regardless of whether or not it’s actually good.

  • kayo


  • Left on 182nd

    Listened all the way, gave it a chance, wasnt for me. Immediately looked through my collection and went with Ready To Die and Life After Death, clearly two classics by one of the g.o.a.t.s. Now, i’m not saying at all that i was expecting a classic in yeezus and i suppose i respect his hustle on creativity and trying to be in front of the curve, but to me, and its just my opinion thats all, it seemed forced. Didnt seem fun to make or be in a studio making, which i believe is a large bonus to be able to create music on their levels. When i think about the biggie times, i would give anything to be there when the music was made or just to bullshit. And i believe thats reflected in big’s music. Its enjoyable to listen to, theres no gimmicks nor trying to listen attentively to be good, it naturally was plain, g.o.o.d. music. This? Nah. No hate, just my two cents.

  • It was awful. Mac miller had the best album on that day

  • Ty.oja

    Kanye should take a step back for a 2 years and focus on making his artist bigger stars, work on some fashion stuff cause dude is forgetting why we mess with his music in the first place. He pretty much losing his day one fans. If he cares about his music than he will get his ass in the studio for a couple of months not weeks and make that quality music like his first three albums. Yeezy is trash he should be ashame for even release that to the public. Want the old Yeezy back, someone find him.

  • J

    It really grew on me… No 1 can call this album wack…I was unsure at first then I found certain tracks stuck in my head.. After some time it definitely grew on me.. No track finishes how it starts. It is an experience for sure. I’m in it is fucking nuts. But I believe kanye had fun making
    This album and wanted to test his fans. He got real experimental wit this and once u recognize it u respect it. Can’t compare this to cole or miller. This album is in its own class. Anyone in doubt give it a fresh listen. Only track I skip is I am a god.. But that’s Ye for u… I’m in it is the shit. And bound 2 wit Charlie Wilson is killin it. I just want to drive an exotic vehicle and floor it with this album on blast. It’s on that hype. Lol. 1 love .

  • LoveMoney

    IMO Kanye made the 2013 version of the “Blues”. It’s a dope album. I don’t like to categorize so I wouldn’t say it’s a dope hip-hop album. I just think its dope music. Period.



  • jundamane24

    I liked yeezus, but I though Cole & Mac’s albums were better. Statik Selektah’s new LP is his weakest to date though, worst album of the 4.

  • rosa parks

    There were alot of bars on this album, if youre listening. The whole album just yells ye’. Hes always been like this. The production is amazing. Kanye clowns alot on this album, hes very funny in a dark way.

    On sight – banger
    I am a God – banger
    Black SkinHead – Banger
    New slaves – banger
    Hold my Liquor – Banger
    Im in it – banger
    Blood on the leaves – banger
    guilt trip – banger
    send it up – banger
    bound2- banger

    You. guys. suck.

  • Sheree

    One word: MASTERPIECE

    Please don’t compare this album to Born Sinner or MCHG. There not even in the same league. All albums are good but Yeezus just makes those albums seems so basic. God I love Kanye!

  • hiphop

    kanye just show what money and fame can do to u
    calling him self a god , wack album , this album should place by the cumputer game sections ,

  • DG

    I remember when Kanye West said no one wants to listen to music that makes them feel like killing someone and that’s exactly what this album does. The only songs I liked were hold my liquor, new slaves, blood on the leaves, guilt trip, and I’m in it ( only because of the production). This album is worser than 808’s and heartbreak in my opinion and that wasn’t even that good of an album. What the fuck happened to the “graduation” kanye and I’ve been a fan since through the wire. The production is great, but production only carries an album so far. This album gets a 4/10.

  • D-O-P-E! Kanye had the balls to go way left field and potentially lose fans over this. He wanted you to either love it or hate it. He made what HE wanted to make! Good simplistic lyrics & dope production. Kanye’s one of the few rappers who has a different sound every album.

  • Suk Iyt

    Yeezus is genius, ? But MCHG is basic wtf ? lmfao, and why is saying faggot so cool now ? This world we live in…BRING BACK THE FANS FROM THE 90’S……This social media age is just to weird…And this is a Hip Hop album becuz he raps on it ? Ok so if Fred Durst makes a rock/rap album thats Hip Hop 2 ? So if Nelly & Tim McGraw makes an album called Cowboys N Jordans it’s a Hip Hop album ??

  • Big Moments

    Why can’t Hip Hop be Hip Hop ?? How come Country artist stick to their bread n butter & still push the boundaries ? Yeezus comes with this Pop/Chic sound and you say it’s still Hip Hop ? How ? Why ? WHo ??????? I’m sad lmfao…

  • Im in it
    Blood on the leaves
    Black skinhead
    Bound 2

  • And 1

    Im in it
    Blood on the leaves
    Black skinhead
    Bound 2

    4/10 F-

  • Jus10

    New Slaves – 5/10
    Bound 2 – 8.5/10

    everything else is less than 5/10

  • Kareo

    this album has moments.. ive been a huge kanye fan since 2004, but feel like the “great” moments in this album are indeed fewer. and further between. (the verse following the breakdown on blood on the leaves) for example. and while im really down with it almost being offputting sonicaly, on purpose, i do get the feeling he rushed this album…
    for me (personal opinion, y’all are free to yours..)
    1. college dropout.
    2. M.B.D.T.F
    3. Graduation
    4. 808s n Heartbreaks
    5. Late Registration
    6. Yeezus

    even if its his worst album. still better than 95% of this radio bullshit being released these days.

  • nobody cares anyways…

    African Child > Yeezus

  • highlow

    Lmao @ Nobody Cares

  • highlow

    Nobody Cares

  • dobetter2dbz

    Man, 2DBZ.com absolutely rapes chrome. Yall must have mad ads going on behind my adblock for it to be working this hard.

  • McFuggets

    I really enjoyed Yeezus, even though I wasn’t “old” Kanye. It not Hip Hop, it’s whatever Kanye wanted it to be. And he doesn’t care if you think it’s trash lol

  • DJ Daz-One

    I gave it an artistic listen for YE has always been detailed with his music. But it was really hard to get into it, I feel it was rushed on many levels. Maybe I’ll listen to it again when my heart and mind is clear. Kanye killed it with C.D – L.R and Graduation so I indeed had high hopes for this one to grab from first listen but he missed the mark. I’m not hating though it just wasn’t for me…..

  • RG

    Yeezy had no business sampling “Strange Fruit” so he could complain about his life. It’s disrespectful to those who lost their lives to racism.

  • nyc22

    Best album I’ve heard in a long time. Not taking anything away from Cole’s album, but Yeezus has my full attention all day. I keep going back to it, like an addiction, and I can’t stop. I just keep finding another reason to return to it. Cole’s album is good, Jay’s is average AS FUCK and Yeezus is just on another level. Sorry hip-hop, Yeezy won again.


    Hate when people force themselves to like an album. “better with each listen”. Fuck outta here!!! If this crap is hip hop, then I guess limp bizkit is hip hop too. Just because dudes are rapping, don’t mean it’s hip hop!

  • nyc22

    ^ Hip Hop doesn’t have a mold. That’s what makes it hip-hop. Yeezus is excellent. If you want boom-bap then go but Statik’s album. This isn’t that. That’s why hip-hop is great because you can buy the Statik LP or you can buy Yeezus and both are great hip-hop. College Dropout came out 10 years ago. Quit being butt-hurt and move on.

  • HiiiLife


  • SOZE

    Much Respect To Kanye West On Taking A Daring Leap Of Faith
    And Give Us A Breath of Musical Fresh Air…
    He Did The Unthinkable & Dared To Be Himself Instead Of Sticking To Fads…
    No Doubt Born Sinner & MC/HG Are Bonafied Classics But Yeezus Is Plainly On A Whole Other Realm…
    Can’t Compare Greatness When Each One Holds It’s own On Their Own Turfs…

    It’s Great To Be Alive In A Time Of Musical Progression…

    it Just Goes To Show That Hip Hop Is More Than Alive…


  • jbrizzy

    Yeezus is a kanye rant with production that is experimental dance music. One positive is it reflects where Kanye is in life right now going to fashion shows, hanging with rich hollywood folk and artists therefore he’s kept it true to how he lives his life right now. Does he relate to hip hop heads or make hip hop now. Hell no anyone who believes that is bullshitting themselves. One listen is all it takes to decide if its trash or dope. This is maybe good dance music but to label as pushing the boundaries of hip hop HELL NO!


    I had a huge dump today, wiped my ass and looked at the toilet paper and it STILL looked better and sounded better than this piece of shit, Kanye is a talentless faggot that has a lot of people fooled, the sooner this wack fuck is murked the better.

  • Master Lee

    I thought Yeezus was a good album. Its not for everyone but I respect Ye for trying to do something creative and push the envelope forward. Anyone who says Yeezus is trash isn’t listening. Chief Keef is trash. Yeezus is art.

  • wiLL dent

    @cybtmfs I agree with majority of what you wrote..well said.
    Yeezus is a brilliant record.

  • Billy

    Yeezus was great. Not his best album but still amazing. People like Kanye are moving hip hop forward and niggas just don’t like change.

  • This shit is a fake ass Nine Inch Nails/Depeche Mode/Bad Brains mashup with 2 count em 2 good songs on the shit…

  • realness

    Maybe about 5 songs were worth a shit, rest were total trash…album is a joke

  • EnemyOfDaState

    Production amazing,Lyrics trash i guess it was a solid pop album it was trash as far as Hip Hop goes.

  • That album wasn’t that good. People need to stop giving excuses because it’s Kanye.

  • gay fish

    Brostep bullshit beats with awful lyrics over the top when is kanye going to just come out and admit he’s gay. I respect gay people and have no problem with them but to sit in the public eye and wear a Kardashian as a mustache?? Yah you are soooo innovative and creative kanye fuck outa here!

  • Tits

    Best Kanye album so far. Blood on the Leaves and I’m in it are two of Kanye’s best songs, and On Sight is like the best possible way he could intro his album. I was looking forward to Jay’s album and the beats are sick, but shit is so average and Yeezus is beyond next level

  • Check

    Literally 50/50 on the dope nope scale. Interesting.

  • Yeezus was a let down….fuck pushin’ the envelope…push good music, and I don’t mean the label. I’ve had enough of these cats reachin’ for something new and groundbreaking in hip hop. That shit can’t be forced…it has to just happen. In the meantime, continue to keep your fans satisfied by doing what you do or did to become the emcee you are.

  • al

    somewhere up there ^^^^^ when marty talked about having an ear for culture….. I agree

  • RoshaneRonan

    Album is dope.

    I’m tired of these rap albums with the same beats, same flow. Your lyrics may be there but you don’t stand out. It’s too comfortable. What I mean by same flow is sounding like everyone else, Kanye sounds like Kanye. He has crafted a flow and delivery that’s all his own. His lyrics do the job, and get the message across. It’s not necessarily the complexity of his lyrics, but more so WHAT he is saying that makes him unique, and also HOW he says it.

    Also, I love the soul beats and all, but after a while when everyone starts to do it, it sounds boring and cliché. Experiment with something different once in a while. Even Spitta, who has easily bodied many-a-soul beat, has done some experimenting, for example Covert Coup along with a few Electronic-like tracks. Even if you’re stuck on soul, they’re MANY ways to do it, don’t be too comfortable.

    Yeezus is not comfortable, that’s why it’s dope. His production, by all means is not boring. I understand to those who listen to other more “out there” genres or artists, Death Grips for example, may find the Yeezus “boring” but come on. You and I both know that Kanye has always been the type to show his appreciation for melodies. Yeezus has just the right balance of abstract sound and melody. Death Grips – Money Store album for example sounds more abstract, I don’t think abstract is even an accurate enough word to describe it, but the shits trippy. Yea it has some grove to it here and there, but not much, and it shouldn’t be any other way, as Yeezus shouldn’t be any other way.

    Yeezus has the perfect balance. It’s art you can vibe too, rather than stare at. It’s pain you can enjoy, rather than runaway from.

    Some rappers reach fame on lyrical ability, whether through complexity or substance, some reach fame on flow and beat selection, but few have the talent to carry all these attributes, but it can be done. We may be witnessing it as we speak. My point is to be different. I know it’s easier said than done, but that’s the work ethic your favorite rappers consistently speak of. Keeping going until you get it, once you got it, keep going until you get it again. It’s never over.

  • almostraymond

    Just wait. This will be the archetype for something too fucking ill to just cook up out of thin air. Yeezus will be akin to something in the future Ye cannon the same way 808’s made joints like “Lost In The World” possible. As for the album as a standalone work, it’s dope and I’m with all the evolution and genre pushing shit, but too emotionally taxing to bump at any occasion. Overall, I’m impressed–but I can understand where Hip Hop purists and lyrical miracle fans would not be.


    dope album something different from nearly everything we hear these days. mad props to Ye for bein brave (or crazy) enough to actually do it. but this is what we all expected from YEEZUS wasn’t it!!?????

  • krow132

    I love it. I completely understand why others don’t but I loved it. The first time I heard it, it made me uncomfortable but the more I listen to it the more I like it. Like a bunch of people say here, if you mostly listen to Hip Hop and very little of other genres you may not like it.

    I listen to alot of electro music, progressive house, some rock here and there so it kind of worked for me. The lyrics are basic but are good because I think he focused more on emotional debt rather than technical skills. Like when he is rapping and “singing” or what not it comes from a real place and you feel it.

    Unlike the others here Guilt Trip is my favorite song. Last week it was between Blood On The Leaves and Im In It. Thats the best stretch of the album to me. I like how the features are understated as well and every part he adds a Raggae/Dancehall sample or verse it makes the song better.

    Its one of those albums you’ll either hate or love. No in between but as of now (did not hear Jay album yet) its my favorite record this year

  • I guess you people forgot about Watch The Throne 2. Ye and Hov saving the best for last.

  • Kanye has really gone off the deep end.

    I’m sorry to those that claim that Yeezus is “on another realm/level,” but if you consider a pressured package sprinkled with below-par lyricism a classic album, wtf? Did you ever listen to the genius of College Dropout? Did you ever listen to the orchestration of Late Registration/MBDTF?

    I think the only album you can compare this to is 808’s. 808’s was way better than Yeezus because it had heart. Kanye yelling about all the bitches he fucked is not heart. Kanye was known to put heart in his hard work, and he gave us this. I feel kinda cheated. I think Rubin was right and they should’ve worked on this for a few more months. Kanye shouldn’t have to write lyrics on a plane-ride to recording. He needs to come back down to earth and be Kanye West. This wasn’t ‘Ye and i refuse to believe it.

    Yeezus wasn’t an all-out abomination, but the only songs I felt he worked on was Blood on the Leaves, Guilt Trip, and maybe Bound 2. Those were the only songs that actually had potential to harvest.

    Kanye needs another brilliant album like MBDTF.

  • he don’t really care his already famous and shit but i think this album is pretty good not better then my dark twisted fantasy but watch him and jay wreck watch the throne 2 that album is going to be dope when is comes out you

  • Socrates

    5 years from now you gonna have black dudes with face paint screaming on their albums, and these idiots are still gonna say that it is the hip hop artist taking a risk going far left, pushing the boundaries just because they can’t say their favorite rapper just made a wack album. You people are why hip hop sounds the way it does right now. Quit buying and supporting garbage and maybe, just maybe, these artists will put out something worth buying for once. I support hip hop changing, but this kind of change? It aint hip hop son!

  • Detroit

    (sigh)…I listen to different genres of music. Jimi hendrix station is the only thing my pandora plays nowadays. Make one and youll appreciate Quality music from another genre. Now, this cd is simply disapointing. It starts off terrible, and he seemingly throws it in his original fans faces how much “he doesnt give a fuck” about there love for the old kanye by playing that bomb ass sample, then going back to that garbage ass attempt at a beat. Thats basically how the entire cd went. Rushed, unfocused, and lazy are the words that come to mind. There are a few ok songs, imo being guilt trip,im in it, new slaves, hold my liquor, with easily the best being bound 2. Just the lyrics, beat, Chorus, and the sample were all dope, and Fit together. I like kanye. But this nigga is like wayne in the fact that they are so good that they just got wrapped up in themselves, and now think they shit roses. Maybe if Jay outsells kanye here, he’ll take it as a challenge to create a doper album. Overall like a 3.5-4/10

  • Doin’ too much, Kanye.

    Artists SHOULD evolve, but evolution is a gradual process. Crossing into an entirely different genre overnight isn’t evolution, it’s poseur-ish. If you want to incorporate elements of punk or whatever into your sound, fine. But making an entire album that alienates your core audience is not a smart move. Just more attention-whoring hipster bullshit. Imagine if Garth Brooks came out with a rap album under the guise of “experimenting and evolving”. Same diff.

    Oh, and his SNL performance sucked balls. Looked like a grown man throwing a tantrum onstage in a hideous studded jacket. (Seriously, his fashion designer boyfriend should’ve never let that outfit happen).

    I miss the Kanye from “All Falls Down” and “Diamonds Are Forever”. Bring him back.

  • PyrxT

    I thought it was creative. It took a while for me to adjust to the techno shit but it grew on me. I have to say Bound 2 is an example of Ye’s “old” flow but Blood on The Leaves is the best track. I think Ye aimed this album for a more club type environment. It was a good change up from all the other trap music being produced this year besides MCHG.

  • Beele

    Brillant ?? Niggas taking this shit to far, just because its a Kanye record ? A classic ? Wow….

  • Dutch

    the fucked up part is,,,yall probably call yall selves “HIPHOP HEADS” and cant see the COLDNESS that is YEEZUS..this album serious and its fucked up when Hip Hop fans cant recognize the shit becuase they programmed to “Hate” shit

  • jaze

    Yall niggas are reaching so hard, and wanting to like this because it’s kanye. Only people who buy green day albums, or U2 albums thinks this is “genius”. This is hip hop for miley cyrus, justin beiber, and people who only like hip hop culture from afar. All i can see is gay men who make a parody of my culture bumping this in their convertibles while shopping and screaming “holllaaaaaaa”

  • Not as good as Dark Twisted Fantasy in anyway but not great by any stretch.

  • But what is the concept of new without acknowledging the precedent, the one before you, who knows… What I do know, is that West’s new composition has fallen to the pangs of such idea, as many critics find it probable and feasible to compare, the artist’s previous albums to the brash, industrial, manic, alert, wide-eyed symphonic mode of Yeezus….snippetttiiii

  • Jason Galindo

    Marty mcfly is such a hypocritical faggot. He makes excuses for this travesty that is Yeezus, but condemns artists like J Cole for “weak production” and “lame lyrics”. What a dick rider. Stop acting like kanye isn’t capable of making trash music, not everything that man touches is gold.

  • Jason Galindo

    And for those saying this is true hip hop or a classic album are stupid. If you don’t fall within the parameters of what a genre is, you aren’t reinventing or renovating the genre, you are making an album of a different genre! Calling the production of this album hip hop is like me filming a comedy and trying to call it a horror. Kanye fell off with this album and I’m so glad I didn’t waste the cash on this poor excuse for an album. Don’t let your fans down because you want to do something new and “edgy”, give that shit away for free if you are a true artist.

  • zack

    Sounds like he literately made it in one studio session, horrible beats stupid lyrics and whats with all the unstructured wired sounds? who remembers when his music had effort and meaning? just a fucking disappointment there is no excuse or secrete meaning behind a poorly made track let alone the whole album.

  • patty

    poorly mixed and masterd

  • illmatic27

    a bite disapointed, cause i liked everything that i heard before the album droped, and everything else that i heard for the first time, sounded to me like 808 leftover…….
    the whole sound is a mix of 808-CS……the worst kanye albums

  • Feer

    Ending of On Sight sucked, He was spittin heavy bars in New slaves, Every other track was 100, I was pissed that there was no kind of BEAT (kick,snare) in Bound 2. That pissed me off

  • K.

    Yeezus wasn’t the step forward everybody expected it was 2 steps back. Yeezus should have come out between 808s and MBDTF.

  • WhereRUYeezy

    I think Yeezus is really ahead of its time, it just seems like an aweful record because not too many hiphop heads have accepted the new sound in music. I can listen to this album all the way through and play it again and again! I think its timeless, the samples he used are a bit watered down and generic but it works.

    Yeezus is simply a living testament that the old era of hip hop and gully rap is over, the new generation of music is forming and the gods know it. Thank you Yeezus

  • Tench

    Kanye has done way better. I expected more from him. He tried new sounds and such but it just isn’t working that well with the floews. Seems like he is trying to do to much with the tracks putting all that extra additive before during and after the essential sounds just kind of ruinings it for me. Is this suppose to be a hio hop album or some soundtrack to a musical. Kanye has way more talent than this album

  • crows

    Yeezus is a huge piece of shit. There is nothing to understand, and you supporters are not “better” for “appreciating” it. Too many people want to pretend that they understand something that some people don’t see. It’s got nothing to do with “hip-hop heads” or purists. It’s just not good. I love metal, dance pop, oldies, rap, hiphop, country, indian music – all other kinds of shit. This album is a disgrace to music, and you should be ASHAMED to say this is “great”. You are ruining what music IS by greenlighting and thumbs-upping this kind of shit. THIS IS HOW DUBSTEP CAUGHT ON. Some talentless cunt spent 30 minutes making a shit song, and people “liked” it – now there’s a thousand other cunts making the SAME STYLE OF SHIT GARBAGE – AND IT’S IN EVERY MOVIE, ADVERTISEMENT, IT’S BLEEDING INTO ACTUAL MUSIC. now it’s on my radio, and it sucks ass. fuck all of you that snobbishly love this trash, and think “you just don’t get it maaaaaan” as if you’re better than the rest. ya ain’t.

  • dEt0X2010

    i thought the album is pretty bad, with all these artists putting out great albums Kanye needs to step it up for real. mac miller, j. cole, big krit, wale, kendrick lamar, and now jay have put out great bodies of work. kanye you need to step your game up man

  • Tagerh

    This shit is something I can fucc with still. Something different that keeps changing the art form of music. Kanye you that niggaa and shoutout to Jay with the surprising beats on #MCHG

  • krow132

    The thing I dont get with rap fans is if u dont have a technical explanation as why u like an album then it becomes dickriding. Telling people they only like it cuz its Kanye,what? dawg, Its possible that people just like the record, the melodies n production and how that meshes together. N I understand when u expect a hip hop album n get some left field shit, its dissapointing (thats how I initially felt with 808s.)

    the thing is there is no manual for music. artist make what they feel we digest it. we feel it or we dont. Sometimes there isnt a technical explanation for liking a record other than you like how it sounds. Is this a hip hop record, probaly not. best ye record, dont think so (Its funny how a couple publications/blogs say MBDTF is the best in his catalogue now everyone agrees like its hip hop law but niggas were thrashin it when it came out but I digress) but u still should see how some people fuck with it and some dont

  • some some

    Skinheads are racist, right? So then Kanye is professing to be a Black Skinhead, which would be a racist in it’s most general context. And Racism against Blacks is all he talks about on this album, against Whites. And all WHITES produced his album.


    • Skuba

      Ur fucking ignorant!!! Skinheads aren’t racist! The whole skinhead culture comes from Jamaica. Lol!!! What an idiot!

  • tapes

    Just not feeling it. The album would probably be worth more without his voice ruining the music.

  • Jay BLVD

    Everyone who takes any C-Section opinion serious is foolish.

  • Skuba

    This album was a piece of shit. Extremely overrated and unoriginal. Wouldn’t call it HipHop and from a nigga who’s claiming to be a Rap God the lyrics are fucking bullshit!!!! Just another house nigger dancing for his master.

  • runt

    i didn’t like this much for a LONG time, but now the album is really growing on me.

    give it another chance, probably the most interesting “hip hop” album to come out since, well, Dark Fantasy.

    yeezus puts that new Jay-Z drink coaster to shame too.

  • Vinhinton

    Yeezus is a DOPE album. Better than MCHG which is also a good album just not as good, in my opinion. The beats on Yeezus are out of this world. Even Kanye’s lyrics are ill. People are too stuck in one place to understand the concept that Kanye was trying to bring forth. He has always been in his own lane and will continue to pave new lanes. LONG LIVE YEEZUS!!!!

  • PPAM

    Kanye West’s ‘ Yeezus ‘ is more like a cross between Miles Davis’s “Bitches Brew”, Jimi Hendrix, Portishead and all that stuff–a real dark album as a whole…some might call it art, some might call it weird. But overall, I’m diggin the beat productions, dub dubstep trance acid techno trip hop drum and bass, etc. but the album could have been so much more/ structured much better.

  • vinny

    I think alot of people are judging this album way too harshly, the creativity and originality is something that has to be given respect. Although his lyrics were sub-par the production and beats were for the most part well put together. Favourite songs for me were blood on the leaves, bound2, send it up and hold my liquor. Guilt trip I’ll admit is pretty awful. Overall I’d give the album a 6/10, definitely not his best but its not a complete flop.

  • Ashley Terer

    Ye’s album Yeezus is ok, but I’m not digging it as much as his others like My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, but there are some songs that are dope. Then there’s the others like I’m In It and Bound 2. I aint fans of those songs. Black Skinhead is at the top of my playlist

  • Jozef

    The difference between MBDTF and Yeezus is that at least MBDTF had a few good tracks. This is over-produced, pretentious, unintelligible rubbish. It’s as if he wants to take his sound to a new place, kind of like what Radiohead did with Kid A, but he tries to hard and it ends up all being disjointed and annoying. And the lyrics are just some of the worst poetry I’ve ever heard. This album is competing with Danny Brown for the worst album of the year