• Rip

    The ablum is random convoluted nonsense just like the ablum name/s and cover.

    • Bryant

      Hes talking about the return of black people and the extinction of the european. Its a fact go read a book

  • harris89

    Dame Dash is the fucking man.

  • Marty Mcfly

    God this album gets my dick do hard and my balls so wet.

  • http://N/A XI

    That's fuckin' dope..

  • Jay

    Man, I know it wouldn't make sense financially for Jay-Z, but I would love to see the two of these dudes link back up. That's presuming that Jay-Z only does things based on monetary decisions. I don't know, is it too late for a reunion? Is Hip-Hop past it?

  • Run like dash

    Ha dame that was some real talk too bad I think it's all dude look at the relationship with spitta and him think dame = between a fuck boy and 99 rocafella type but either way album a 7.5-10

  • Bryant

    Its not garbage! its designed for those who look at things with the minds eye. If u didnt get it your not supposed to. As for the whole God thing Christ means anointing black mans are waking up in less than 1000 years "all will fade to black..." This is the second coming of christ(the anointed ones). Yt be using illuminaty on yall who dont read books. Who u mad at?

  • Bryant

    He should do another decoded for yall lames then again mans dont read...

  • Big Moments

    Bryant thats cold niccas need that