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  • ferg

    he's not even in the picture lol.

  • KatoXV

    ^^^ @ferg
    thats what im saying Lol... how you gone post dude song and cant even find a pic with him in it

  • Kelly

    LMFAOOOOOOO that's hilarious ^^

  • malcyvelli

    blogs be suckin joey's dick like crazy yo, this shit pretty much exemplifies it lol

  • indigo

    Yes huh.. CJ is clearly behind Joey in this picture. You can see a glimpse of his face over his right shoulder. Hahaha

  • mazoomy

    Ya he's in it, but he should be, you know, the focus of the picture since it's, you know, his song and all...

  • http://drakeulah.tumblr.com Drakeulah

    beast coast all day.