• collegekid

    Dear 2DBZ, we know you love A.Roth....we can tell by the plethora of posts you keep putting up...only thing is...he's WACK AS FUCK!! If you keep putting wack shit up all the time...ala Benzino with the Source... your blog is gonna be a sham.

  • MewLover34


  • Mike

    IMO Ash should've made a better transition into what he is now. Especially of what today's music is turning into (more lyrical friendly), he could've still been on top...

    • JohnnyTarr

      Still been on top? When was he ever there?

  • http://aol.com Mikey

    Fuck you dumb haters if you don't like Roth why'd you watch the video fuck boyz?

  • doc rovers

    Where can I find this letter he was talking about?

    • Mc shithead

      He released it on twitter right before releasing gev2 it's on most major hip hop websites try xxl

  • kiddjewcee

    Looking forward to the new shit, bumpin The Greenhouse Effect right now.

  • Super Yams

    WAAAAYYYYYY to many white people rappin now.

  • Agree

    I agree with @collegekid Asher has been given enough opportunities and just is not cutting it. It is no longer 2008-09

  • gev

    What is not dope about Asher?

  • supman

    pabst and jazz is a modern classic still bump it to this day! KEEP MAKIN THAT MUSIC MAN as long as its more like PNJ than AITBA lol

  • jobie

    if you just listen to this dude, you cant deny how real and true to himself and his music he is. got sucked into the big label system where he doesnt belong

  • http://thehusker.com MidWestFlyest

    He be channeling old Em on the Pass That Dutch freestyle