Goodie Mob - Age Against The Machine (Artwork x Tracklist)


The optimist in me hopes for a more-than-worthy holdover until OutKast decides to return (you know, like the good old days). The realist in me anticipates essentially a Cee-Lo album "guest-starring" Khujo, Gipp and T-Mo. I guess we'll find out come August 27th.

01 U Don’t Know What You Got (Intro)
02 State Of The Art (Radio Killa)
03 Power
04 Silence... The New Hate (Interlude)
05 I’m Set
06 Valleujah
07 Pinstripes f. T.I.
08 Special Education f. Janelle Monae
09 Ghost Of Gloria Goodchild
10 Kolors
11 Come As You Are
12 Nexperiance
13 The Both Of Me
14 Balls (Interlude)
15 Amy
16 Understanding
17 Uncle Red’s (Interlude)
18 Father Time

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  • Peekay

    Can't wait. Wish some Dungeon Fam was on the album.

  • doc rovers

    corny on another level haha

  • EC

    Shoulda sapped the t.i. feature for a Andre 3k feature

  • With our powers combined...we form....Captain Rachet


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