Jay-Z – Dead Presidents 3 (prod. Young Guru) [Full Version]

blame it on Shake July 8, 2013

During his live Twitter Q&A session today, Jay-Z gave Guru or Just Blaze the green light to liberate the elusive full-version of the third installment of “Dead Presidents.” Guru must of been keeping up as he took to Soundcloud to finally liberate the unreleased version. Sadly — as you’ll notice upon playing — the “missing” verse eventually ended up on “Moment of Clarity” instead. Still, a dope song regardless.

  • pL

    AHH LETS GET IT The power of twitter

  • adi pre

    This is better than the whole of MCHG.

  • stackcheddasforeva

    wow nice track wasn’t expecting this but its nice to get the hustler mindset rather then luxury rap

  • I’ve been waiting on this shit for like 17 years,it seems. Very unexpected. that beat.

  • 1


  • doc rovers

    I dont get it, whats the backstory on this? forgive me for coming across as ignorant

  • ZRo

    Jackin’ Jay Electronica’s line? (I spit that wonderama shit)

    Still better than MCHG

    • The cold truth

      Lol you are kidding right?

  • brite

    @Zro you cannot be that fucking stupid.

    That Wonderama shit line been Jay’s since Dead Presidents I.

  • Maj

    ZRo u serious?

  • pL

    @zbro Kill yourself. Jay Elec referenced that from HOV. haven’t you ever heard DP1 you fuckin moron

  • ZRo

    Hey guys, sorry about that. I’m fucking retarded. I’m tying the rope around my neck as I type this

  • Kanye

    Replace MCHG with this song.

  • Zro

    hey back again i slit my wrist before typing this dp3

  • Adi pre

    Zro calm down. I wonder if HOV still spending money from ’88.

  • snow

    listen up doc rivers you ignorant fuck: fuck you for your ignorance.

  • pops

    really though, i agree with the MCHG comments

  • Mike

    How did they manage to hold this song for so long…it’s, soo good.

  • This is just beautiful :’) finally have the full version

  • doc rovers

    im saying like since when was there a DP3? i dont remember a snippet or anything now we get “full version”

  • Mike

    One snippet was on green lantern mixtape, the other verse was on Momment of Clarity @doc rivers. we never got the song but we got some of each verse.

  • A-a-a-a-a-a-alchemist

    The snippet came out around American Gangster times, but obviously if this “new” verse was on Moment of Clarity, then it’s older than AG.

  • Thug T

    Now can we get Ignorant Shit (Original Version) with no tags please? Lol.

  • gregory kruxx.

    This is not the whole moment of clarity verse…smh…
    I remember when this surfaced back in the day though And I literally mean back in like 03 04…when it was recorded
    @Thug T Hiphopgame had the original ignorant shit on it back in 02, 03 right before black album dropped…i wish i recorded that shit…I got it on some mixtapes somewhere…god time fukin flies…
    But the original jus didnt have the third verse…

  • Frost

    Well…its better than that garbage album he just dropped…

  • runt

    classic jay

    dude is average as fuck now. not one memorable verse on MCHG

  • JebusJuice

    ZRo never post as ZRo again. Your done.

  • popeonacid

    tReasoable Doubt

  • Marty Mcfly

    God my dick is hard

  • not jk

    bumped this to the top wit kanye? 2illuminatifaggots

  • voo

    Dope but i feel let down due to no new Nas feature like in the past with Dead Presidents 1 and 2. A new chorus from him would make the song it would just be right.

  • Cam_Newton


  • Fire. Been waiting on this for a while.

  • real

    shit is wack, whatever the name

  • Mike

    About TIME

  • Jajaja

    Oroginal ignorant shit is on S. Carter collections , the mixtape that released with his shoe. You can get it on datpiff

  • jhaah

    Very nice compared to the absolute GARBAGE lyrics/flow presented on many tracks on Magna Carta. Why is Jay dumbing down to 2chainz level? What the fuck is going on here?

  • Marsellus Wallace

    I don’t understand why you nerds like to hate on everything new. mchg is official and his wordplay is still nice. Jigga dumbs down so he can speak to everyone but if you listen he still has great raps

  • obama

    ay the verse didn’t end up of moment of clarity lol

    this song came out years after the black album..sebastian telfair was drafted in 04.. he just put it on there. probably didn’t know how to start the verse

  • knowledge70D

    AHAHAHAHAH ZRO KILL YA SELF .this shit been available for like 5 years tho… just not with that second verse.

    “let me , live out my dreams until my heart give out”

    such a beautiful line

  • @doc rivers this was a snippet from when dj clue was the man in New York.. For years the only version of the song was cut off as soon as Jay says I’ve been getting this dough..

  • al


  • Ok…why the fuck are ya’ll coming down hard on him??! Who’s more ignorant…Zro, Or You??!…Yes, What He Said Was Due To A Lack Of Info, Ignorance, But It Doesn’t Give You The Credentials To Start Slandering Him & Telling Him To “Kill His Self??!…Really Guys? C’MON. Let’s Get Grown, For Real…

  • mR

    this is so great


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