• who cares

    If the wedding's this fall then they're not married, they're engaged. Holy fuck Wiz is stupid.

  • SforMusic

    but they got their marriage license soo by law they are married, the wedding is nuffin more than the ceremony

  • The Truth Serum

    I used to love Wiz' music, from Star Power to Kush & OJ but his music is completely different. I used to be able to stand his voice but now it seems like he yells on every song 'cause "that's his style." I can't seem to figure out why it annoys me now. I'm not exactly a "strictly underground" kind of guy. I gave the Taylor Alterdice or whatever the phuck it was called a chance and it sucked to me. His album, as well, sucked to me. I feel like Curren$y couldn't even make him listenable. How Fly was a wonderful work of art that came from left field but it seemed like Live In Concert was forced. I couldn't feel any of the tracks, really. There was no soul.

    I don't know why I wrote so much. I really wanna know why I can't listen to Wiz anymore. I remember when I first saw the dude wearing a LOVE crop top or something. I was like, "it's cool, he's being himself - I guess" but to tell you the truth: Wiz Khalifa is garbage now.

  • kanye

    Amber>>>>>>>>>>>>>> kim.

  • freshyboi

    i dont love em, i dont chase em i duck em!

  • red

    Cosign everything the Truth Serum said.

    Everything from POTC1 up until KxOJ came out I loved. Then Cabin Fever came out and I thought, okay some ratchet music that's whatever. Then Rolling Papers came out and I got reallllly skeptical. And everything since then has been trash..pure trash.
    Nothing to do with underground, because KxOJ was awesome and I loved that he was finally getting shine, but the direction his music took has been such a turn for the worst.

  • Joe Mama