Yasiin Bey Re-Enacts “Force Feeding” Procedure At Guantanamo Bay (Video)

blame it on Meka July 8, 2013

In conjunction with The Guardian, the artist/actor formerly known as Mos Def, Yasiin Bey released quite the startling (and disturbing) footage of himself undergoing the standard process of force-feeding detainees at Guantanamo Bay. The message he’s trying to convey in the clip is what many Islamic community leaders are calling on the Obama administration to rethink in lieu of the month-long Ramadan fast that beings today (July 8th).

This is kind of a bit much, so for those who would feel away about this I’d suggest you head over to the next post.

  • DJDakaYungDan

    It’s nice to see Mos side with those responsible for 9/11. At least he isn’t doing this to increase popularity or album sales.

  • ear2ear

    ^lol at this basic nigga. funny how this form of force feeding looks like terrorism/torture in of itself. and also out of the 775 detainees to be at Guantanamo Bay, 599 have been released without charge after being wrongly prosecuted and arrested. So why don’t you pick up a book and educate yourself before you assess something you obviously know nothing about. peace.

  • toonlife

    ^^idiot – most prisonners in Guantanamo is either held without any charges or have been aquitted but not cleared for release..
    Big up to Mos – empathy could help some of you American imperialists – all sufferings are worth our concern – not just the suffering of a few who live our way of life..

  • Frank Ocean

    I wished someone forcefed their tube down my throat…

  • Frank Ocean

    I wished someone forcefed their tube down my throat.

  • KnoWxONE

    Most of the Prisoners At GitMo have been imprisoned with out any evidence an even if 599 out of 775 were released some of them have been there for over ten years without being able to talk to there family”s what do u think happens to a person convicted of a crime they did not commit once they are out they want vengeance so were just creating more Terrorist

  • Kingidivine

    It’s not nice to see such an ignorant comment on a site such as this. Ignorant American redneck views belong on country music sites or foxnews. You’re listening to the wrong music. Most detainees have no remote connection to that event.

  • coolcat

    nice to see mod bringing light to a horrible situation. you don’t hear much about the hunger strike over there anymore

  • Rip

    He voted for Obama so he gets what he deserves

  • digitek

    lets not forget mos def is an actor ..didn’t seem totally legitimate to me though i wish it was …i respect his purpose but its not executed in a believable fashion.

  • di

    Imagine some other rappers doing this… who could it be?