• Real Talk

    Corporate Rap


    I don't care how much money you have, it's not what this culture is about.

  • Jay Dilla

    Y'all niggas aint never satisfied... Start rapping like every mofo smh

  • derrick

    The album is good

  • oh shit

    can 2db offer a download link for this interview?

  • http://elitemuzik.net DJ Eternity

    Shut up.... @RealTalk, your prob the same nigga who secretly listens to souljaboy lol

  • wiLL dent

    Hovs a real dude an an evolved person...but haters gona hate

  • Hen nznsmenmzjs

    What does he say about Dame Dash? Or what part do I listen to hear. I don't wanna listen to all the parts.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGJOYh2O1nk Ill Son

    @Hen, just stfu and listen. Don't bitch abt an interview that you don't care abt, that's to all you muafuckas who say they dnt like Hov, yet listens to him secretly in the bthrm closet, ha.

    **abt to check the interveiw out**

  • Child

    I could drop a straight dud, ima stay up.- jay-z

    Jay is beyond this rap business. He is a spiritual individual. He dosent waste time on nonsense. he steady ascending that spiritual ladder. he very reserved, and he does more speaking in his head than out loud. Keep going jay

  • StateTheFacts

    why don't any interviewers ever ask about JAY ELECTRONICA? i want the albummmmmmmm

  • reqw

    ^cause they dont care

  • Supaman


  • dramadan

    I actually wanted to hear some insight into Jay Elect too actually.

    I always enjoy Jay-Z interviews. He is beyond the music for better or worse.