• JohnNY

    #Ella #DopeLeague

  • Juicy-G

    This is dope! Buy it!

  • Smartz

    Dopeness!! Cop dat ELLA! BRAAAAAP!

  • mishkhalil

    this is soooo dope!

  • surfing

    why he got a chubby bitch for the cover, she look like an ugly version of the girl from Blu's her favorite color, last thing that bitch does is make me wanna hit play on this.

  • lp

    ^^ You're an idiot...

    This is the type of album I was looking for. Real nice vibe for the summer.

  • erod805

    Coped this no hesitation ScienZe is NICE

  • Ladybadurae

    this album is dope. Reminds me of Phonte's style in terms of the album's vibe.