Macklemore Talks Kendrick Lamar, Race w/ Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg (Video)

blame it on Illy July 10, 2013

Macklemore stops by Hot 97 for a sit down with Peter Rosenberg where they talk Kendrick Lamar, whites in hip-hop, homosexuality, and more. After the jump, Macklemore freestyles.

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  • Super Yams

    honky raps

  • Pensive

    “countdown to first black rapper to tackle it” smh are you kidding me murs released a video and song about it before macklemore did step it up rosenberg

  • lp

    So rosenberg cried when he watched the same love video.. what type of straight guy does that? lol..

  • XI

    ^I did. The kid in that video is a reality for an overwhelming number of human beings.
    What type of heterosexual male is bothered about what another man is emotionally affected by?

  • truth

    i’m all for gays getting married, but just don’t let them adopt kids. that kid getting raised by 2 queers is gonna get fucked with so much at school that he will be doomed from day 1. the kid will probly end up killing himself.

    • realtalk™

      You do realize a gay couple can already have kids by having a surrogate mother or sperm donor? Giving them the option to adopt kids isn’t exactly world changing. And it already happens in other countries, granted we are a lot more open-minded than americans..

  • Da Spaniard

    Did he say the food in America is better? LOL

  • Ihateignorantpeople

    My step-father was raised by 2 gay men, He is as straight as can be, he is the most “manliest” man I’ve ever met. You would have never known he grew up with 2 fathers. So this whole “being raised by 2 queers” shit is just stupid.

  • Ed OG

    Gay or straight talk whatever. That boy spazzed on that beat. Didn’t know he could spit like that

  • illmatic27

    lol, u can see that the guy doesnt have good taste in food……

  • Mike

    Damn Rosenberg crazy for that Kendrick v. Jay Z comparison…he does have a point though, it’s a great conversation

  • case

    murs kissed a guy and that was before macklemores song

  • graffitieyes

    Since when was Macklemore the first rapper to successfully handle this issue? Come on…

  • Truth

    Im just saying that the kid will be teased so bad in school. Kids are ruthless when it comes to making fun of fags. He will probly grow up resenting his dads.

  • west

    Is it just me or does Rosenberg look kind of like George Zimmerman?

  • 702

    @truth then you’re raising one weak ass kid. All kids get made fun of. Even the smart kids get made fun of for being smart, the kids that get girls get made fun of for being pretty boys, the tall kids get fucked ith for being tall. No matter what you will get fucked with, its on the parents gay or straight to raise their kids not to be bitches about it. That kind of shit only sticks if people see it bothers you. Thats the only time where it crosses the line, and only weak kids raised by weak parents let that hapoen.

    You sound like youre trying to “keep it real” but you sound like an ignorant ass clown.