• yaowa

    nah Troy Hudson was better

  • DQ

    Lets be honest now, this doesn't sound much different than most rap artists out right now. If you think this is wack then you have to hold a good 80-90% of the hip hop game to the same standard

  • http://www.multiplehustle.com Allen Walker

    I really don't understand this whole "God Complex" thing Meka has going on here where you're not allowed to have fun an rap anymore???

    Heaven forbid you ever play a pickup game of basketball...

    You hella lame for that.

  • Philly bash

    @Meka I always liked Shaq first effort Shaq Diesel better. Can't stop the Reign was hott only cause of B.I.G

  • Jo

    @DQ I agree. His flow was better than some of the rappers out here. You can't try to clown him but give dopes on others.

  • The Real TC

    Honestly, I agree with most of these guys, if this is a RAoF, most of the stuff posted on this site should be. I actually didn't mind his flow, especially compared to some currently popular rappers.