So, Jay-Z is Performing “Picasso Baby” for Six Hours Straight Today in NYC

blame it on Shake July 10, 2013

Seemingly drawing inspiration from The National’s and their six-hour performance of “The Sorrow” at MoMA PS1, Hov is currently doing the same thing with track-two off MCHG at the Pace Gallery in New York City. The overall performance (which you can get a peak of below) is said to culminate into a music video for the song.

Shouts to Miss Info on compiling a few of the Vine/IG uploads in the clip above. More information on the event can be read over at FADER.

  • 2fackindope

    All hail, Caesars home!

  • jewiii

    this is so fucking stupid.

    take ya new rules and wipe my ass with them.

  • jaghz

    illuminati move

  • marty mcfly

    *books ticket to nyc*

    I’m cumming Hov!

  • Sladewilson

    Anyone who doesn’t think this is genius has no business reppin’ hip-hop as a culture. Take your closed punk ass mind fuk up outta here… Hell, I’m not even a Jigga fan like that and I understand how incredible from a culture and art perspective this is…

  • Dk

    @ Slade Well said. This is hip hop in its purest form. This is how
    the Icons of today take hiphop to new heights. Much respect to HOV.

  • niggas be haaatiiin! LOL! damn!

  • westsidemoe


  • XI

    If you hate this, you just hate Sean.

  • obama

    too clean.

  • I Rize

    It’s been done. This isn’t innovative or a “new height”. I’m intrigued to see what the point is, time reveals…

  • nc0310

    wtf did I just watch? I don’t understand how this is innovative, shit is stupid

  • The Real TC

    Seriously, this is what most artists do when they shoot a music video. Typically they do the shit all day. It’s not bad that he did it, but it’s not really innovative, it’s just the making of a typical music video.

  • jwiii

    oh i get it. he’s a piece of art. arghhh hahahaha. shit is laaaaaaaaaame

  • chief keef

    six hours = illuminati

  • Bryant

    Brothers hate what they dont understand. How we support ghandi who hated blacks but we clown our own? Check ur sources

  • JayZ Chea

    six hours = music video you fools…smh

  • mosdefinite

    idea was kinda cool but the execution was weak… i get it, he’s a piece of art in a gallery… right… but it doesn’t look like it was well thought out. I could see Kanye killing this idea, maybe in a glass box the whole time, performing the song on repeat, or just a really long rendition of it. But this shit looked like a weak ass street concert with a bunch of random lucky white ppl.

  • YoungCosby

    Reading these comments not just here, but on Youtube, Imgur, and other social media sites is why I can’t stand the internet anymore.

  • XI

    It’s not all that difficult to follow.. all the hate for no reason lol.. jesus christ

  • Meh

    corny and unoriginal, no surprises coming from that faggit though

  • MrWill

    Not hatin, but…meh. He shot a music video. Picasso Baby is no Ni**as in Paris, so 6 hours of it just seems crual and unusual.