A-Dash - G-14 f. Clyde Carson


A-Dash is a young gunner based out in Oakland, CA, who is slowly building a national buzz. He will first solo project EST. 19$4 later this summer, and this track - featuring fellow Yay Area native Clyde Carson - is the first single.

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  • Yup

    She didnt wanna fuck so I fucked her friend...lol

  • Slap


  • http://ADashIsTrash.com A-Dash Is Trash

    how did this shit make it on the site? lol this is hot garbage.. how much Clyde get for that feature?

  • ricky jackson

    Cant complain about this 1. Nice

  • Tracy gray

    This shit is dope!!!!!!

  • kim jones

    That's my babe u killing this shit

    • Passion fruit1

      Naw B*tch Dash is my babe so Keep Calm and keep pushing.

  • Tim Lee

    its music like this that make me really love america nices

  • Ralph

    Something Hot from the bay FINALLY

  • Passion fruit1

    Your song is Dope daddy

  • Carrie

    I see u baby doin ur thang..

  • kim jones

    b*tch u got life fucked up!!! I'm the main b*tch in this camp. And Keep pushing lol b*tch come see me passion fruit!!!

    • Carrie

      B*tch go seat down somewhere wit that shit.. U mite be the main side b*tch, but I'M THA MAIN BITCH!

  • kim jones

    Side B*tch what?? Check this out when u kiss him u eatting me b*tch we can say fuck this internet shit I'm on high street right see me carrie

  • Eastoaklandroy

    That's the hardest I ever heard carson rap.. dope

  • Eastoaklandroy

    That's the hardest I ever heard carson rap

  • Carrie

    I don't have time for common ratchet b*tches. If u want to see me then hop ur ass on a plane cause I'm in Miami.. A trip ur man paid for now go check him

  • Mary

    I like, hit $hi* out the Town, reppin'

  • Mary

    I like, hot $hi* out the Town, reppin'

  • ericka

    Finally some good music from the bay .. bay to la stand up

  • Passion fruit 1

    Clearly both y'all side bitches arguing sit down somewhere groupie hoes.

  • A.O.A.B

    You bitchs is silly I kno dash he ant flyin no bitch no where unless she breakin bank .. period . Real town nigga . You hoes need a day job ..


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