Jay-Z Talks Magna Carta Holy Grail, The Music Business & More (Preview)

Here’s the preview clip from Hov's interview with BBC Radio 1′s own Zane Lowe where he discuss details about his newest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, new revenue to the music industry, being human, how time is a man made concept and more. The 4 part interview will air Monday at 7PM (GMT).

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  • marty mcfly

    This is my Saturday Night Sexy: Jayz-Z



  • TDE


  • Sammy

    Please explain to me how you are still "treated like shit in america." You are most likely under the age of 50, therefore never truly experienced the 1960's where black people were truly treated horribly. Yes there are still racist white people, but there are just as many racist black people

  • marty mcfly

    Since I have my troll army commenting as if they me. I'll give a quick realization on the Zimmerman trail for the people who are upset about the verdict. Now for black people alive right now, when you we're born its a good chance that your great great great grandparents or your great great grandparents were former slaves. If you are say around Jayz's age and were lucky enough to know your great grandparents then you may have been looking into the eyes of someone in your own family that was born a slave and still living during your own lifetime. Now with that being said, your grandparents grew up in the Jim Crow era and your parents grew up in the Civil Rights era and you grew up in the tale end of the Panther Party era, straight into the war on drugs era. So I say that to say your life is the first to experience an "almost" fair level of freedom in america because before you a man could kill an unarmed black man or child and not face any jail time. The list of not guilty verdicts to go down in this so called justice system after the death of an unarmed black man is a very long one over the course of american history. The list of black people killed (murdered, hung from trees, set of fire etc...) just because of hatred is an extremely long list so to think that because its 2013 that a history of racism that lasted hundreds of years is just gone completely, that would just not be intelligent to believe so. What I hope comes outta this is not for people to be angry at the system because it will never work for YOU, its not designed to, its actually designed to trap you and in prison you. What I hope is that people will put more value on their own lives after this and stop killing people from within our own race. Now I probably coulda worded this better or gave some more in depth point of view about the matter but just figure out how you feel about it and let it go after that. Trayvon is not the first unarmed black man (child) that has been killed in america by a racist person, that number remains unknown to this day its been so many.

  • marty mcfly

    @Sammy, there are not "just as many racist black people". I dont know where you got your numbers from but the history of america all the way up until today would show its impossible for it to be an equal level of racism between whites and blacks. It is not up to my troll to prove to you that yes even black people today have experienced racism or some form of it in there life time. Just look it up, and you'll see that every generation of black people so far in america has experienced racism. I didnt say every single black person, I said black people from each generation and that includes those born in the 80s, 90s, and so fourth.

  • Sammy

    I grew up in an area where my family was one of the few white families in our neighborhood. As a 8 year old boy, I got mugged for a five dollar bill by a black gang. At 11, I was jumped by a different gang of black men who ended up severely injuring me. In both situations, they said, "This part of town is for you white boy." Obviously not all black people are racist, but in areas that are predominately black, they typically are extremely racist towards white people. Some of my neighborhood friends werent allowed to play with me growing up since I was the white boy in the neighborhood.

    So yes, while there are racist white people, there are just as racist black people. OPEN UP YOUR EYES MAN

  • 4real

    MCHG isn't Jay's best work obviously.

    But it's still a breath of fresh air from all this other trash in hip hop.

    Until Kendrick drops his next shit, I definitely appreciate MCHG as something to listen to in the mean time.

  • Marty Mcfly

    Jay-z is just the greatest thing to come around since dildos. I bet he's huge. God I love him.

  • Marty Mcfly

    Jay-z is just the greatest thing to come around since lubricant. I bet he's huge. God I love him.

  • Marty Mcfly

    Jay-z is just the greatest thing to come around since lubricant. I bet he's packing.
    I love him.

  • marty mcfly

    @Sammy, "just as many"? NO. Now you give your story and thats cool cause maybe those black kids that jumped you we're ignorant or didnt like you for whatever reason. When you bring up racism and then if you put it in the context of the history of america as a whole and compare racism between Whites vs Blacks and vice versa there is just no way to equal that level of racism and violence as being on the same level. I can show you centuries of documented racism from whites toward blacks that effected millions of lives for many generations. I can not show you an equal amount going from blacks toward whites. You got jumped by some black kids and that is indeed wrong but now imagine a time when just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time a white man would not only murder one black kid but then threaten that kids whole family and then ride into that black kids neighborhood and murder his whole family and then murder everybody that lives on that street that were black and still not go to jail. Thats another level of racism thats not comparable to your experience.

  • sammy

    Never once did I mention white people being treated as bad as black people in the history of America. I'm speaking of America, right now in regards of the Zimmerman Trail.



  • marty mcfly

    @Sammy, As for right now in these times if your speaking about black people feeling some kinda way about whites? Well all I can say is the struggle of black people trying to overcome racism is the combination of many ongoing stories that have been passed down through generations. Then when a young black person sees the condition of his people and then that kid reads a history book in school and learns about the Native americans and then his own black history and after all that if he feels some kinda way then its a good chance that those emotions come from a reactionary anger more so then just pure racism and thats especially if he has his own stories to tell similar to yours that are reverse. Im not making an excuse for anyone to be mad at a whole race of people but if your talking about kids well then they still have their own level of maturity to reach and having to swallow the pill of racism towards blacks in america and then walk around like everything is all good is not that easy to do and again thats especially if that kid has his own stories to tell of racism towards himself. Most young black kids get their first history lesson in elementary school about the slavery of their own people and then dont let him have to read out loud while the other races of kids laugh as he recites the word nigger for the umptenth time in Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn and in social studies class etc... Well that and a number of other scenarios might make a black kid feel some kinda way and again an adult is one thing but kids being angry is another. If you think black people feel some kinda way towards whites well then maybe that anger comes from somewhere thats not as easy to get over as say being jumped by a group of kids of another race.

  • marty mcfly

    We can go back and forth about racism forever but the end result should be what can be done now to make a better tomorrow and a more positive one for anybodies kid thats just trying to walk home at night. The notion that Trayvon is a murderous killer that waits in bushes to ambush people with skittles and ice tea in one hand and a cell phone in the other with no gun is hard enough to believe but since the jury bought that bullshit then the reaction should be how can people make the streets more safe for everybody after all this.

  • thatDude

    This must be one of them All Whack Parties.
    Fuck the justice system
    Fuck George Zimmerman
    And a big Fuck Jay-Z. Is he really making the rounds like this shit is dope? Blue told me to say fuck yall niggers. She should have told you who her daddy was.

  • Marty Mcfly

    God im horny

  • david

    I wouldn't be surprised if Zimmerman was found dead in a few weeks. And yes Marty, if we're talking present tense there ARE just as many black racists as there are white racists. Most of the time black on non-black racism won't make news though coz there's no history. Shit, how many times do you see people involved within hip-hop saying white people stole the culture. It wasn't long ago Scarface was doing interviews saying white supremacy rules the music charts and everyone at the top of labels are white. Search 2DB for 'Scarface who stole the soul' and check the Youtube comments. Yeah you hear more stories about non-black on black racism but read the bitter comments black people writing allover blogs, Youtube, Facebook etc. You're right about people needing to make a better tomorrow but us bloggers don't have much political pull so we should do our bit and stop with the bitter comments about other colors.

  • Bigg El Dogg

    By definition black ppl can't be racists. We can be prejudice but not racist.

  • diablo

    From now on the word "hoodie" is being replaced by "Trayvon." This will honor the memory of that young innocent boy named Trayvon Martin. Everybody start saying "Trayvon" instead of "hoodie." We shall overcome. #BlackPower

  • Philly bash

    No such thing as a racist Blackman he's just returning the favor KILL WHITEY

  • marty mcfly

    @david, A message from Lauryn Hill -

    The concept of reverse racism is flawed, if not absolutely ridiculous. Most, if not all of the negative responses from people of color toward white people, are reactions to the hatred, violence, cruelty and brutality that they were shown by white people for centuries. Much of the foundation of the modern world was built on the forced free labor of black people. The African Slave Trade, the institution of slavery, colonialism, its derivative systems, and the multiple holocausts throughout history, where whites used race as the defining reason to justify their oppression, conquest, and brutal treatment of non-white peoples, are how race became such a factor to begin with. The initial claim by the oppressors, followed a moral imperative (so they said) that God justified the captivity of these people, and the rape and pillage of their lands.

    In order to justify reverse racism one would have to first create an even playing field, undo the generations of torture, terror, and brutality, and then judge whether or not a non-white person is in fact a racist.

    Much of the world is still reeling from the abuses of Imperialist selfishness, misunderstanding, ignorance and greed. Black people remain in many ways a shattered community, disenfranchised, forcefully removed from context and still caged in, denied from making truly independent choices and experiencing existential freedom. Their natural homes, just like their natural selves, raped and pillaged of the resources and gifts God has given to them. Anger is not only the natural response to the abuse of power, but is also appropriate when there is no real acknowledgment of these abuses, or deep, meaningful and profound change.

    If we took all of what we deem horrible regarding the criminal abuses that black people have committed over this country’s history, and add it all up, it still does not compare to the hundreds of years of terrorism, violent domination, theft, rape, abuse, captivity, and beyond that black people have suffered under the ideologies and systems of white supremacy, racism, and slave based paradigms. I say this only to say that abuse unresolved begets or creates abuse. How then does the chief offender become the judge?

    People forcibly reduced to sub-human existences, so that they behave in sub-human ways, helps a system to justify itself or feel less guilty about its blood saturated foundation and gross crimes against humanity. People, like plants, grow where the light is. When you enclose a plant and limit its light source, it will bend itself toward the light, for the light is necessary for its survival. This same thing happens to people locked in communities where little light and little opportunity is allowed them, survival then forces them to twist and/or bend toward the only way of escape.

    The entire time, I thought, who has made black people whole?! Who has made recompense for stealing, imposing, lying, murdering, criminalizing the traumatized, taking them against their wills, destroying their homes, dividing their communities, ‘trying’ to steal their destinies, their time, stagnating their development, I could go on and on. Has America, or any of the nations of the world guilty of these atrocities, ever made black people or Africa whole or do they continue to sit on them, control them, manipulate them, cage them, rob them, brutalize them, subject them to rules that don’t apply to all? Use language, veiled coercion, and psychological torment like invisible fences to keep them locked into a pattern of limitation and therefore control by others. You have to remain focused to cease from rage.

    When you are beaten and penalized for being independent, or truly self reliant, then you develop a dysfunctional relationship with self-reliance, and a fear of true independence. When you are beaten or threatened with death for trying to read a book, then you develop a dysfunctional relationship with education. When families are broken up by force and threat of violence, then the family structure becomes dysfunctional. When men who would naturally defend their women and families are threatened with castration and death, then this natural response also becomes dysfunctional. When looking at the oppressor is punishable by violence, then examination of him and his system becomes a difficult and taboo thing to do, despite every bone in your body demanding it. When questioning or opposing oppression is punishable by death, imprisonment, or economic assassination, then opposing systemic wrong in any or all of its meta manifestations is a terrifying concept. Anyone forced to live so incredibly diametrically opposed to that which is natural to themselves, will end up in crisis if they don’t successfully find a way to improve or transcend these circumstances! All of which require healing.

  • coco

    @marty mcfly yeah we get it. white people are evil, and black people are always the victims. can't you just accept that some black people like to shoot people and steal things. do you always have to blame their actions on "the man"?

  • marty mcfly


    Zimmerman - "these assholes always get away" - this statement shows intention (to not let the next person get away)

    Zimmerman said himself he was following Trayvon and then the dispatcher said "I dont need you to do that" Zimmerman had enough space and time to get to his car and drive off.

    Zimmerman was armed, Trayvon was not

    Trayvon was being followed in the dark for blocks

    If not murder then it should've at least been manslaughter based on the actions of Zimmerman regardless of how you view the physical fight between the two. I believe Trayvon was fighting for his life because he felt his life was in danger and clearly it was...

  • marty mcfly

    @coco, this is not about me saying "white people are evil, and black people are always the victims". Thats what you said, not me. What I disagree with the notion that there are "just as many racist black people as white people"... And I dont think there is a large number of racist black people towards white people. I think there is alot of black people that dont like white people for reasons that they can give examples for historically and personally.

  • coco

    @marty mcfly i agree with black people not liking white people for something that a white person did to them personally, but the historical part is bull shit. my grandfather may have been racist and was prejudice towards black people but i'm not. if were talking about people hating others based on history than the jews would hate so many people. they've been fucked with way more than black people have in the past.

  • marty mcfly

    @coco, and I didnt blame "the man" for any actions committed by someone else specifically but what I will not do is act as if its only the black man with a history of violence. Or act is if its really black people that were the racists oppressors over white people...THAT I will not cosign.

  • marty mcfly

    @coco, you said "I agree with black people not liking white people for something that a white person did to them personally".... Stop right there. THATS what im also saying. 2nd I dont believe black people have to just let it go or be cool based on what happen to the jews or any other races. If a black person chooses to be cool with white people then good for him but if a black person chooses to not wanna have anything to do with a white person then I can see why they might have that opinion.

  • Bobby

    @marty mcfly you were probly one of the guys dancing on cars when OJ was ruled not guilty and now your protesting in the street when zimmerman was ruled not guilty. Kind of ironic.

  • marty mcfly

    You speak on the historical aspect of black history and why in your opinion a black person should not feel some kinda way based on the past. Well I for one will be civil with a white person, i'll be friends with a white person and I dont plan on having to be violent with a white person but that doesn't mean I have forgotten my history. Though I did not live through it on the same level that blacks from the past did, I still can identify with that pain and I can even feel that pain emotionally based on my own understanding of the history of america. Can you be mad at me for that? NO because I cant help it that I know history, I just do and its not something that im willing to just get over and thats regardless of if I was whipped by a slave owner myself. @Bobby, I was not dancing on cars when OJ was found not guilty and im not out protesting Zimmerman right now so stop assuming things. OJ was still considered guilty even after he was found not guilty and was ordered to gave up all his money to the families of the victims. Zimmerman was just found not guilty end of story.

  • adolfmayne

    1st of all ppl R misinformed on who trayvon was he was 17yrs old da pictures they use of him are at age 12 he had tatoos openly sold drugs i also blieve he owned a pistol he was a wanna b thug now this doesnt mean he deserved 2 die but he was not innocent

  • david

    @marty Why should I be held accountable for the actions carried out by people, before I was even born, just because of my skin color? Such a typical Lauryn Hill statement to say reverse racism is OK because it's cancelled out by years of slavery that she read about and didn't experience. And that IS what she's saying, just not in those words. Racism is racism whether it's against a minority or majority group. It isn't "ridiculous" to call a black person being racist to a white person a racist.

    I respect you for identifying with the pain felt by black people from the past and for knowing your history but my point is today there's racism from all races and it isn't an exaggeration to say Lauryn has racist opinions. For an artist seen by fans as an intellectual figure to come out and say something like that is a joke. If interpreted wrong (which a lot of her fans will as they don't read into history or racism as much as her) her opinion can be emulated thus giving birth to more reverse racists. Her message will translate to a lot of her fans as 'blacks can't be racist, we've been oppressed for centuries and would first have to get even before we can be racist'. No responsible adult would publicly say what she said and this irresponsibility and childlike behavior was seen again with the tax evasion saga when she blamed tax evasion on the labels' "traps and manipulations"

  • marty mcfly

    @adolfmayne you said "now this doesnt mean he deserved 2 die" Bingo cause I dont think there is any human being on the face of the earth that is completely innocent or without sin especially 17yr olds. @david - hold on...

  • adolfmayne

    wow marty way to ignore the knowledge i just dropped trayvon assaulted zimmerman most likely to show how wit it he is and it came back ten times worse

  • marty mcfly

    @david, you said "why should I be held accountable for the actions carried out by people, before I was even born, just because of my skin color?" Im not holding YOU accountable for anything, im saying that I have the right to feel whatever kinda way I feel based on the history of my people and based on my own personal experiences. For an example, I personally would not enter into a relationship with a white girl. Why? Not because they've done anything to me but I know hundreds of thousands of black men and black children were hung from trees because white males said that they looked at or assaulted a white women so therefore I (I as in myself, nobody else) view it as disrespectful to my people for me to ever be in a relationship with a white woman. Now am I saying how everybody else should feel? NO, im speaking for me. THAT is an example of how the past can still effect someone in the present. 2nd How do you know that Lauryn or myself or any other black person living today has not experienced slavery? The prison system is not slavery but it does have many similar elements so if you feel like people living today have not experienced slavery then thats your opinion but millions of black people from this era have experienced a form of slavery that not only exists during their imprisonment but long afterwards as well that turns into a cycle of entrapment. I can see where Lauryn is coming from based on her statements and my own knowledge of american history knows that its indeed true so therefore I have the right to feel anyway I choose to based on the treatment of my people. You dont have to like it but I dont have to like how my people have been treated either so therefore it is what it is. IF and again IF I felt like I didnt like white people, ITS NOT ONLY BECAUSE THEIR WHITE, Its a number of things that go into me forming that opinion.

  • Toad

    Damn, David just ethered marty mcfly. Made him look like a damn fool.

  • marty mcfly

    @adolfmayne, I believe Trayvon was fighting because he was in fear for his life. He was followed and he was confronted. I dont believe Trayvon changed his plans from walking home and then decided to attack Zimmerman. This would mean that Trayvon would have to stop walking in the direction he was walking and then turn around and not only walk back towards Zimmerman but actually locate his position because there were two passage ways that could've been taken and once Trayvon made the last left turn at the corner he could no longer anticipate where Zimmerman was but Zimmerman could based on him following Trayvon and knowing he could cut Trayvon off up ahead by turning left at the block before Trayvon did on the next block and then by speeding up his walking. Zimmerman had Trayvon in his sites and I believe he actually he sped up his walking to confront Trayvon. I believe Trayvon knew he was being followed and became fearful and not only that but based on Zimmermans statements I believe he was the aggressor. Nobody knows what was said when the two confronted each other but lets say Trayvon was in fear for is life which clearly could have been the case because Tryavon is now dead. I believe Trayvon had every right to defend himself from an adult with a gun because none of you know if Trayvon felt like his life was in danger or not.

  • marty mcfly

    @Toad, actually NO. I have the right to feel some kinda way and not be ok with how my people have been treated by power structure of america that was largely constructed by whites with wealth that was built on the backs of dead slaves. If you feel like that makes me racist then so be it.

  • adolfmayne

    wow marty did you even research theirs a reason zimmerman followed him he wasnt just huntin black kids

  • marty mcfly

    @adolfmayne, regardless of whatever. Now where in the neighborhood watch handbook does it say confront a person with a gun. 2nd he did not have to confront Trayvon at all because he was much closer to his own vehicle (matter fact he started out in his vehicle), then he was to catching up to Trayvon. The situation could have been avoided a number of ways so therefore it was not just truly a stand you ground issue because Zimmerman had the choice to confront Trayvon or simply wait for the police and let them do there job.

  • marty mcfly

    NO where in the neighborhood watch handbook...

  • david

    @marty I'm not saying Lauryn hasn't experienced oppression of some form, just that she hasn't experienced The African Slave Trade, multiple holocausts or the Scramble for Africa.

    What Lauryn did with that statement was disguised her racist opinions with her knowledge of American, African and political history. Opinions born from this knowledge but nevertheless racist ones.

    My main point, again, is that there are minorities of racist people of all colors and ethnic groups. No individual ethnic group is more racist than the rest. I don't see you as a racist and respect your choice not to enter into a relationship with a white woman out of respect for your people, Lauryn on the other hand I don't respect and do feel is a racist. This will be overlooked though because she's seen as an intellectual figure as she isn't your average female MC selling themselves through sex.

    Search on 2DB for 'Scarface who stole the soul'. That's another example of reverse racism which seems to come from his unhappiness at the fact hip-hop changed and these days he can't chart as high as he used to and is looking to point the finger like Lauryn does.

  • marty mcfly

    @david, and again you view a black person that doesn't like white as being a racist and you think no ethnic group is more racist then the other. I think that if some black people dont like white people that its not just a matter of them being racist, I think that history as well as personal experience has shaped their mentality to not like whites. Furthermore you keep bringing up that Scarface interview but I can also see where he's coming from there too. What blacks did from the start of hip hop culture (as well as the blues, jazz, rocknroll etc...) has made it culturally a black musical artform. When a white artist comes along and gives it a mainstream appeal then I can understand where Scarface is coming from based on the history of the music business in general. Going all the way back to the days of the minstrel show, its not the first time whites have taken black culture and commercialized it.

  • marty mcfly

    @david, last point i'll make about whites making hip hop music. If they respect the culture then I dont have a problem with it but if they come in making a mockery of it, on some Lonely Island's The Wack Album type shit then I'd rather they just leave hip hop culture alone. Im out.

  • david

    @marty my last comment now. I don't view a black person that doesn't like a white as being a racist. Lauryn said:

    "The concept of reverse racism is flawed, if not absolutely ridiculous. In order to justify reverse racism one would have to first create an even playing field, undo the generations of torture, terror, and brutality"

    So if a black person was to stab a white person to death while yelling 'white bastard' repeatedly, Lauryn thinks it would be ridiculous to call that black person a racist. The only way she feels that black person can be judged as a racist is if white people invent time machines and prevent black oppression. With opinions like that I see Lauryn as a racist.

    And yeah blacks started hip-hop, blues and jazz (although that had heavy use of European musical elements) but can you honestly say that most hip-hop albums you listen to (or albums Face puts out) are still in touch with the artists' African roots? I'm talking rhythm, melody, instruments and everything else. When was the last time you heard poly-rhythmic drums or a kora on a Jay-Z, Face, Lauryn or any hip-hop album? It's mainly synth/sample based now. Who invented the synthesizer and the sampler? Who invented Pro Tools, Logic, Reason, Cubase and all the other music production software used in hip-hop? No genre of music is owned by an ethnic group and although you don't have a problem with whites making hip-hop Face does and I deem that racist. Again, my point is there are racists of all colors and only a small percentage of people feel there's a dominant racist color, don't be like Face and Lauryn.


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