Saturday Night Sexy: Ria Christina

blame it on Illy July 13, 2013

Twitter: @Ria_christina88/Instagram: ria_christina

The Filipino/Irish Hawaiian model gets topless for SNS.

ria-christina_01 ria-christina_02 ria-christina_03 ria-christina_04 ria-christina_05 ria-christina_06 ria-christina_07 ria-christina_08 ria-christina_09 ria-christina_10 ria-christina_11 ria-christina_12
  • CABNumber

    Are them titles real?

  • mineisbigger

    nie rack

  • mineisbigger


  • T

    Cool Ranch? Or Nacho Cheese?

  • moustache cash stash

    damn their gonna have 2 cremate her to properly dispose of all the plastic on her..smh

  • marty mcfly

    can we please get some male models on saturday night sexy. i wanna see hunks with big muscles and stiff rods.

  • moustache cash stash

    mayne look up my girl Jaylene Rio, if u wanna see some big succulent tits!

  • jb

    Hell nah. Those titties are nice and fake. Who the fuck is Ryan James?

  • T-Luv

    Man I feel like a preadolescent pointing this out, but swear that aint a nip slip on the main page

  • NoAssAtAll

    I don’t usually dig chicks with fake tits & flat booties, but, she’s kinda cute, so I’ll reluctantly give her a pass.

    I have faith that y’all can do better tho.

  • i aint

    wack shit shake even your ghost brings wack shit nahmean

  • Dylan

    Someone get this bitch some jizz flavored chap stick. The hell

  • Dylan

    Whoever asked if those tits are real uses jizz flavored chap stick

  • c’mon sun


  • who cares

    I’m just gonna drop in and say those shots are from a YouTube video called “Neon Bright Tokyo Lights” by KaloopyMedia.
    Nice choice btw.

  • Patty Cake

    Nah man. The booty is just not there :/ Nice saying it can’t be small because i love cakes of all different sizes, trust. But at least have a nice shape to it :/

  • what a waste

    Gets a thumbs down for actually not showing the tits in full like you said you were. Don’t pull a TMZ and say you have topless photos only to show part of the breast. Topless MEANS nipples!

  • And 1

    Now that is a pair of tits. Mwah!

  • Cloud 9

    nice top, no ass, Cool Ranch Chick foreal. i wouldnt pass if given the opportunity. but not wifey material.

  • weneedjustice


  • realtalk™

    She just got a cute face and she bought some tits.. that’s all it takes nowadays?

  • 808

    ryan james is her son.

  • Walt liquor

    Will you guys ever put a dark skinned black woman on here?

  • m.black

    I’m ready for the dark skinned girls now…

  • Famous

    Less is more, sometimes. Cute though.

  • mr. white

    LOL at the dudes butthurt over the skin color of the weekly girl on a music blog. You want to gawk out dark skinned girls? Take to google images you weirdos it’s much easier and more productive than bitching in here.

  • BKLYN Kid

    Everything was alright until that ass shot…. (or lack there of)

  • big ups to ghost shake fo postin shortie twitter nd ig nd shit

    BUTTT UHHHHH letta nigga get somtn he can work wit gawdd!!! post dis freak skype. phone number. somtn!!

    BUTTTTTT UHHHHHHH forreal doe… if u post the home addy im to priceline ASAP.

  • WebStarr570

    Face looks like a young Alyssa Milano.

  • alissa milano

  • alyssa milano *

  • clap!!

    Chiney batty!!!