• Cramp

    Lmao fuckin limp bizkit hahahaha

  • danny

    where's shit?

  • Bükes

    no drake features?

  • Doc rovers

    What an absolute joke this whole label is. This is just the latest episode of their collapse

  • http://cooliscommon.tumblr.com Q

    Drake finna leave...OVO

  • Carlos

    Track 6 looks about right lol

  • Zak

    Featuring someone who's beefing with their star rapper...SMFH

  • NSD

    no Drake and Nicki's only on one track smh
    looking forward to some more Mystikal though

  • soulo hoe

    y is birdman on every lil wayne song always up his ass

  • Cado NV

    Dies at track 6 "50 Plates" with Rick Ross

  • 123

    I'll listen to tracks with Mystikal and ignore the others.


    all that Young Money couldnt crank out better artwork huh? Basic ass visuals for basic ass rappers.

  • lu

    50 plates feat. rick ross hahahaha, they did that on purpose. trollin.

  • Luke Foord

    @Q Drake ain't in Rich Gang.