• YOLO 187

    aaaaand again emo Shake strikes with his irrelevant blog rapper posts

  • http://twitter.com/justcallmejuice justcallmejuice

    i think you meant to say, 'formally' not 'formerly'... #justsayin #helpthekids

  • Ryuk

    Shad > All these bum ass rappers

  • The Real TC

    Shad ) Kanye

  • trevorhrst

    shad is fucking unreal show him love

  • sir eeno

    so many dislikes? please listen to this second verse. whattup shake!

  • kayo

    Jeeze. Shad getting all these nopes? Niggas just wanna hear Kanye spit his dumb bullshit about Kim K. Rest in peace Hip Hop

  • triPAUD

    old prince is one of the classics of the last decade for those that don't know

  • hydra

    c'mon guys, lyrically and storytelling-wise, this is 20x superior the original track. shad's been the shit for a minute. thought 2dopeboyz frequenters would know the deal.

  • Exhibit C

    Never really listened to this guy except for one big song he had like 3 years ago but this was dope. Might have to listen to more.

  • excalibur

    32 dislikes?

  • http://twitter.com/ogvicd Vic D

    I'll be completely fine if I never hear this again

  • RyanB

    So much better than the original.

  • Hesky

    Best rapper on the planet.