Shad & Skratch Bastid – Bound 2 (Dub)

blame it on Shake July 14, 2013

With every post I make of Shad, it comes with a hope that at least one more person gets turned onto his talent. So with that said… if you haven’t been formally introduced to Canada’s hidden talent, press play on his take on the close-out track to Kanye West’s Yeezus and get familar. Folks already in the know, do the same. And in your free time be sure to pick up his and Skratch Bastid’s (who provided the “wikki-wikkis” on this) latest project, The Spring Up EP and get ready for Shad’s upcoming Flying Colours LP dropping this Fall.

  • YOLO 187

    aaaaand again emo Shake strikes with his irrelevant blog rapper posts

  • i think you meant to say, ‘formally’ not ‘formerly’… #justsayin #helpthekids

  • Ryuk

    Shad > All these bum ass rappers

  • The Real TC

    Shad ) Kanye

  • trevorhrst

    shad is fucking unreal show him love

  • sir eeno

    so many dislikes? please listen to this second verse. whattup shake!

  • kayo

    Jeeze. Shad getting all these nopes? Niggas just wanna hear Kanye spit his dumb bullshit about Kim K. Rest in peace Hip Hop

  • triPAUD

    old prince is one of the classics of the last decade for those that don’t know

  • hydra

    c’mon guys, lyrically and storytelling-wise, this is 20x superior the original track. shad’s been the shit for a minute. thought 2dopeboyz frequenters would know the deal.

  • Exhibit C

    Never really listened to this guy except for one big song he had like 3 years ago but this was dope. Might have to listen to more.

  • excalibur

    32 dislikes?

  • I’ll be completely fine if I never hear this again

  • RyanB

    So much better than the original.

  • Hesky

    Best rapper on the planet.