Pharoahe Monch – Stand Your Ground

blame it on Meka July 15, 2013

With the incidents of this past weekend still simmering in our minds, Pharoahe lets loose a rough version of his new single from his upcoming PTSD project. Head down bottom for some choice lyrics from the song.

I am just one man but I know my power
It’s the final call were in the final hour
And we must not divide as we march toward our future
Who are they to decide when they conspire to shoot yah,
Ahh, that could’ve been my mother, ohh, that could’ve been my brother
As sure as we rotate the sun and the earth revolves, get involved 3x
Stand your ground
They’ll say I’ve lost my mind claim that I’m psychotic
He’s a fucking traitor he’s unpatriotic
But I learned in life truth it must be slated
And I know my rights they’re un-alienated Descendent of the blood of slaves
Used to be the one afraid
Until I learned my souls divine amalgamate lets combine unify get in line and
Stand your ground

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  • Oracle

    Zimmerman may not have been arrested immediately because of Stand Your Ground laws, but it was not used in the Zimmerman defense. And 22 other states have Stand Your Ground laws, not just Florida. This whole shit was tragic, but these rappers are ok with talking about killing, robbing, & assaulting people on the regular. These tributes reek of hypocrisy. If this was 2 black people or 2 white people involved in the case, no one would have cared. For damn sure not no Al Sharpton.

  • AR

    Oracle… You are a Buzz kill. Sit back nod your head and shut the fuck up..enjoy the music.

    That is all.

    Go Pharoahe!

  • Mike


  • marty mcfly

    @Oracle, show me where a black gangsta rapper went out a shot a 17yr old white boy then didnt get arrested then went to court and a white jury found him not guilty. Can you show me any case where an adult black man killed a teenage white boy and the white boy was viewed as a worthless life that should’ve been killed because his life means nothing. I dont think so.

  • QZA

    DEFINITELY the only Trayvon related song worth the time… Pharoahe is one of those artists that can make a powerful tribute without cramming it down our throats or exploiting the verdict for attention.

  • steve

    the ignorance and misunderstanding surrounding this case is astounding. it really boggles my mind.

    its amazing that people dont undersatnd how the court system works. I hope Im never in trouble and have to rely on a jury of my peers beacuse my peers dont understand.

    dope song though.

  • marty mcfly

    The bottom line is in america it is ok if you shoot and kill and unarmed black man and this Zimmerman case is further proof of that. Zimmerman now has his gun back and is free to kill again and its ok right? It was just a black kid so its not a crime right? If a black person kills a black person then cool and if a non black kills a black person then cool. Why? because all blacks are gangstas and thugs right? All black kids even unarmed are still murderous thugs that should be shot onsite because their unsafe right? Even when blacks were slaves in chains, whites would say be careful because all blacks are violent. This was even before blacks contributed any significant percentage to the crime rate in america. The overall mentality of whites is that all blacks are thugs that should be shot or placed in prison. Trayvon was walking home with candy and ice tea, well that makes him a thug that should be shot according to white america and you just saw the proof of that. If you are a black man that is not able to out run someone in a vehicle and then your followed and then confronted by that person and they have a gun then you are not allowed to fight back and defend yourself. Why? because you are black so therefore you deserve to die and be shot dead because you do not have equal rights and your life does not have equal value. What black people need to do is be armed and instead of continuing to shoot ourselves, realize who our enemies really are. In closing, the Bible says an eye for an eye. Stop always forgiving the murders of your people. Forgiveness cant always be the solution because as a people we are shown no mercy in america. The freedoms we have today came from whites putting other systems in place in order to allow other whites to be more comfortable period. We are not even allowed to be upset because according to white america they have the right to kill unarmed black people and we are not allowed to be mad about because again, that also makes us thugs that deserve to be killed.

  • steve

    so we should ignore witnes accounts and the evidence and base our verdicts in cases on feelings and emotions?

    do you know what the prosecutions job is in a trial? do you know how miserably the failed to do their job?

    • Wayno

      The witness accounts that it was dark? No one could see anything. What evidence? A 3d reenactment video? He say vs he can’t say anything because he’s dead. Be happy GZ is free all you want but don’t act like there was overwhelming proof that TM deserved to be shot. Geez.

  • marty mcfly

    The Sanford police department, FOX news and several different white own media platforms from Tv to Radio to magazine etc… came running to Zimmermans defense and not only supported him in the murder of an unarmed teenager but also made donations to Zimmerman in their thanks for the killing of Trayvon. Smh

  • steve

    Ill take that as a no. If you want to have a grown up conversation at least be educated enough to reciprocate.

  • Oracle

    marty, how would an example of a gangsta rapper shooting a white kid be relevant? You clearly missed the point. And why did you leave out NBC? Oh, that’s right…because they edited the fuck out of the 911 call they broadcasted and they’re about to have a lawsuit on their hands. And what about the news outlets who kept putting up the picture of Trayvon when he was 12? You say “murder of an unarmed teenager”. It’s not like he was 1) a little kid 2) Zimmerman knew how old he was 3) Zimmerman emptied a clip in him in cold blood. Trayvon stook 6 ft and Zimmerman stands 5’9″. And I will go ahead and assume you saw Zimmerman’s busted face & head. Did he do all that to himself? And Zimmerman is going to get his gun back to kill again? LOL. Since it’s completely out of the realm of possibility in your world that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman and then Zimmerman fought back and used his gun to fire one shot in self defense, I suppose it’s pointless to continue. There are those who look at race and those who look at the evidence.

  • steve

    john good’s testimony, physical injuries, physical evidence on GZ, expert witness testimony.

    did you even watch any of the trial?

    nobody said he deserved to be shot, except for the law and the evidence presented.

  • yep

    kid deserved it

  • The Fix

    Oracle is the only dude talking sense on here.

    marty is just spewing out random bullshit that makes no sense

  • Renegade

    Oracle’s first statement was profiling. Do you know who Pharoahe Monch is? Do you hear him talking about killing people on the regular? Why must he be grouped with all rappers? Oh maybe the same reason Zimmerman grouped Trayvon with criminals, cause we’re all the same you your eyes. No need for your approval or understanding

  • marty mcfly

    @Oracle, you mentioned the 911 tapes. Ok well you go listen to them word for word and we’ll use your understanding of it. Ok now does that mean Trayvon should be shot in the heart and killed? Now you mention a picture used on the news on NBC that was Trayvon when he was younger. Ok so does that mean Trayvon should’ve been shot in the heart and killed? You mention Trayvons height, OK should Trayvon be shot in the heart and killed because he was taller then Zimmerman? Then you mention Zimmermans injuries, Ok. Well guess what? Trayvon was supposed to fight back because he was followed and then chased according to Zimmermans own words. Zimmerman said he followed Trayvon and then Trayvon started running. So stop right there, At this point in the story and according to Zimmermans own testimony and recorded statements, who is the aggressor at this point? The person running away or the person following? Why did 911 say “are you following him”… “ok we DONT NEED YOU TO DO THAT”? At this point Zimmerman coulda left the situation alone and left because Trayvon was running in the opposite direction but he continued to stalk Trayvon anyway. Now if Trayvon felt like his life was in danger then he had every right to fight back. If you were a teenager and an adult follows you and then chases you and then cuts you off and approaches you and also has a gun would you fight back? How many different reasons do you need from point A to this particular point in the story, that gives Trayvon good enough reason to fight back? At this point the even the other person on the phone with Trayvon is telling him to keep running cause even she could sense something was not right. One person had candy and ice tea, the other had a loaded gun (with a bullet already in the chamber), who seems more likely that their ready to attack someone? Why is it ALWAYS the black person who is the dangerous one even when they are unarmed and were followed?

  • marty mcfly

    This wasn’t the Zimmerman trail, it was the Trayvon trial and even after he was the one killed and put in a casket the notion is he was more in the wrong then Zimmerman. Count up how many opportunities did Zimmerman have to not even bother Trayvon at all, but yet its still Trayvon’s fault? I say that im done with the protesting and marches and peaceful resistance at this point. America has declared war on black people for hundreds of years and it has continuously proven that a black life should be view as a threat and therefore killed if given the chance (there is overwhelming evidence to back this up). I make that statement based on the millions of black lives that have been taken just because of race. Now is it ok for blacks to meet violence with violence against any threats whether it be from outside the race or within it? America would say no. Why? because its ok for others to kill us but its not ok to defend ourselves or retaliate. Example, if I’m walking down the street and a white man pulls up on me and kills me then its ok because I was a threat anyway but if I defend myself then I’m the thug and I’ll get thrown in jail. Now you can argue this point but you know that based on me being black that I would be placed in Jail immediately regardless of the details of the situation. So again I ask this question… Should blacks now have the right to defend themselves and meet the “SAME” level of violence with violence in terms of non blacks against blacks? We already know that whites have that right already so can blacks now have that same right? Then there is the issue of being treated fairly in court and we all know thats not gonna happen based on the history of america. So again and for people thats not just looking at this as me venting anger but an honest question. When is it ok for blacks to be violent to non blacks that we consider to be threats? If its ok for us to be shot then do we have the right to fight back and to fight back with the same amount of deadly force?

  • marty mcfly

    How many cases do you know of where a black man or black teenager shot someone that was a non black and was still given the benefit of the doubt in court and was deemed to be defending themselves? We already know if a non black kills a black person its ok because that black person was a thug or a threat to the other persons safety right? Ok so again I ask when is it ok for blacks to start using deadly force against other races to defend ourselves?

  • marty mcfly

    I think black leaders should stand up and say to the black community that we have to now consider the usage of firearms against other races that pose a threat to us. We should be given that right and if not then we should declare that america has committed a crime against our humanity and that is a act of war against us so therefore we can either diplomatically or systematically look for ways to increase equality in america? Or then blacks should be given the right to meet deadly force with deadly force against any threat to our lives period. I say this on behalf of our children, many of whom have been killed by non blacks (and by people of there own race) and I say that because I view Trayvon as a child even though he was almost 18. I think the next Trayvon may be much younger and based on the number of murders where the victim is a black man I say we should now be given the right to return fire against any race of people and our rights should still be protected in the court of law.

  • steve

    the ignorance is remarkable. im so happy i dont live in your fantasy word marty.

  • marty mcfly

    Now some of you will read all that and not have any clue what im talking about. Some will think im just mad so im calling for violence and some will say its an over reaction but I assure you that what im saying is based in finding a way to achieve peace. Not to incite more violence but unfortunately there are some people that dont agree with peace and can only understand the language of violence and I know that alot of violence in america against blacks is done to blacks by other black people. However there is still situations where the violence committed against black people comes from a person from another race and im tired of acting like blacks must always turn the other cheek or just take the bullets or run. If others have the option to kills us and get away with it then we should have the right to meet that violence with violence and if that right is not respected then the last option on the table just mite be the outcome of more violence. America was built on war and violence so if violence continues to knock on the doors of the black community then at what point do we stop protesting and marching and start to look out for each other ourselves? Think about it. Done

  • marty mcfly

    @steve, well the world I live in really isnt a fantasy. Now im not one of those people that thinks the world is doomed and everything is world war 3 level BUT violence is real and im just not with this mentality that if violence is only applied to a black life then its not really a crime if a non black does it and thats its ok and we should continue to accept it. My statements at the end of the day would cause people to have the conversation about it more likely then it would to actually make people start shooting and by having that conversation it starts to make peace seem like something thats more attainable imo. Nobody in there right mind really wants to shoot somebody but im sorry we just dont live in a world where thats not a possibility.

  • WHAT!

    This “Stand Your Ground” law is fucking bullshit and needs to be reexamined. Coming from a black man living in Orlando, FL. Rest In Paradise Trayvon Martin & Free Marissa Alexander!

  • marty mcfly

    @Oracle, oh yeah about those NBC news clips. They did not edit the clips either. That claim is bullshit cause when NBC was running the story they played the 911 tapes in full for several days and when they stopped tapes or played different variations of the tapes it was to report on several different aspects of the recorded clips in a play by play kinda way for the viewers. They did play the tapes in full several times when the story first broke and they also spoke on the different photographs of Trayvon and they did speak on his age ad height. So NO they were not editing tapes with the intention of making Zimmerman look racist. He made himself look racist with the “they always get away” statement. I know exactly the news clips that you and FOX news is referring to because I caught their bullshit the moment they made that bogus claim. The truth is almost all recorded tapes are edited and played in different ways on air but NBC did play the part where Zimmerman was asked for the description and they played that part several different times. America and its justice system continues to tip the scales against the rights of black people in this country and at this point I consider it a crime against humanity in regards to the freedoms of black people. Just wanted to get on that comment you made about the news cause I remember exactly when the bullshit started and exactly why its bullshit.

  • steve

    they edited the tapes to play up the race narrative.

    stop it already. a simple google search would show you how disgusting that edit was.

    if youre going to be mad at anyone, be mad at florida for overcharging and florida’s stand your ground law. it is a bullshit law as someone pointed out.

    this has no piece or race or racism in it and its pretty sad that people are injecting it into this.

  • mentaldagod

    @steve… no racism??? would he have followed if a white or oriental kid was wearing that hoodie? would he have been a “fucking punk”?

  • marty mcfly

    This has everything to do with race because Sanford florida, and the justice system, the media and the jury just cosigned the murder of an unarmed teenager that had every right to fight for his life. And again those tapes were not edited to play on a race narrative. NBC must’ve played those 911 tapes a hundred times on several different shows and the information was all public knowledge already. Its no way that one station can edit tapes and then somehow use that to push a race narrative. What the people who made that claim did was use footage of particular moments from the NBC coverage and then make the claim that they edited the tapes. They did not use footage of when NBC played those 911 calls in full. I saw them play those tapes correctly probably 25 times in just the first week alone. So no they did not push a race narrative by editing those tapes. FOX new has a long history of editing reports to push a race issue so how is it that they trying to call someone else out for something that they do every single day of the week? Bottom line is for every black man (especially a child) thats killed by a non black, black people should retaliate by killing two of other parties involved. You murder two of ours then we kill 3 of yours and so fourth… This seems to be the only kind of language that certain people in america seem to understand. After enough people have been killed then maybe you will learn to leave or children alone when their just trying to walk home.

  • NoWuff

    This some Dead Prez shit.

  • Knowledgeisking

    RIP Trayvon Martin, but this whole trial has become a distraction from all the real issues affecting this country. This is just to cause civil unrest, don’t any of y’all see that?!! The media circus is just pushing this to distract you from this country’s corruption and deterioration as we know it. Instead of focusing on Bradley manning trial(who’s a hero by the way for exposing the us military) or the fact we are living under a surveillance state, where anything we do is being monitored, the media is brainwashing us with this. We no longer have any real rights people, stop the bullshit, this isn’t the time to fight and kill each other,it’s what the elite want so they can continue on with the agenda.

  • Oracle

    marty, it’s clear you’d rather fan the flames of race than look at it for what it is. You’re part of the problem. It’s clear you haven’t listened to the wishes of Travyon’s parents about how to handle post-trial reaction. I find it funny, since you’re so smart, you’ve also failed to acknowledge there were 8 previous break-ins/burglaries in the same area…and guess what the description of the suspects was? Is that racism or FACT? Zimmerman was neighborhood watch. He saw Trayvon and approached him…Trayvon attacked Zimmerman. The rest is history. Do the math. Now you’re encouraging cold blood murder? Fuck is wrong with you. Zimmereman did not murder Trayvon. It was self-defense after being attacked. Period. As proven in a court of law. If you want to own a gun, and own it legit, including legal concealed carry, you should do that. It’s your right. It was Zimmerman’s right and he exercised those rights. If YOU decide to kill someone in cold blood based on race as you’re suggesting, rot in hell. You don’t get to pick your cell mate. And I bet you’ll still be crying racisim.

  • marty mcfly

    The fucked up mentality is that people like you still saying Zimmerman had the right to defend himself but after Trayvon tried to run away and was confronted by Zimmerman after 911 told him not to pursue but he did anyway and did so with a gun then you act as is Trayvon did not have the right to defend himself. Not only that but the assumption is Trayvon attacked Zimmerman instead of the other way around. The mentality is Trayvon had no right to defend himself, he was just supposed to be killed period. Then you read my comments and because of my opinion now im a cold blooded murderer. Yeah OK. Zimmerman kills Trayvon and yet he’s completely innocent of all wrong doing. I suggest that blacks should have the right to defend themselves against people who approach them with deadly force and that makes ME the cold blooded killer for even suggesting that… Now on my comments on retaliation. Regardless of how you feel, every culture and race and (in some cases) even the system itself recognizes this as a possibility. Every person who has saw this case has had that thought of a retaliation in their mind. So because I verbalize it now im the cold blooded killer instead of Zimmerman and this is me just saying out loud what everybody else is already thinking and now im more so of a cold blooded killer then someone who actually follows then disobeys an order from 911 then chases with a loaded gun and then straight up kills someone. Is it my mentality thats fucked up or yours? Your so sure that Zimmerman is innocent, you just like the jury are defending a man who actually killed somebody but yet im the problem now for saying what im saying. Now three members of the jury are coming out saying that they considered 2nd degree murder and manslaughter but I guess didnt have the courage to follow through because they’d prolly feel funny going back to their happy communities but im the one who fucked up huh? Again just for me suggesting that black people should protect themselves and stop hoping in the justice system to up hold true justice (which in the case is common sense), Now its me who you consider to be the cold blooded killer. GTFOHWTBS. You still think my opinion is ONLY about race? Ok lets pretend that Trayvon and Zimmerman have no race, their just no color. Now keep the story the same and at the end the teenager with Ice tea and Skittles lies dead and the adult with the fucking gun still did all the same bullshit which keep in mind could’ve very well been avoided especially after thats what he was told to do as Trayvon was running away. Now thats not even a manslaughter to you? Even with race completely outta the picture. COMEONSON. But yet im the criminal right?

  • marty mcfly

    According to you and the jury no matter what happens before a physical confrontation, a (black) child with no gun does not have the right to defend himself even though he did not cause the encounter in the first place but an adult with a gun that follows the (black) kid is the more likely to be in a defensive state. Something dont seem right to you here? Your that blind? FOH