Random Acts Of Fu*kery: DeSean Jackson Edition

See, "extracurricular" activities like this could be part of why my favorite team in the NFL has been on full-blown struggle mode for the last two seasons*. Let's hope Chip Kelly's sanctions-ducking self actually gets us more than a .500 record #WishfulThinking.

* - I'm ignoring the production of LT Hutton - one of the most underrated and overlooked beatsmiths from the West Coast, although he did jack that Lex Luger "sound byte" for this one - and Snoop Dogg-Lion - because when has he ever said "no" to anything these days? - feature.

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  • KatoXV

    Still better than chief keef *shrugs*

  • Jo

    Do something about this spam 2DopeBoyz.....

  • LOUD

    Fuck u Desean


    Embarrassed UC Berkeley alum

  • DG

    Only nigga in the NFL I got respect for when it comes to shit like this is Henderson ( the dude from the Patriots); at least he showed he's really about that life

  • Kiddjewce

    What meka said

  • DustinSmith

    @DG you mean Hernandez?


Dyme-A-Duzin - "Open Late"

Another single from his forthcoming Crown Fried project.

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