Swollen Members - Fear f. Snak the Ripper (Video)

The closing track on the Swollen Members' latest album, Beautiful Death Machine, gets some matching visuals. And do remember, Madchild's Lawn Mower Man LP also drops on August 6th (pre-orders available now).

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  • Greg vigil

    This what I like to see. Again the family at the forefront. Keeping the circle tight. BAXWAR #2314. Out here in TX, 253 is where I'm going to represent the movement. Madchild, prevail, and Snak the Ripper tore this shit up. BAXWAR for life.

  • mohinder1

    swollen members ripped it up,was great to be a part of this video

  • Chad Target

    Sick Video. Back to the basics

  • Chad Target

    Sick Video. Back to the basics. Loved snak w the battleaxe boyz

  • Yeah they snapped! I have to check more on these dudes.

  • wtf is this garbage

    tacky shit

  • Unxpekted

    This is ill as fuck, I needed this. This reminds me hip hop is dead.

  • Brian Bewley

    This track is sick as fuck, Snak was a perfect touch. Baxwar motha fucka's the movement is strong as fuck. World wide


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