• Greg vigil

    This what I like to see. Again the family at the forefront. Keeping the circle tight. BAXWAR #2314. Out here in TX, 253 is where I'm going to represent the movement. Madchild, prevail, and Snak the Ripper tore this shit up. BAXWAR for life.

  • mohinder1

    swollen members ripped it up,was great to be a part of this video

  • Chad Target

    Sick Video. Back to the basics

  • Chad Target

    Sick Video. Back to the basics. Loved snak w the battleaxe boyz

  • http://www.candyfist.com Jeff Reed

    Yeah they snapped! I have to check more on these dudes.

  • wtf is this garbage

    tacky shit

  • Unxpekted

    This is ill as fuck, I needed this. This reminds me hip hop is dead.

  • Brian Bewley

    This track is sick as fuck, Snak was a perfect touch. Baxwar motha fucka's the movement is strong as fuck. World wide