The Backroom (Video)" />
  • rMell

    This song old as hell. It's called God Level. I know it got leaked somewhere

  • Jem

    what the hell has happened to Hip-Hop

  • j1

    lmao that the last comment im thinknin the same thing

  • http://N/A XI


  • Denon Dundee

    Dropping the song from the XXL freshman mixtape was not the best move IMO. Travis gotta start grabbing the mic Steven Tyler style...I mean keep that shit as close to his grill as possible. I can never hear what he's saying.

  • brahman

    That nigga straight fraud

  • malcyvelli

    LOL at niglets like this getting signed

  • respect

    shouts out to rMell.

  • prezzi

    why .. rhymes with dryasslips .

  • santi

    lol he looks like a gator hahaha

  • beastman318

    Why he trying to be Kanye tho? Jocked his flow, type of lyrics n all. I dont like copycats!