Warm Brew - The Ride (Album)


With production from DJ Dahi, Lord Quest, Danny Dee and others, the left coast trio return with their new full-length, The Ride. Stream/download below.


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  • OG

    That West Coast Fire


    warm brew been slept on for a minute. diggin the new album.

  • fonz

    don't sleep on warm brew!

  • ishotomar

    You can sleep on Warm Brew if you want, just don't sleep on Ray Wright. Warm Brew would truly suck without him.

  • Cam_Newton

    soo underrated, love those guys

  • Promise

    Lord Quest! #imjustsaying

  • GoDucks

    These guys make great for a summer playlist , don't sleep on them

  • http://averyashlay.com ashley

    i saw them live once. dope!

  • FunnyFarm

    Got damn! Warm Brew are like Tha liks + ATCQ combined, but having there own sound and style. All these three MC's are great and the beats are amazing. Sure, Ray is a pure talent... his hooks is crazy, but i must say without the other members it would suck, haha.


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