Hopsin – Ill Mind Six: Old Friend (Video)

blame it on Illy July 18, 2013

Hopsin releases the sixth installment of “Ill Mind” with a story of his best friend falling victim to intoxication. Watch the video above, grab the song on iTunes and get ready for his new album, Knock Madness, on November 26th. SHAKE UPDATE: Check out both the artwork for the single as well as the album below.


  • jeff

    Cool video his flow is on point, but the beat just seems a little to stock

  • j

    not really an Ill Mind. Prolly the weakest

  • subject_90

    Great Message!

  • who cares

    Wow, that was fantastic. I agree that it’s not really an “Ill Mind” type of song, but it’s still dope nonetheless. As far as the beat goes, Hopsin’s production has never been insanely technical. Not to take away from his music, but it’s always been kind of basic in my eyes. With that said, it works because it fits his style. Can’t wait to hear Knock Madness.

  • wat

    Yeah Hopsin is a terrible producer. I hate when rappers who also produce only rap on their own beats, especially when their beats aren’t good. Same thing goes with J. Cole. His beats are boringgggg. He’s a way better producer than Hopsin for sure though.

    Now as for the song, how is it not an Ill Mind? It’s not like the rest for sure but the concept of the series is that it’s what’s on his *mind* at the time. Ill Mind 5 wasn’t like the others either. Ill Mind 1, 3, and 4 were him spitting random bars. Ill Mind 5 was a message to cliches he hates to see people fall victim to in society. And now Ill Mind 6 is about a friend he lost. There’s no uniform template for the series.

  • who cares

    Well what I mean by it not feeling like an Ill Mind type of song is that it’s extremely personal. Don’t get me wrong, I love Hopsin’s personal stuff, but I feel like that kind of thing is better suited for the album. Whereas before the music was, as you said, the things that were on his mind no matter how random or out there. Like I said, it’s still dope, but I just feel it would have been a better fit for the album.

  • Beun

    track is pretty ill, but is this dude fucking crying in his video? smh