• yoo

    when are they coming to ny area?

  • BobbyWhite

    went to the one in irvine last night, fucking crazy

  • meeko

    Triniad Jame$ is ugly a fuck

  • Cali760

    Went to the San Diego show last night, ASAP Killed it! Wiz sucked though. He played all his radio bullshit.

  • ASVP Junior

    A$AP is the best rapper of the world. big up bro

    • A$AP AVERY

      No lie my nigga A$AP MOB ALL DAY MUTHA FLUCKAS


    All I got to say is A$AP is the trillest and the realist mob out there don't like it suck a dick swagg swagg shout out A$AP ROCKY A$AP FREG A$AP TWELVEY A$AP NAST A$AP YAMS AND MARTY BALLER . A$AP MOB MUTHA FLUCKER!!!!!!