Kanye West Says “New Slaves” Verse Best Rap Verse of All Time

blame it on Miss_Peas July 20, 2013

It’s been a crazy week in Yeezus’s world. After being asked about why he didn’t want to be spoken to by the press last week, Kanye West encounters a reporter trying to figure out his reasoning for his statement at LAX and Ye charges towards the pap’s camera. Also, a leaked audio of a Kanye West rant has hit the internets where he talks about the Taylor Swift incident from the 2009 MTV Awards. If that wasn’t enough, this morning, Ye took to Twitter to proclaim that his second verse from “New Slaves” is the best verse OF ALL TIME. The floor is now open for debate. Discuss or Disgust?

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  • Whocares32

    Lol. Ok Ye, Ok. Today marks the day I can no longer defend Mr. Kanye West. He has gone beyond douche.

  • Rob JHM

    It’s the best verse on…….that song.

    • scootlbj


  • Therumorsaretrue

    lol, this guy lives on another planet. he has no connection to the real world and everyday people. i was just reading something about him selling plain white t’s for $120. smh.

  • marty mcfly

    If you exclude Jay-Z verses, Kanye has a point. It’s obvious to any music fan, never mind hip-hop fan, that that New Slaves verse is AT LEAST top 5, possibly the best. And this is looking at things factually.

  • marty mcfly

    it is the best verse of all time. its bringing up social issues that nobody else has the balls to rap about. he changed the rap game forever with that song.

  • Big-O

    At first, I thought the leaked rant was the greatest thing ever. Then I thought the pictures of him going HAM on that nigga was the greatest thing ever. Now this?!

    I think what this boils down to, is that Kanye, is in fact, the single greatest human being in the existence of mankind.

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Seriously though, this is fantastic entertainment. Ain’t even mad at it.

  • marty mcfly

    damn i’d love to dip his big black sausage in some hot sause, than lick it all off. new slaves would be bumping in the background of course.

  • Killaaa

    No, obviously not.

    /end debate

  • justenjoythisshit

    ^^Big-O’s comment is everything.

  • marty mcfly

    hey all of you haters can hate if you want but that’s what kanye wants. you just don’t understand the genius that he is, and never will.

  • Mecca

    Marty is full of fucking shit, Kanye needs to get his head out his ass

  • Mecca

    Marty, get your head out of kanye and jay z’s ass. that second verse was just ok at best. if your talking about social political issues and shit, kendrick lamar’s vanity slaves off his EP was 1000x better then that shitty ye verse.

  • marty mcfly

    i’d willingly squat on boners for $5/hour!

  • Bernard

    I thought the first verse was better than the second one. 3 times during the second verse he repeats himself. I see the blood on the leaves x4, I know that we the new slaves x2, Yall niggas can’t fuck with ye x3.

  • marty mcfly

    @Mecca, kendrick lamar spoke from the perspective of a textbook. that was whatever. anyone can do that. kanye spoke from the perspective of the hood, of himself and our people. there was passion and flow that kendrick lamar cannot match. kanye probably got that from jay-z. educate yourself. and are you really comparing kendrick lamar to kanye? how many grammys does kendrick have? how many sales? kanye has at least 5 certified classics from the hip hop community. kendrick lamar has one okay album and a whole bunch of regular ass mixtapes. dude obviously gets inspiration from lil wayne. dont talk to me fuckboy

  • Mecca

    LOL, kanye only has 3 classics to me, and kanye is undoubtedly a dope ass lyricist, dont get me wrong, but kendrick is ALOT better then kanye. shit, ALOT of rappers are better then kanye, and this is coming from a fan of kanye’s old work. ab-soul, j cole, mos def, talib kweli, royce da 5’9, nas, GURU and a shit lot of other rappers are better then kanye. and rapping from the perspective of a notebook is dope as hell to me. nas rapped from the perspective of a gun, a fetus, and a whole lot of other things and people. kanye’s dope, but the second verse from new slaves is straight ass compared to the verses he dropped on college dropout – graduation

  • Read a book

    Bahahaha..Dude knows his time is coming. All of his albums have sold less and less than the preceding album. And “Yeezus” looks like it wont even go platinum this year. I feel like he’s finally aware that people just aren’t feeling his music like they used to and he’s just going balls out to keep his name in the news. It’s kinda sad to be real. Dude used to be talented. Now he’s just a fucking joke.

  • marty mcfly (I OWN YOU)

    @Homotroll, STFU with all that dumbass bullshit. You posting a million times acting like a bitch for what? Fool Kill Yourself

  • Read a book

    And stop with all the Kendrick/Kanye comparisons. Kendrick is a lyricist. Kanye’s just another rapper.

  • marty mcfly (I Am Also A GOD)

    And NO Kanye’s New Slaves verse is not the best verse of all time but it was cool. Leave it at that.

  • @Read a Book: I can see Ye doing a deal like Jay did with Samsung for the next album. He’s just too big too die, if anyone else posted something like that on twitter it really wouldn’t have been acknowledged so hard.

  • Tekwon

    LMAO @ kanye is undoubtedly a dope ass lyricist. People need to expand their musical taste beyond what they hear on the radio. People like Murs, Sage Francis or any member of Freestyle Fellowship would mop the floor with Kanye’s slightly above average rhymes…

  • Astro

    Best verse of all time is such a subjective comment. But I will say that it is a significant verse in hip-hop history, for the simple fact that one of the most notable hip-hop musicians of the past decade used his platform to make music that addresses institutional racism in America. Ironically the significance goes disregarded because the album didn’t have enough boom-bap and soul samples for purists.

  • Mecca

    @taekwon i aint disagreeing with you, and i dont listen to radio, i was just giving credit where credit is due

  • Read a book

    @Josh Rich Raps

    Yeah, I definitely agree that this wouldn’t be acknowledged as much if someone else said it. I mean as much as I dislike him nowadays, I’m still well aware that he’s pretty high up on the list of well respected rappers.

  • Professah Jay

    Umm….. Can we just take a moment to remember how Kanye was whining about being famous, and now he’s almost solely responsible for all this publicity he’s gotten this week? Do we really care what this guy says? “Because I wrote my verse in two days, Taylor Swift can’t win over Beyonce.”? I honestly used to be a Kanye STAN for years.. But please don’t applaud this man for his over-the-top, entirely unprofessional behavior.

    Food For Thought: Of the greats of hip-hop, how many have a chip on their shoulder like Kanye? How many go off on tangents expressing themselves any which way with wreckless abandon? And how many of them complain about not getting the recognition they deserve, then complain that they’re “too famous”?

    Kanye West does not have the character to be one of the greats and it shows in his recent music. Mr. West should try to be professional, not an egotistical fuck.

  • marty mcfly (Yeah I said it now get mad bitch))

    I will say though that YES, Kanye is a lyricist and not just a lyricist but a very good one at that. His albums speak for themselves and you dont get to a Kanye West level if you cant put words together in a dope way. I mean just off the top of my head, Power, Cant Tell Me Nothing, Diamonds, Black Skinhead, Crack Music, Gorgeous, All Falls Down etc… so Kanye aint a lyricist at this point? I dont know about all that. You aint gotta like his lyrics but just because you dont that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not a lyricist.

  • Read a book

    @astro “Ironically the significance goes disregarded because the album didn’t have enough boom-bap and soul samples for purists.”

    Or maybe they just didn’t like how it sounded? I personally listen to a wide variety of music and I’m all for “experimenting”, but I personally just thought the beats were bad. For me at least, it wasn’t the lack of boom bap as much as it was the lack of quality music. No offense if you liked the album, just my 2cents.

  • Billy

    HAHAHA oh man Kanye is that nigga.

  • Tekwon

    It’s a cool song but personally I feel like he’s just trying to keep himself relevant by trolling. And really he’s not saying anything too ground breaking. Had this song come out around the time Fear Of A Black Planet or Edutainment came out it would have been alot more revolutionary.

  • Professah Jay

    And that verse on new slaves is not the best anything. Touchy subject matter doesn’t make a great verse. Touchy subject matter with a well executed flow and thought-provoking lyrics make a great verse. His lyrics don’t make me ruminate on what he said. He clearly states that corporations run America and prey on black people just like the Prison Industry Complex… that’s not thought provoking that’s a statement. He doesn’t say HOW they do it. He doesn’t go into DETAIL about the ramifications. he simply says what is. THAT is not greatness.

    Kanye Logic:
    “Women in the military service are raped by men in the service at an alarming rate.”


  • likeamartian

    you’re drunk Kanye go home

  • Big L

    Its Kanye West. If this comes as a shock to anyone, you havent been waching this nigga for the past decade.

  • marty mcfly

    We gotta also stop comparing new songs and lyrics to old songs and lyrics. Now if old songs are better lyrically thats fine but I dont the goal should be trying to rap better then old songs. The goal should be trying to rap better period. Now lyrically THIS YEAR, New Slaves is probably better verse wise then alot of songs so I wouldn’t say its the best ever but that fact thats its one of the best this year alone is dope enough in itself.

  • lp

    lol kanye is crazy..

    & sure kendrick is a better lyricist, as are other MCs, but when it comes to making music/songs they’re no where near kanye’s level.

  • marty mcfly

    I dont THINK the goal should be…

  • powderslayer28

    actually not… kanye you suck

  • GODr

    It’s called grandiose delusions or delusions of grandeur, which occurs in people with mental illness. I’ve never an intelligent thing come out of this guy’s mouth.

  • GODr

    Anyone who thinks Kanye is a lyricist is an idiot.

  • glandinus

    dudes just bragging as usual, u nerds so retarded

  • kayo

    its still makes me incredibly angry that Yeezus is getting 9.5s and 10/10s from people. IT SUCKS!

  • marty mcfly

    Kanye is a lyricist because a non lyrical rapper can not make College Dropout, Late Registration, Graduation, MBDTF and Yeezus. Thats not happening cause there is wordplay involved in these songs. Wordplay is he basic core of being a lyricist. Its not about who is better then others or making comparisons but Kanye overall does meet the standard of being a lyricist.

  • that verse is fire and mos definitely a classic, but kanye’s actions diminished his lyrical power. Verse’s can be fire, but are taken to the next level when they are followed or preceded by action(s). When u feel the tingles and know that what they are saying is real or going to be; makes it so much more powerful. That song and verse flop when kanye fails to really air anything out: outside of the song and artistic context(inr eal life). Just by fucking with a reporter or 5 is not enough for me. (or his Tswift stunt) Kanye has the power to really give people some truth or maybe a piece of enlightenment. I feel if kanye wants to do what i think he wants to do, which is really be a martyr and “jesus like” by going against establishment, shedding truth and light, while rallying/uplifting the people then he should go 100 percent not be a part time revolutionary. Negros beats are all over airline,bud, car /movie commercials, but he says fuck your corporation. I know the song is saying well fuck i know this is all fucked up and im being pimped out by the man but i kinda like it, ima go with it, ie maybach keys. so i see the duality hes leading at. ….but u cant say thats the hottest ever until he really does some real shit, like some shock the world, rally an army, expose the elites type shit. So until then this verse is not the best of all time, but to be continued…. #rant #GETHIP #DOSOMETHINGMORE #GOHAM4US

  • who cares

    It’s like he’s trying so hard to keep himself in the public eye or something. I don’t understand why though. Everyone knows his name, but it’s obvious he’s doing shit like this for attention.

  • gt


    to this day cant tell me nothing is ye’s best

  • cam

    New Slave’s second verse ain’t even the best Kanye West verse!!! LMAO

  • Jimbo_da_don

    LMFAO…end of “debate”.

  • marty mcfly

    I think if you take the first line from College Dropout and point out every well thought out and enlightened rhyme all the way up to the last line on Yeezus I think people would see that yes Kanye has actually said alot of dope things that does have alot of substance. As far as im being an even more aggressive revolutionary type artist? I think for him to become a martyr would mean ultimately to destroy himself. Thats not the best way to get across a message so the reason you may get a club record on a Kanye album is because Kanye still recognizes that this is the business of music and people want to have fun first and then be preached to. Kanye picks certain songs to say something and he does it in a way that doesn’t turn completely into a lecture but again if you combine everything he’s said thus far in terms of substance then you’d see that this is somebody who does put alot of thoughtful lyrics and realness in his music. He cant fake the last ten years of his career and not mean what he’s saying.

  • Maybach

    :D Kanye is good troll

  • marty mcfly

    ultimately destroy himself… meaning do something that would blackball his career all together. Its actually better for Kanye to do what he’s already doing lyrically then it would be to just turn his music into a series of flat out speeches.

  • Marty Mcfly is probably the dumbest motherfucker of all time on this site. You know nothing about music. Just please stop posting like you know shit when you don’t. That “New Slaves” has absolutely no substance. It’s people like you that’s making a huge ego head like Kanye West continue down to make sub-par music oppose to his previous bodies of work he has done in the past because he honestly believes that what he’s doing currently is still considered amazing when it’s not.

  • 2dollarsandmoredreams

    i’d like a burger and some fries you idiots in this thread

  • FlyBoiTay

    I don’t think it the best verse of the decade let alone his best verse or the best of all time…

  • jwiii

    There is no debate. It’s not. Moving on. Stop being like TMZ.

  • who else does kanye listen to besides kanye?



  • j1

    Niggas need to chill with sayin Kendrick better than Kanye yall hypin him up way too much yo. And im a fan of both but Kanye lyrically can still shit on niggas yall just wanna see him fail or fall off.

  • gregory kruxx.

    Kanye fan, but this dude is buggin and lost his mind..

  • Haha

    In the words of Big L: Ha Ha, you’s a funny nigga.

    but seriously, Kanye’s got a lot of nerve to say something like this.

    If anything the best rap verse is the 1st verse on Nasty Nas’ NY. State of Mind.

  • This Nigga’s Crazy

    Dafuq?!?! No Kanye. No

  • ualreadyno

    This fool done fell and bumped his head

  • asdcasdvasvasd

    royce’s first verse on bad meets evil from the slim shady LP is one of the greatest in my opinion and shits on any of Kanye’s verses especially new slaves and as well as any of Elzhi’s verses shit on any of Kanye’s verses especially Motown 25

  • datdude

    Fuck him… He’s an idiot for thinking people will still like him after all this. I’d trade this Kanye in for the one on the grind almost 10 years ago.

  • Pete

    Someone must have hacked Kanye’s twitter…. He speaking gibberish..

  • smh

    Damn Marty Mcfly has become delusional and has his head up his ass smh, sad…….

    Also Kanye has a TON of folks writing for him his WHOLE career. So you can stop with that lyricist talk.

  • ChrisX

    LOL, you can’t put a period after a comma.

  • Kanye is a game changer, and this verse does the same as alot of other stuff he does musically and lyrically… it changes the game AGAIN. Wont say it’s the best verse ever though. But it sure is one helluva entertaining one.

  • Sirius

    Marty, seriously kid, get a life. You can’t be on here 24/7 defending Ye & Jay forever. Ye’s a pop artist who occasionally plays the pseudo-intellect making ‘political’ tracks for pseudo-intellects like yourself. New Slave- most amateur beat from a rapper (can’t even call him an artist) this year. Most amateur delivery/flow/rhyme scheme of the year (rhyming at the end of each bar with a pause, entry level rhyming).

    Seriously man, all you do is defend Ye and Jay on here and people laugh at you for it coz you come across as a kid who’s never listened to anything but pop/rap records and then you get all ‘Yo but I like Evidence & Alchemist’ to flex your ‘knowledge of underground’ and sometimes throw in a line about Immortal Technique.

  • whatadickridermarty

    Give an awards to Marty No Fly for being the the biggest dickrider of all time in the hip hop history.

  • \_O_/

    *Kanye Shrug*

  • Pragmatic

    Go listen to any Immortal Technique song and every verse will slaughter this shit sack of a verse. You mainstream dick smokers need to expand your library past what the mainstream slams down your throat and you gladly deepthroat like its a huge cock. Fucking idiots

  • :

    Lol he’s such a joke

  • Mike


  • wutang


  • TrufSpeaks

    I like how people always throw out names.. Like look at me I listen to *insert Underground artist* He will shit on..*insert mainstream artist* No one gives a fuck! lol.. smh.. that don’t make you cool nor different..You like who u like.. No its not the best verse of all time… but damn.. stop throwing out artist name.. we get it.

  • marty mcfly

    @Sirius, 1st of all I cant “defend” Ye by simply commenting on his music. 2nd its people like you that think you have some super high level of hip hop knowledge just because you listen to this person and that person (list a bunch of underground cats…) My overall opinion on the matter of “Is Kanye West a lyricist?” is simple, its basically go by his albums. That simple, within most of those songs on his albums you gonna find wordplay and that would make him a lyricist. Is he the best lyricist ever? No but his track record shows proof that he can put bars together better then most. End of story

  • Jonesy

    3 stacks i choose you verse>>>>>>>

  • ireg

    There can’t be a greatest verse of all time, unless like it legit changes the world in a way nothing has ever done before.

    But honestly it is a pretty dope fucking verse. Can’t hate on Ye lol



  • Son

    @Marty was your first comment (the one at the top at 3:52 pm) genuinely from you? It looks like someone trolling you. “If you exclude Jay-Z verses Kanye has a point” I think that looks like someone pretending to be you and over-exaggerating your appreciation of Jay-Z music by making such a ridiculous statement

  • JWill

    I’m not going to front, “New Slaves” 2nd verse can be justified at being a TOP 10 of all-time, maybe even a TOP 5. Now since Kanye West made a mention of it. I think 2dopeboyz should release a TOP 10 verses of all-time list immediately.

  • youngnigga

    There is no best verse of all time. NONE. It’s an opinionated thing. End of story.

  • LordDarko

    Ye’s had at least one verse in the top 10 of all time, but this wasn’t it. Maybe if he said the Power Remix verse..

  • Pauly D

    lol Kanye. Really? No verse on New Slaves is really GREAT. Good, mind you, but greatest of all time verse? lol

    It’s not even better than his verse on Lost in the World.

  • marty mcfly

    @Son, No that was obviously homotroll but all im saying is it was a good verse as far as this year goes. You show me another single from a mainstream artist this year thats better then… All this shit about greatest verse of all time? FOH, there’s no such thing but the verse was cool though and definitely one of the best this year. None of you other niggas would ever make a song like New Slaves as the first offering to your album cause you aint got the nerve to say those type of things. Thats no diss but it is what it is. People talking about it has no substance as in zero thought behind any of it? You need to listen again. My opinion is that the verse is cool and thats about it but definitely more creative then most the other singles i’ve heard this year.

  • illmatic27

    good one……he should try stand up comedy)))

  • obi juan

    So I’m convinced that Kanye is probably the biggest asshole to walk this earth.

  • Son

    @marty I can’t tell you much about mainstream artists. I don’t dig through their music looking for nice lines/concepts because I know it’s harder to find decent material there compared to underground hiphop where artists always putting out tracks with ill lines/concepts. Lupe’s ‘Animal Pharm’ has verses that were written better than anything Kanye has ever put out. I don’t think it was a single but in terms of lyrics/poetry/writing it was better than New Slaves.

    It may be one of Kanye’s nicest verses yeah but it don’t take balls to say what he’s saying, majority of his fans don’t listen to the lyrics, just the beat and his voice. They buy it because he’s an established artist. You got 2 types of listeners, casual and hardcore (like gamers and film enthusiasts). People on here like yourself are hardcore listeners, you listen and analyse the lyrics. The majority of the people who bought the album are casual listeners, they don’t take it as serious. The same way people who play COD 24/7 are hardcore gamers compared to casual gamers who might play FIFA once a week with friends and beers. He can say shit about drug agencies working with prisons and us being slaves but with that kind of beat and his egotistic personality he will never be taken seriously by these same agencies, legal bodies and the casual listeners buying his album (and the casual listeners make up about 90-95% of the people who bought it)

  • Famous

    “He doesn’t say HOW they do it. He doesn’t go into DETAIL about the ramifications. he simply says what is. THAT is not greatness.”

    Sounds like Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Wale.

  • UhOhyea

    Words I Never Said > New Slaves

  • marty mcfly

    @Son, you almost sound like your mad at the people who listen to Kanye so that means Kanye verse is wack? I mean the casual listener of hip hop is not a complete dumbass so id say yeah they probably understand what Kanye is saying. You mentioned Lupe song in comparison but its not Kanye’s job to compete with Lupe and I can tell you that nobody is listening to the Animal Pharm shit for the simple fact that its a bunch of wordplay but its not necessarily that good of a song musically. Take Kanye’s beats for example, their very intricately put together so based on that he probably could take that same energy and make some over the top wordy type verse but the reason why he still keeps the words understandable is because musically thats ultimately the better way to make music. I’m into extreme lyricism just as much as the next person but when that type of artist starts to become not even understandable like Lupe did in that particular song, that doesn’t necessarily mean its the better artistic way to express something.

  • Nameless

    still I see no changes.

  • Mecca

    you are full of fucking shit marty, please leave this comment board

  • Son

    @marty What you’re saying is if someone drops a track less intricate than New Slaves you don’t like it coz it’s too simple, someone drops a track more intricate than it and you don’t like it coz it’s too complex. So you base the ‘perfect’ margin around wherever Ye and Jay are rhyming. That is biased son. This is exactly why people criticize you on here.

    I asked Kanye what he thinks about you dick-riding him and Jay, click my name to see what he said

  • Read a book

    ” None of you other niggas would ever make a song like New Slaves as the first offering to your album cause you aint got the nerve to say those type of things.”

    Lol. He says ABSOLUTELY nothing of importance in this song. I swear some of Kanye’s fans have the lowest standards. The type of cats that scream out “genius!” or “revolutionary” just from a song title. SMH


    Kanye is great at promoting himself and making himself the talk of the town, all this was part of his promotional plan!


    Kanye is great at promoting himself and making himself the talk of the town, all this was part of his promotional plan!!

  • rosa parks



  • joeybada$$fan

    no one else could have made new slaves, on that beat….like dudes a genius…just give up haters logic = hate. reasonable person logics = yeezus christ that was good.

  • marty mcfly

    @Son, NO I didnt say those things, YOU did. What im saying is reason why Kanye is who he is. Again imo you dont reach a Kanye level with shitty raps about nothing that people in your fanbase dont understand. It must be people out there who understand what he’s saying. You implied that the more mainstream fans dont really listen to or understand lyrics. I disagree cause I think when Kanye says the first two lines of New Slaves, I believe his fans probably know what he’s talking about and they probably know what his other lyrics are about as well. I didnt say anything about what I personally like in regards to simple or complex lyrics. I like both and I also think there’s smart and dumb fans/artists on both sides of the coin whether it be mainstream or underground. People like you seem to believe that I only like two artists out of the thousands in hip hop but really I listen to almost everybody and I realy dont care if a person is super lyrical (like Lupe) or super simple (like Snoop Dogg), I understand both and one is not always greater then the other. If there are other MCs that are more lyrical then Kanye that doesn’t mean that Kanye is somehow not lyrical now. If he’s not lyrical then damn he must be pulling a magic trick on hip hop culture because most hardcore fans look at Kanye’s albums as being classic and most super lyrical people dont even have one classic album let alone two or possibly three.

  • Son

    “most hardcore fans look at Kanye’s albums as being classic”

    No most Lady Gaga fans do. He,to hip-hop, is what Green Day are to punk music. A watered down, pop-replica, pale shadow of the incredible genre it’s self.

  • edd

    he needs to keep this confidence to keep up what he’s been doing on yeezus and mbdtf. its obvious he isnt stupid, nobody that puts music together like this can be, but really? he’s been like this all along so its no surprise, he makes great music, college drop out and mybeautifuldarktwisted were in my opinion the ONLY classics he’s ever made, yeezus is still bumpin for me, but come on, do you guys really take him seriously after all this time? i listen to his music and he drops a valid point once in a blue moon but i dont pay attention to anything he says otherwise.