The Bullitts On Jay Electronica’s Album: “It Goes Hand In Hand with ‘Yeezus’ & ‘Magna Carta…'”

blame it on Shake July 20, 2013

Hey everybody! Jay Electronica’s Act II: Patents Of Nobility (the turn) is nearly complete. A statement we’ve heard time and time (and time) again, I know. I’m just here to pass along the latest tidbits surrounding Jay’s elusive album. And this time we’ve got info from Jeymes Samuel (better known as The Bullitts), who recently spoke with NME and had the following to say…

Honestly, it’s in the last stages of recording. It’s just tinkering. Just putting the final… you know when a builder builds a house? And when he’s finished the walls he gives them one little brush over, like a once over? And then the album will be done.

While your facial expression may currently match that of the man himself above, Jeymes went a little further and mentioned Act II in comparison to Kanye West and Jay-Z’s latest full-length offerings as well.

His album is amazing, it’s remarkable. It is the perfect… It goes hand in hand with ‘Yeezus’ and ‘Magna Carta…’. They go hand in hand… Also, also… It’s weird how Jay Z is intricately involved with all of us, but all the albums sound so different.

However you’d like to decipher that is on you. Here’s to hoping Jay Elect’s recent “ok, now it’s my turn” Twitter update (which came hours after the release of Magna Carta Holy Grail) comes with some actual backing this time around.

  • pL

    Enough talking. I’ll care when the shit actually drops

  • At last! Been waiting on Jay Electronica to release a new body of work for the longest!

  • Ricki Lutes

    good to hear that it may be coming in the near future, but if jay z and ye have been involved in any way, then i hope they invented a timemachine. if ye at least mentally went back to late registration and jay z hmm reasonable doubt if so then i still don’t see how they should contribute anything positive to jay elects album. please don’t let industry brainwashed and bubble-headed artists use your album to try getting back to their prime

  • whocares

    yeezus and holy grail were wackkkkk….so im lost

  • Slaughterhouse

    Hand in hand with ‘Yeezus’ and ‘Magna Carta… Holy Grail’? Uh. Let’s hope it’s more MCHG than it is Yeezus not that I really care though. Electronica is boring and is oddly over-rated considering he’s dropped like 5 songs in his life time, lol.

  • TruthHurtsNigga

    So….overhyped and underwhelming?

    Sounds about right.

  • nah,mean

    it aint yeezus its DETOX

  • did u f00ls hear his verse on dat MM album? shits hands down verse of the year

  • ret

    the way he’s talking, sounds like he’s lying. nigga sounded like a car salesman “also, ALSO”. who talks like that? oh right, car salesmen

  • regge

    what better way to hype up an album than to compare to 2 of the biggest rappers in the game?

  • DBS

    Not holding my breath, and sounding like Yeezus and MCHG isn’t exactly a good thing.

  • robbie

    MCHG is cool, and Yeezus is remarkable. Jay Electronica is an insanely dope lyricist and musician – I’m expecting big things from this album.

  • I think the rapture will come before this album drops…

  • “We don’t believe you, you need more people.”

  • Rothschilds_Panties

    Generating buzz around a project is one thing. But when the bullshit practically surpasses Detox levels, you’ve cried wolf too many times. We’ll get a Beatles reunion with 3 holograms and Paul before this gets released.

  • obi one

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz next.



  • jus10

    Well, this makes me suspicious. At first I was like, “oh shit. This dude’s on some Killah Priest shit!” But comparing this project to wack-ass MGHG and Yeezy, uh-oh. Maybe Electronica is one of those cats who puts out classic mixtape material & guest verses, but then the album is full of mainstream garbage… :/

  • Check

    We’ll get a Beatles reunion with 3 holograms and Paul before this gets released…

    This made me smile^^

  • pbritt

    …Some of you guys are beyond lame. I swear some of you call albums “wack” because it is the thing to do now. I get that Yeezus was a hit or miss with most people, but MCHG was dope..(or at the least a solid album after 15+ yrs in the rap game) …but regardless, a simple/blanket statement of “blah…blah…MCHG was wack…..blah..blah…not like reasonable doubt”… Is ridiculous. Opinions are opinions, but calling something wack because it’s safe… LAME.

  • realness

    Nobody gives a fuck about you anymore JAy Elec….I wont either till that album drop


    I’m sure musically it’ll shit on MCHG and Yeezus..lyrically, it’ll be lightyears ahead of the two combined.

  • ear2ear

    I’m an electronica Stan so in advance I apologize for this long rambling hahaha.

    I highly doubt that it sounds like MCHG or Yeezus even though the statement was made to frame his work into the context of those two big albums. I think Jeymes is trying to contextualize Act 2 into today’s albums as in its progressive like Kanye’s album but he’s rooted in a hip-hop theme like MCHG.

    And I’m not going to be mad if Jay-Z has a verse or two on this. His verse with Electronica on Shiny Suit Theoy was probably his best in the past 4 years.

    Anyways I’ve been programmed to not buy into any of this until I get a single. I’d like to read about the makings of this album and why it hasn’t come out yet. I find it surprising that Jay-Z supposedly wants a “radio single” according to Questlove after all his “New Rules” shit. But where as J Cole did that for his releases I think Electronica isn’t willing to bow down and give a single. I think music is changing to a place where smash singles don’t even need to happen. Guys like French Montana don’t sell albums. It is all about giving the fans an artist’s musical preference and allowing him to cultivate a base and make music that that base will happily invest in.

    Jay Elect has around 100 songs. Released. He showed us the songs on his laptop years ago of which 3 or 4 have leaked in in completed mode. I honestly just think there’s something that the artist and the label disagree on and it has become dead end but maybe this is a sign of forward movements. I actually really loved the features on that track lost he revealed and liked the way the leaks sounded so I hope he keeps those in.

  • jt

    brah if it sounds anything like those two garbage ass albums i dont even want to listen ill probably die from disappointment.

  • GODr

    My reasoning behind listening to Jay is that he makes music that is nothing like Jay Z or Kanye. I hope his record is nothing like the garbage these guys put out. They bring nothing to the table.

  • marty mcfly

    Ok here we go, some of you need to stop acting like Jayz is Trinidad James and Kanye is Waka Flock ok. When it comes to MUSIC if fucking Jayz and Kanye are somewhat helping the process then anybody with any sense at all should be listening to them and if you need further proof then look at their careers. Thats first. Now stop also being mad at Jayz when its Jayz thats giving Jay Elec a platform to release a major album. If they are saying Jay Elecs album falls in line with MCHG and Yeezus then thats DOPE so just stop. I dont think they meant musically everything is just like those albums but if Act2 was musically a cross between MCHG and Yeezus then it would sound incredible and again anybody with common sense should understand why. Now does Jay Elec need a single? NO but would it help? Probably yeah. Why? Having good singles is a good thing. The reason some of you feel like its not is because you listen to artists that make wack singles. Jay Elec is dope enough to make a single, thats nothing to this nigga or at least it shouldn’t be and again does he NEED a single? NO. Magan Carta aint even got a single but you can figure out that Holy Grail could easily be one. Jay decided to go with Picasso Baby instead and I bet you hip hop purists are still gonna bitch about it even though you know Picasso Baby is directly for ya’ll. I see no reason thus far to have any doubts in the ability of Jay Electronica because ultimately thats who it comes down to. Jay and Kanye are listening to the album and giving pointers but Jay Elec is still at the controls. Again though, lets stop acting like Jayz and Kanye West are the fucking Ying Yang twins of music because you should know by now that they abilities by now so if their involved with the project I say great because its ten times more likely that their input creates something dope. They not telling Jay Elec to sound like them, their telling him to be the best that HE himself can be.

  • nahmean

    i guess this dude meant the illuminati concept and testiclic themes that YEEZY AND MCHG share

  • ig: HWF_Dominio

    Its Up There With Kanye And Jay-z, Dats Cool That Means Its No Where Near J.Coles Album Den

  • bigErn

    How could it go “hand in hand with MCHG and Yeezus” when those two albums are vastly different from each other

  • IndigoKR$

    It’s a business and an artistic strategy. Ye and Hov albums were just incomplete and inaccurate depictions of Jay Electronica lyrical ability. For you understand Electronica’s spiritual concepts first Ye & Hov deconstruct concepts of religion. That’s basic of most philosophy. The artistic business goes over alot of your heads if your third eye ain’t open.

  • 2

    I can guarantee Elect’s album will not sound like Yeezus or MCHG. Then again I haven’t listened to either album.

  • dramadan

    Marty, Questlove said that your hero Jay-Z wants a radio friendly single from Jay Elect and also always listens to Act 2 and loves it. Questlove is basically as good a source of info in hip-hop music and history there is. So yeah, Jay Z takes some blame for the album’s hold up in my book. He’s marketing Jay Elect like he’s a multi platinum artist who’s gonna dance and try to swoon women… he’s not. He has a strong cult following and I think they should feed that cult more so than try to reach a 16 year old who’s not going to understand Elects message anyway. Cole made trash ass cliche songs like Power Trip and Workout because the label “forced” him too…Jay Elect seems like he’s refusing to go that route. And I think that’s the hold up. I see it from both perspectives. Like I understand why Jay z wanted that but if I’m Jay-Z I’d put out the street single like Exhibit C, shoot the video, get his fan base re-energized and put the album out. You don’t need to invest too much into promotion for real. If Elect sells 200000 total, that would be great for the lane and message he’s in. The sales numbers are not going to be a reflection of the actual album’s value. But I think Elect can make a cult classic. I’m not saying its illmatic, but illmatic started out slow in album sales even with mass acclaim.

  • reau

    Its like being your parents promising to take you to Disney World year after year…..By the time you go your a grown man and really don’t give a shit. I’ll believe it when I hear it.

  • D

    First off, we never heard anything from Jay Electronica about Jay Z holding up the album for a single. It’s all heresay.

    second, even if the single is holding off the album, think about what happened with Kendrick Lamar. Having the singles that played on radio turned him from an underground cult sensation to the best rapper out right now.

    ALL because of the singles and radio play!

    and I hear no one complaining about him losing his artistic edge.

  • Ricki Lutes

    marty mcfly, i respect your opinion but i disagree on the part about singles being a good thing because i think jay elec should make a single if he wants to not because his boss or an egomaniac tell him to do so. i think jay elect is in charge of all his tracks on the album if jay z allows it.

    regge, what’s better than to compare an album to 2 of the biggest rappers? i’ll tell you compare it to the efforts of some the greatest MCs in the game!!, Soulo, DOOM, De La, Wu-Tang, Killer Mike, OutKast, O.C. i could keep going.
    DBS i totally agree
    jt. preach!
    dramadan, word up!

    I hope he makes the album that HE wants to and not a combination of industry interests, fallen off rappers, numbers BUT instead show all these rappers what an MC does! furthermore challenges us intellectually, shows us some progression and features from whoever as long as they fit and does their best instead of just promote themselves!!! i hope it’s HIP HOP and not Hip-pop!!!!

    lets get a album of the year candidate and not a forgetable

  • Ricki Lutes

    D jay z is his boss how intelligent would it be to blame especially when has just dropped an album!?

  • marty mcfly

    @Ricki Lutes, most those artists you named were good at making singles. Wu Tang has great singles, Outkast, De La and all know how to make singles. I’ll say it again, Jay Elec does NOT NEED a single but having one does not define his album or him as an artist. I highly doubt Jayz is that type to tell an artist what to do. They probably do the music first and then bring it to him. He probably tells them the same thing im telling you now which is, hey man its your life, im only here to help you do what the fuck you wanna do. I could give you way to many examples of how having a good single has help an artist. Jay Elec is good with or without one but if he dropped a Triumph (Wu Tang) type of song then its not like thats gonna hurt him. Its only gonna help his situation more but again, NO HE DOES NOT NECESSARILY NEED A SINGLE. Im just saying though.

  • marty mcfly

    And honestly alot of hip hop heads dont really support raw hip hop albums anyway so if Jay Elec delivers that then are you gonna even buy the shit? Maybe a dope single is not such a bad idea especially when his album has like 15 songs so a single dont really effect it much. The nigga got Diddy, Jayz and Kanye on the album so I mean comeonnow, thats some serious fire power commercially already.

  • Ricki Lutes

    yeah youre right… now the only thing i disagree with is that jay z doesnt demand a single. i think he did so with j cole’s first album if i understood what he said in an interview correctly

  • GTFOH…this shit is not coming out…do not pass go…on to the next one…

  • marty mcfly

    @Ricki Lutes, lets say Jayz “demands” a single from you. Now would it be in your best interest to argue with Jayz (the person who’s behind the marketing and promo of your album and probably the rest of your career if your on Rocnation) or would it make more sense to just do what he asked you to do? Its that simple. A smart person would come back with 3 or 4 singles for Jay to choose from if they really serious about being an artist.

  • shasha

    this nigga drops a half a verse every quarter of a century. that dusty album cover of his isnt photo shoped…that shit is literally from 200 years ago. fuck this nigga, fuck badboy, and fuck Heather H. Vanhook, and her roomates bitch ass mom.

  • Ricki Lutes

    i see your point, but i am going to give the most annoying answer that’s close to unreal in this money-infested world: an artist creates art was j cole’s workout great art? far from in my opinion. was watch the throne great art? not in my opinion… i only think jay elect should bring 1 more singles to jay z if thats what his heart tells him to do and if he does so then i hope he made the singles while going for great art and not a great single… great art will prevail! for example; Souls of Mischief has been able to do shows for 20 years because of one great album! Nas has been able to perform Illmatic for many years! Wu-Tang i could make the same point!… i just hope his singles won’t be the tracks i skip when i listen to the album

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah but it’s not Jayz fault that Cole would make such a corny single (that still went platinum btw). Cole wrote that shit himself and then fools wanna compare him to Nas? WTT first single was Otis and imo thats a hip hop, damn near underground sounding song and some fans was mad at that so imo you just cant win either way. You say great art will prevail but thats not always the case because super MCs with great art dont run hip hop and certainly dont sell shit. So if a great artist is in anyway being helped by Jayz of all people then I suggest they listen. He aint saying go make a corny watered down soft ass wannabe R&B bullshit single, he’s probably saying go make a dope ass single and there is a difference between the two. If I created a whole album that was a masterpiece, would I make a radio single to introduce the album? Of course because Id be taken a risk thinking that the underground is gonna push my album on the same level or passed those in the mainstream. Lupe made Superstar as his first single in order for his total message (which would be the completion The Cool saga) to get out there and heard. Again I think some of you are assuming you have to make a corny single? NO you can also make a banger as a single or something with a more serious tone. IF Jayz is asking for a single he’s probably not asking for a corny one.

  • Ricki Lutes

    true! i agree with you… only thing i disagree with is that you say super MCs dont run hip hop and don’t sell shit even though they make great art. the industry aims for money atleast the big companies and they have a lot of people there who now how to make money but not even a fly’s shit about making Hip Hop. So should an artist sign to such a company make albums where they compromise and then over the years rise in the rankings of the company and then turn around make other artists compromise, when they could have gone independent, made the music they wanted to, made a living of doing shows and keep their dream alive of being the greatest MC which which people confuse with the most selling rapper.
    yeah great art and great sales numbers can go hand in hand but 90% of the time it doesn’t atleast today.
    i admit that saying great art ->always<- prevails is an overstatement. i hope jay z and kayne west oops kanye! only SUGGEST shit to elect and still i'd rather him get suggestions from someone whose not doing stuff just to "polarize" the listeners. most of all i hope the self-proclaimed throne-sitters prove my doubts wrong with their involvement.