Almighty (Canibus, Cappadonna, Planet Asia, Bronze Nazareth, M-Eighty & Nino Graye) – Papyrus Prophecies (Video)

blame it on Meka July 22, 2013

The underground supergroup will drop their LP The 2nd Coming on August 13th. Jump down bottom to listen to the album’s sampler.

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  • wat

    The rare occurrence of someone fucking with Canibus

  • jus10

    I don’t understand what all the hate is about? This is that classic sound! Wait… you’re all mad at Canibus because of that battle? So you’re going to disrespect all of ALMIGHTY because of ‘Bis?

    …So you will all listen to rap posers like Rick Ross, Wayne, Wiz, 2 Chains, Gucci, etc. But you won’t give the ripper a pass? Everyone who voted down on this video, y’all are the reason hiphop is dead & raped! ALMIGHTY!

  • Dr drew

    How r they posers

  • Dr drew

    Besides Ross n Wayne

  • jus10

    @ Dr drew

    They are all posers. NOT because they are mostly all fake gangsters, but because they DON’T have anything to say. They are rap posers. They spew out nonsense everytime they rhyme. If a rapper has nothing important to say, then he is just immitating the rhyming style of the MCs before them = poser.

  • AndOneill

    This is Fuckin trash

  • Ewww

    A hot mess..

  • jus10

    HIGH PRICE SHOTS is a hard-ass track! Banger!
    …and I hardly ever use that word.

  • 22039jwe

    the chorus and the scratching is so bad.

  • A-a-a-a-alchemist

    that first guy was horrible

  • runt

    the felt embarrassed watching that first guy. how the fuck did he make the group?

  • runt

    and canibus was wack too. i really don’t give a fuck about aliens in spaceships and whatever the fuck else he was rapping about.

    cappa and planet asia were dope.

  • schevv

    this is just bad all around. beat has horrible drums, the cuts are either just horrible or mixed wrong, and the verses are just meh. and they are a self-proclaimed super group…lol ok

  • KingTutu1000

    This album may be hip hop album of the decade. Golden Era hip hop still alive, thank god.

  • misterbvrns

    Is that JS-1?!?!?! Say it ain’t so!

  • Stanibus

    WTF is this??!!! The video quality makes it tough to even watch, it’s like home video shit. I don’t want to believe those scratches are really JS-1. And that first rapper was having a rough time learning to rap.

    Although it was good to hear Canibus and see he is still alive with a healed arm. But Bis, Cappadona and Planet Asia definitely deserve to be on higher quality material.