Kanye West – BLKKK SKKKN HEAD (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas July 22, 2013

After a premature leak, Kanye West premieres his newest visual ambiance off Yeezus. Watch here.

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  • solking10

    What the fuck did I just watch

  • thatoneguy

    this shit is gonna be garbage when we’re looking back on this shotty cgi years from now. why not just perform in the video? glitchy like dreamcast.

  • jobie

    the easy screenshot idea is genius. gonna be pics of this video all over the internet. also makes it possible to see the images flashing, and get repeat plays.

  • jobie

    and you can slow and speed up the video. whoever came up with this concept really wamted this video to be analyzed

  • not the conventional music video (or album) but Ye never fails to the very least this project will be remembered for its visuals and innovative promotion

    • subject_90

      I agree…

  • three

    graphics look like some wwf no mercy shit

  • T9FTW

    Well, with the Jesus-on-a-cross pose, the demonic dogs and the black Klansmen (and the CGI, too), the video will be quite controversial. I’m sure everyone can agree that this was different.

    I, for one, enjoyed the experience, especially how the cursor turned to a middlefinger at the end. It was a like a(n animated) movie.

    I will be VERY surprised if this shows up on TV…

  • ear2ear

    big kanye fan but this music video takes away from the song for me. I prefer the snl performance.

  • .

    It took half a year to make this???? smh

  • LA

    @ear2ear @thatoneguy Just wait til the moon hit


    THIS IS PURE FUCKING GENIUS! He did this so we can snap a picture to use as an album cover for Yeezus! Would have been better if he put this out b4 Yeezus dropped!

    I just wish the album wasn’t so garbage smh

    • derrick

      The album is genius; why do people say dat? I just don’t understand, I love the album

  • Seriously? I am not connected with this album. Certain pieces, certain moments, I can relate in the sense of the information being spewed. That’s not to say his album, nor the videos with it, that will be forever remembered, isn’t genius. I love concepts the direction of which he took. It’s exactly “808s & Anger”. If and when him and Timbo hook up for Part III. That is what I would want to see, the transformation. The growth of experimental genre he’s creating amongst Hip-Hop. Believe it or not. This will have it’s own fan base, if not already. But that’s to say, this album just isn’t what I want frm Kanye. Just my personal opinion.

  • HiiiLife


  • Eh, its ok.

  • Gifts

    Instead of working out he just uses CGI to give himself a toned body.

  • theon3

    why is it slowed down/ deeper?


    the cursor was a middle finger the whole time. video was cool. I personally like the album. then again none of my friends want my ipod in when we’re in the car.

  • NSD

    fuckin trippy at half speed

  • 0_0

    So…you slow downc the video and literally see this nigga running toward the screen…ASS NAKED…WITH HIS DICK SWINGING ALL OVER THE PLACE…near the end of the video??….WHAT IN THEE FUCK DID I JUST WATCH???

    anyone? anyone? bueler?

  • Pauly D

    This is horrible and anyone mistaking this as “genius” is deluded.

  • gregory kruxx.


  • Mitt Romney

    Playstation 1 Graphics.. Kanye Is OVERRATED!

  • ymqz

    no idea why its slow motion here but on youtube its regular speed?

  • Juan Da King

    Yeezus was the shit, that album slaps nigga’s can say what they want, but magna was average and all the other shit out was not about nothing so if we are gonna analyze lets look at the track record of work from all the bs albums that came out.

  • King Cruel

    I love the album, that bullshit MCHG did not deserve the hype it was given this was some next level shit not that mind numbing sub par shit jay and wale came out with.

  • Jay

    I agree^ many of the albums that came out so far were good in restoring hip hop but they were not mind blowing. MCHG was a disappointment, Born Sinner was too. Then there is Wale who started to fall off ever since MMG got there hands on him. I enjoyed Mac’s album, Prodigy, Gangsta Gibbs, Action Bronson, Yeezus, and the free album Run the Jewels. Everything after that was meh or alright.

  • promotionisnotmusic

    its even worse than the song itself….

  • Karrie V.

    That monster looks like something from Dark Souls or sum shit