• MoneyG

    I've been banging this since noon when he dropped it. This young dude is the future!

  • Geezy

    Damn good mixtape, this kid here has a bright future in front of him and this is a great start. Keep grindin young'n.

  • BLACKMags

    AwwReady ! Houston always comes back around. TX 903

  • fewfw

    I want to like this mixtape. The artwork is cool, good production but this dude sounds like he has no energy and the voice is mildly annoying. This has nothing to do with the music: but his name is shit. Anti Lilly? I thought this was another female rapper. Oh well..

  • AndrewLloyd

    Congrats on the release young G, tape bangin, no bias

  • kyle

    this is dope af!