Busta Rhymes – #TwerkIt f. Nicki Minaj (Video)

blame it on Meka July 24, 2013

Directed by Director X

Trevor and Onika drop their clap-happy, Skateboard P-produced collaborative effort. Busta RHymes’ E.L.E. 2 drops later this year.

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  • pL


  • brite

    for weeks this song has been getting way more nopes that dopes.

    Now the vid is out and ass shaking is visible out come the up thumbs.

    I guess everybody finally gets the point of this songs.

    It’s still a shit song though.

  • coolcat

    Nigga busta rhymes thinks hes major lazer now smh. Nowadays all NY rappers are good for is jocking the style of others

  • T9FTW

    Okay video even though I ain’t what the hell Nicki was saying. I like the little comedic elements in this one. I mean you shouldn’t expect anything but comedy with Busta… Speaking of Busta, he in that awkward stage: right inbetween fat and muscular.

    Venom does not know how to lip-sync!

  • Gifts

    Terrible, only watched to see Nicki twerk and it wasn’t that great. Her fake ass is even more obviously fake in those jeans. She keeps losing weight and that ass stays the same and it’s starting to look cartoonish now.

  • mehdi

    busta needs to get on that HIIT

  • 4realtho

    Agreed, Nicki’s ass is looking more suspect nowadays… she needs to get her booty implants adjusted or something..

  • think im the only one who likes this song

    butt uhhh can nicki minaj learn some new dance moves???/ i thought the video was gone be waaaaaaaaay more otc den dis.

  • Kiddjewce

    Man that main girl ass tho!!!!!!

  • groovy Q

    i actually love this song

  • supremeSTEEZ

    @Kiddjewce^^^ #ROSEE DIVINE. Google that bitch, ASAP. Thank me later…

  • AirMagicMamba

    @supremeSTEEZ Thank You damn!

  • De Baas

    Thanks ^supremeSTEEZ

  • B

    Somebody run and tell Busta Spliff Star’s been spotted under a bridge sleeping in an old pieced together card board box made from their non selling Flip Squad CD shipments.

  • marty mcfly

    FIRE !!! I hope E.L.E 2 is just as dope as the first one.

  • secondbest21

    Busta reeeeeally didn’t need Nicki on this track. Maybe on something else, but this was a solo joint…

  • fuckthefake

    Fucking sellout Busta Rhymes, this song is pure shit and Minaj is fake and wack as fuck, how does that Young Money dick taste Busta?

  • iLL

    Fake Jamaican patois wake ! You are not f*** Jamaican ….

  • M0ns1er

    So english is not my native language. What the hell are they trying to imitate? Is that supposed to be jamaican accent? Becaus it sounds fuckin aweful

  • ewr

    ass was so fake i couldnt even masturbate

  • Kiddjewce


  • Lorens

    Fucking awesome!!!! Bussa Buss niggazzz!

  • honky shit

    truthfully, the video made the song better for me. I wish Nicki would talk in her mother tongue more often. Would love to eat her pussy out.

    and naming his new album Extinction Level Event 2 is perfect advertising to bring back all those old school fans who keep wishing for the past to come back. He gets their money and gets to force them to listen through his shit looking for some shred of his old self. Good job Bus! keep it coming with these ass shaking music videos. I need to go to youtube more often to masturbate

  • bow cat

    Old school Busta comedic music video! The evaporating gun was awesome

  • me

    Jay Dee/Dilla turned in his grave.

  • UK Man

    What in God’s name is this garbage? Why’s he talking in that fake accent? This is one of the worst tracks in recent memory. It’s awful. And Pharrell? Hang your head in shame. This garbage makes LL Cool J’s recent tracks seem hot.

  • yomomslikeme

    hip hop is not a young (16- 24yr old )man’s game… its nothing but 30s and 40s yr olds in this video…making banging ass CLUB MUSIC .

  • SAT Prep — kind of…

    Nicki Minaj’s ass is to anatomy, what three-dollar bills are to American currency.

  • For the drop-outs and GEDs among us, that means fake as fuck.

  • fuckthefake

    truthfully, the video made the song better for me. I wish Nicki would talk in her mother tongue more often. Would love to eat her pussy out.

    ????IIIII fucks sake man, why not just put some rotten fish and shit in your mouth?…that nasty, fake bitch probably has had her stank pussy done up as well, I can’t wait to see this talentless cunt in 10 years all broke, ugly as fuck and sucking dick for crack with no teeth.

  • @fuckthefake:I’ve never seen so much hate in one post.

  • JPM

    Fuck man, people say its a shit song but damn… it has not substance but not every song needs to, this shit is hard as fuck Busta kills this shit.